The Independent’s 10 best new smartphones. #1 – Nokia Lumia 920

| November 3, 2012 | 13 Replies



The Independent, respectable British newspaper, ran a story on the 10 best new smartphones. Though their blurb doesn’t fully explain why the Nokia Lumia 920 is quite deserving of this list, I’ll accept the first place position.


Cheers rishabh for the tip!


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  • ww

    marketing nokia did like what they did with lumia 800 and 900

    in the end, less than 3 million devices sold

    • But this time around, the 920 is a beast on design and specs. Last year 800 was mostly design and UI, 900 was a bigger version with dated specs. 920 is a good contender. I fear Nokia will fail again to market it properly though.

      • Mariusmssj

        I agree I am not sure but isn’t 920 atm only exclusive to EE in UK?

        • All contrat Nokia Lumia 920s appear to be with EE. The ones P4U are selling are EE contracts. But EE has black and white, P4U has Red and Yellow as additional exclusive colours.

          • Mariusmssj

            I find that idiotic but Nokia is famous for idiotic decisions. I would target as many networks as possible

            • migo

              EE is the only LTE network in the UK, no?

      • bob

        ok jay, this time your theory will also be tested if you think that Android used to sell only because of high specs and people think it’s best to buy the phone with highest specs.
        Ofc that’s one of the factors but the major factor Android is kinda open source and provides more customizations and goofing around than any other OS till now.

        • Zipa

          Nobody (in the grand scheme of things) knows what open source is (or why they should even care about it) or how to customize anything, except maybe setting a background image and pinning some apps/contacts on the home screen.

          I’m willing to bet that a significant number of Android owners doesn’t even know what Android is or that their phone is running it.

          • migo

            The last point is true for Symbian, I think most people know they’re running Android.

            The Open Source bit helped get developers on board early, which was necessary to get the app momentum going, but Microsoft was able to do that with their excellent existing developer relations.

            As far as the end user goes, I’d agree that specs are a factor. They might not necessarily know the significance of them, but ‘bigger is better’ usually flies, and you’d wonder why you’re paying the same for lower specs.

    • bob

      No, last time it was 4D projection in London lol

  • Paul Grenfell

    I wonder how it compares with Nexus 4?

    • migo

      That would be an interesting comparison. The Lumia 920 seems to be one of the few phones that costs considerably more than the Nexus 4 that’s worth the extra price.

      Screen is probably more comfortable to touch with the curved glass being a central feature compared to the Nexus 4’s very slight curve, better sunlight viewability with the polarising layer, although the Nexus 4 is getting some good reported sunlight viewability as well, more responsive due to the higher refresh rate and much better sensitivity for use with gloves.

      The Nexus 4 is a beast when it comes to processing power, but given Android runs almost everything in a VM, it needs it more than Windows Phone, still could be an advantage over the Lumia 920’s internals.

      LG has never been great when it comes to cameras on their smartphones, and the Nexus 4 is being reported as better than the Galaxy Nexus but not even as good as the iPhone 5, so the Lumia 920 is in a whole different class.

      32GB storage is more of a minimum for a flagship phone these days, so even with the 16GB model the Nexus 4 is going to rely on the cloud, and will seem cramped. Filling it up could also affect performance in the long run.

      As a result of design, the Nexus 4 will be better for gaming in landscape mode, as it’ll be more comfortable to hold that way, but the Lumia 920 will be better in portrait mode due to the better refresh rate and screen sensitivity.

      For those who have access to LTE service, the Lumia 920 also offers an advantage in that department.

    • migo

      Incidentally, while I’ll accept that perhaps the article was written a few days ago, given the Lumia 920 isn’t available to be purchased yet, the Nexus 4 should also be on that list, as it’s the only Android worth buying. Featuring it higher than any other Android would certainly add credibility to the Lumia 920’s #1 position.