Weekend Read: Engadget’s Nokia Lumia 920 Review

| November 3, 2012 | 45 Replies


Mat Smith from Engadget takes the Nokia Lumia 920 for a spin in the big Engadget Nokia Lumia 920 review.

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  • javid

    For the most part a generally positive review and a mostly competent review. Some errors in the video review though.
    I was hoping that Myriam Joire would have performed the review herself, but I’m guessing that since this guy received his white 920 from the UK kickoff he did the review instead. It does say the short the text section that she helped, but was hoping for her own critique on the camera, directly.
    I am a little put off by the camera review if before since they say these aren’t the same results that Myriam etc found when she was in Espoo.

    what’s the general consensus of the camera? AAWP did a lengthy shootout (not review yet) between 920 and 808 and a few others and their thoughts were not this way.

    • javid

      sorry for the typos, writing this on my touchpad 🙂

  • Sam

    Some of the comments in that review are hilarious, worth a read…

  • Mark

    The camera stuff is backed up by other reviews. Unfortunately, Nokia have a bit of a history of messing up v1.0 camera software (as they did on my N8). I’m sure it’ll be fixed, but they need to focus on this as it detracts from the hardware.

    A pretty fair review though. Size comes into it again I see.

    • javid

      interesting you say that about the N8, my two year old N8 never had any issues out of the box or there after with the camera…

      • Rinslowe

        Never had an issue with my N8 camera either. Bought on first release…

        • dss

          In fact, the best firmware in terms of quality on the N8 was PR 1.0 and 1.1.

          The 808 was perfectly fine on the initial FP1 that it shipped with.

          • Dave

            In fact there was no difference between launch and final firmwares for N8 image quality (have had both side by side, zero difference).

    • DesR85

      Didn’t have that issue when I first bought the 6700 Slide, but on the Lumia 800, I agree. Glad that they fixed the latter’s white balance quickly.

  • aboodesta

    Its disgusting to see big tech sites nit pick on phones they don’t like while hiding the flaws of other phones based on brand preference

    • Mike

      Completely true

    • Rinslowe

      Fair comment,

      We all know Engadget employs the KKK of Android hip jockies…

    • Ujwal Soni

      Engadget is OK…theverge is hilariously biased..every Nokia post has a negative they’re doing Nokia a favour by mentioning them..

      • migo

        Of course Engadget staff is almost entirely new now, since everyone from the old team jumped over to The Verge. Engadget still needs to undo the damage that the ex-Engadget-now-Verge staff did to their reputation though.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          That Verge guy is a total self-centered ass clown. I’m not sure why anyone gives him any air time.

    • Ujwal Soni

      Read theverge review..apparently the 920 has a big bezel on the top as well, supersensitive touch is a gimmick, reception/call quality gets a 7, Nokia Music is pointless as u can always pay for xbox music, CBD is a marketing gimmick and the camera is ‘too professional’

      Nokia’s most challenging optomechanical assembly ever gets dinged for being ‘too professional’ 920 gets a 8 and galaxy s gets a 9….cool

    • yep… And engadget said it was bad to only have a white gloss model and not coming in a mate cyan like the 900…

      Thats a big fail because AT&T already promoted that version…

      Hate those comments –”

  • ww

    let bash lumia , engadget, you did a great job

  • Janne

    Had a change to try out Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S. Latter is lighter but it didn’t feel significant to me. The hardware middle key in ATIV S was a pain compared to the other capacitive keys. Odd choice that. I preferred the Lumia design by far, but ATIV S was perfectly acceptable also seeing it live, better than pics.

    Lumia 920 was just as beautiful in hand as it was seeing it in a display case earlier. It really is a stunning phone. I like the yellow and red colors, white is nice too. The OIS is significant, it really does lessen shaking a lot. You can sense the difference when the camera is not recording vs. when it is. Clear difference.

    Good news is I can also confirm Bluetooth file transfer was there and working at least for pictures, didn’t check other documents.

    Weight? Not any kind of issue for someone like me with Lumia 900.

    • migo

      What makes the hardware middle key even more perplexing, is having all 3 keys physical on the Lumia 710 was great for games like Fruit Ninja – you wouldn’t accidentally get knocked out, with the Ativ S you could still end up backing out or launching Bing.

      • Janne

        Yes agree, I have the Lumia 710 and while overall I prefer capacitive keys in my Lumia 800 and 900, because they feel like part of the screen, at least the 710 was consistent in this regard. On the ATIV S the home screen button being the only manual button felt just plain weird. I wonder what the reason for that is. Otherwise the ATIV S was fine. Not special, but OK.

        Lumia 920 felt special as it should be.

        • migo

          It’s so it looks like an iPhone.

          I don’t think Apple should be able to sue for copying such basic stuff, but Samsung sure as hell is copying the iPhone as much as possible. And where they can’t copy Samsung, they copy Sony (ATIV is VITA backwards -_-“). The ATIV S even has less rounded edges, giving it a more rectangle with rounded corners look like the iPhone, likely because it’s more immune to an Apple lawsuit having Windows Phone.

    • javid

      thanks for the feedback, appreciated from a known MNB regular

  • dss

    I thought that the tech blogs will change their approach towards Nokia since they are now running Windows Phone instead of anything that is made “in house” but I guess that isn’t the case.. but its still wayyy better than what they used to get with any phones that were based on Nokia’s own software.

  • Carbontubby

    Crapgadget, The Veg, argh… unlike MNB and AAS where you clearly know where the focus is (and some of the bias too) these other sites pretend to be impartial, when they’re clearly not. Even MNB and AAS are more objective than the rest.

