Weekend Watch:Nokia City Lens PDD Night-Offs – Bengaluru

| November 3, 2012 | 7 Replies



Here’s Nokia’s video with Ms Siri Suresh who talks about life in her vibrant city.

Meet Siri Suresh from Bengaluru. She’ll be ‘PDD-ing’ and having as much fun in her city with the Nokia City Lens app. The Night-Offs are just a few days away. Stay tuned to meet the other contestants!

Get the Nokia City Lens app now:


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  • Rat Kutti

    nice to see Nokia marketing their exclusive City Lens this way… Point Discover Do! Straight into the whole idea of city lens 🙂 (off topic: she looks good ;))

    • hary536

      Still the video misses the mark. Someone like me, looking at it first time, didn’t know what PDD meant and City lens was not mentioned anywhere in the video.

      Improvement needed. Just pretty face will not help spread the word.

      • stylinred

        yeah i had no idea what the video was about either

        • viktor von d.

          it was about P DIDY noobs/ muhahaha, rolls moustache

  • Vineet

    Nope. Not connecting.
    More WTF than WOW.

    Every advertising agency Nokia has ever used needs to be blacklisted and their Marketing team needs some E’lopping’.

    I can’t believe someone in Nokia marketing saw this ad and went “yes, people are going to watch this and think our phones are irresistible, these ads are better than competition”

    Seriously, just show a 10 seconds factsheet with simple voice-over explaining what Drive is and it’s reach (4 out of every cars, 160 countries, X.X million miles/sq.ft of indoor maps etc).

    Show a 10 second short showing how baked in Skype and Whatsapp can replace BBM for cheaper data prices.

    Show a 10 second short extolling things like “floating lens” and “Suspended sensor assembly”.

    Show the wireless charging bit, that’s not really a norm, especially not in developing countries.

    Bring it altogether by showing a young women with long nails struggling to activate the touchscreen on a Samsung Galaxy and then one of them easily swiping around the Lumia due to the super sensitive touch. Then show them struggling to take a night out picture of frs with the Galaxy while the one with the Lumia produces a bright shot. Then show them trying to find directions to a bar without data and only the one with the Lumia succeeds. Finally, they all get home smashed drunk and don’t bother plugging the device whereas the one with the Lumia just throws it onto the wireless charging pillow.


    • Vineet

      4 out of every 5* cars.

      Other Nokia Drive facts:

      NAVTEQ is the world’s leading location services n maps provider
      Largest reach
      Most miles covered
      First to 3D maps (Google Earth cut outs don’t count!)
      Free voice guided turn by turn in most countries
      Best mapping solution in pretty much whole of non-western world
      Powers Bing Maps, most of Microsoft’s stuff, Yahoo’s stuff, Amazon, Oracle and most automotive manufacturer.

      Except no one even knows what Nokia Maps/Drive are (Why are they a separate application again?)

      I bet Apple maps is more (in)famous than Nokia Maps. At least people on Apple devices will give it a shot. Plenty of Nokia owners don’t ever click on that icon. I’ve seen people use Google Maps through a browser on Nokia devices…………

      You want conspiracy theories? Look at Nokia marketing instead……

  • Vineet

    I wonder if an edgy ad showing a Nokia team using Nokia Maps to “Find Siri” and eventually arriving at a Call center in India where ‘Siri’ (the girl in the ad) is busy answering random queries from iOS owners (Siri!) over a headset while finding stuff quickly on Lumias (Live tiles, Maps, dedicated bing button) would be going too far 😛