    The problem with the blogosphere is that the big blogs act like they’re journalists, but they throw impartiality and objectivity out the window and become accountable only to themselves. Opinion pieces and editorials get spun out to be fact-based reporting…

    • migo

      It’s not all that bad. In fact, I’d say Engadget is fairly good again now that all their crappy guys went over to The Verge.

      • viktor von d.

        i hope you are kidding. engadget always has flame bait titles,always insert comparison to iphones and apple products even when it’s not the case.
        i’ll wait for the lesbian review from engadget if i want a unbiassed review

        • migo

          Anything Engadget writes will get flamed regardless of what their title is. Nothing you can do about nerdrage. Just look at this site – no matter what Jay or Ali write, it either gets almost no comments or attracts a flamewar.

        • migo

          Anything Engadget writes will get flamed regardless of what their title is. Nothing you can do about nerdrage. Just look at this site – no matter what Jay or Ali write, it either gets almost no comments or attracts a flamewar.

    • DN8

      I totally agree. They want everything to be like iphone and android then complain that everyone is copying each other. I actually miss the days before iphone when we had tons of choices in form factors. Everything now is the same old, same old. I want great hardware. Like what Nokia brings to the table. Apps is so iphonish. 😛 What happened to the word ‘programs’? Sorry for the rant. 🙂

  • efekt

    Interesting enough, the guy who reviewed the Lumia 920 on Engadget was complaining on the lack of apps for WP8, and said that he’s missing his ‘Spotify’ app, among others…
    And I’m wondering – if he misses it so much, why won’t he just go to the marketplace and download it? I mean, it’s there already for quite some time now.
    Is it possible he never even checked if it’s there and just decided to rant about it, hoping no one would notice?

    • Carbontubby

      Unfortunately, even with the tech press, you’re always short on time. There’s a choice between doing a thorough review that takes a lot of time vs. getting a quick and dirty one out so readers can see it and drive up ads to your site… most blogs opt for the latter.

      They’re not reviews, they’re more like first drives as in the automotive press. It’s the need to get more eyeball time that forces this. All those writers and server hardware don’t come free, they’re paid from ad revenue, and few sites implement a subscription model.

      I prefer in-depth stuff like the reviews on AAS, MNB and Anandtech’s stuff. These take longer to come out but they’re much more critical.

  • tommy

    awful video samples in the engadget review…
    I want the OIS to really be put to work. I want to see some fast walking, some running, riding a bicycle maybe.

    From what I have see so far, the OIS in video just seems ok, but nothing amazing, and nowhere near close to what they showed in the FAKED promo videos..

  • Han

    Did any of you guys noticed the last video shot with 920 @ 0.21 had a “spring stuck” sound? Most probably OIS got stucked somehow.

  • JGrove303

    As a user wanting to switc from the N8 to the Lumia 920, these poor camera reviews are disheartening to say the least. What the hell happened between the proto units and the production units.
    These other blogs would slam S^3 , but praise the camera on both the N8 and 808, but this is…. Unexceptible. Such issues should not be inline with what “PureView” is about.
    I’m sure GSM Arena will get a hold of a production unit soon and run it through there battery of real tests.

    • viktor von d.

      these seem to be pre-production units that don’t run the latest software build. the sale units will probably have things fixed.even they said that pictures taken in espoo were much’s a software issue,nothing more. too bad all these sites are reviewing bad units

  • Sonny

    If the 808 was considered to be by a lot of people here a niche device because of its size, I wonder what the 920 will be!

    • dss

      …niche by default ?

      Nah, people were saying the 808 was too big because all the bloggers were saying that, as soon as you hold one, its actually more comfortable to use than most of the “flagships” out there.

  • Sonny

    If the 808 was considered to be by a lot of people here a niche device because of its size, I wonder what the 920 will be! I mean why on earth would make nokia this phone so heavy? I mean its the same weight as the note2 but the note2 has a 5.5″ screen instead of 4.5″

    Why nokia? Why?

    anyway I will still buy one but it seems for most people the weight is a let down especially that these stupid sites keep on mentioning it!

    • dss

      The camera OIS system + the wireless charging… they didn’t make the phone heavier just for fun, there are legitimate reasons, just like the 808.. you can’t have good imaging without some sacrifice in weight/size, at least not yet.

      The iPhone 5 has the best size/image quality ratio on the market.

  • Bob

    Another review obsessing on the size, recommending against it.

    Also now Paul Thurrot, saying 8x far superior and MUCH MUCH thinner – when they are both 10mm (effectively the same!). Ninckenpoop!

    It is all because they didn’t tapper the edges in to give an IMPRESSION of being thinner (the 900 and 800 are both thicker but don’t seem that way)

    • Dave

      Thurrott got his panties in a knot because MS+Nokia didn’t tickle his ego enough at the sep 5 launch. So as the impartial egojerk whorenalist he is (muhaha) he jumped on HTC.

      Objectively, the 8X is only a hair thinner, but feels smaller as it’s more rounded.

      • Carbontubby

        Journalists have huge egos, mind you 🙂 And some bloggers have even bigger egos because they think they’re journalists, when they’re not. Thurott seems to be one of the these.

  • Francis

    Samsung managed to sells 3 millions Galaxy Note II just in 1 month. If Nokia can deliver similar Android 4 product with their better talent in hardware, i believe they will getting higher figure !

    Hope Nokia make u-turn, still primary on WP but deliver one top spec Android phone per year… let see what market say.

    • migo

      Samsung has a good marketing department. Nokia would arguably be better off with no marketing department.