Director, Windows Phone Business Group, Vineet Durani Interviewed

| November 4, 2012 | 40 Replies

TechTree interviewed Vineet Durani, Director from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Business Group.

When asked about the possibility of sending over bluetooth without file type restriction, Vineet said:

Windows Phone 8 has Bluetooth to transfer all kinds of files and contacts from any phone to another Bluetooth-enabled phone without any restrictions.


I hope Vineet is clued up and can be certain about this as BT file sending is highly important to some consumers, as we have heard many times from our readers in India. Hopefully “all kinds of files” literally means that and not simply a phrase for “lots of types”. He confirms anyway by saying “without any restrictions”. This, along with MicroSD support (when hardware enabled) and USB mass storage mode are all welcome small additions.

  • WP7.5 phones will continue to be sold along side WP8
  • Skype coming soon

Source: techtree

Cheers Manu for the tip!


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  • Patata

    “WP7.5 phones will continue to be sold along side WP8”

    More interesting would be what kind of support / features it will get in the future, if any.
    For markets like India it will be more important to have bt file transfer for WP7.x for example.

  • swain

    good news actually…hope he is right…
    These features may look small but have high impact on sales in markets. These features may not be on priority in some part of world where LTE and wifi are widely available but in most other parts it matters.
    I am glad WP is closing the gaps. Just promise me a file manager(later through an update) and I’m going for grey 920. πŸ™‚

    • Viipottaja

      Do you need a full blown file manager, and if yes, why?

      [Asking as AFAIK at least all media and office file manager is already confirmed.]

      • swain

        I need something like the File Manager in Symbian. Actually I am very much used to it. So, will miss it badly if it’s not there.:)

        • Viipottaja

          Pardon me but can you explain why do you _need_ it as opposed to just wanting it?

      • jiipee

        I do. I’m using my phone as mass storage device for databases, virtual machine files etc. I need to be able to transfer them directly to clients’ computer.

        • Dave

          Must be a tiny ones, since Symbian has at most a 2GB filesize limit.

        • Viipottaja

          Ok, thanks, that sounds like a real need.

      • Francis Noelle

        I do. I want to decide what my phonne is to do for me. And only me, not any system. There is no excuses why my device would display to me only what “I would be allowed” by system.

        That would never happen in Symbian or any other reasonable system I used to use.

        And transfers in/out my devices I used to use already several years – everyday and several times when only I need. What “no restrictions”?? My God! I completely don’t get what new option that would be? I am really frustrated to hear when anybody want to invent a wheel or a fire again! Perhaps I don’t get properly or something, but all this is just hilarious.

        • swain


        • Viipottaja

          So its a want or preference, not a need?

      • Hypnopottamus

        To be honest, at first I thought I did. After using my Lumia, it’s nice to not have to worry about it. Documents are found in the Office Hub, pictures are found in the Pictures Hub, and Music is found in the Music Hub. If all one has to do to send these types of files is go to the respective hubs, then I’m fine with it.

        I think the problem arises when people want to use their devices as a USB storage. Where do you put things. More importantly, how will you be able to find files you import on the phone itself?

        Coming from android and Symbian, I liked having the ability to organize things the way I wanted. But to be honest, getting into the file system from the phone could be messy. Seems like every app made its own folder. Having to navigate through that mess was frustrating. The way I use my device is I just want to get in and get out. I don’t mind limitations in file structure. As long as I can send files from it’s respective hubs I’m cool. Along those lines, I also want to be able to receive files and be able to find them in their respective Hubs.

        • Viipottaja

          Sounds sensible to me as well, i.e. if I can always plug in the phone to my PC and find all, say PDF vs. jpg vs. Mp3 files easily I would not personally need much more of a file system. I have no need or even want to move around any other files, really. πŸ™‚

  • Ujwal Soni

    I’m just waiting for the gsmarena review for an empirical take on the camera performance before I take a final call..

    • Viipottaja

      On Engadget they said the camera results in day light seemed softer/less sharp than in the unit they tried in Finland. So it could also be something to do with the FW version and/or fixed later. Even as it is, the low light performance would at least for me more than compensate for the slight softness in day light pics.

      • Grendell

        Shouldn’t the preview 2 system do even better in day time photos? I’m kinda hinge-ing on that as well before my purchase decision.

        • Viipottaja

          Many people seem to say there is excessive noise reduction going on, and I gather that could be more of an algorithm/SW issue than to do with the OIS directly.

          • hary536

            I agree. If I was holding off my purchase for other reviews, then I would rather hold off for a longer time, until there is any word about future SW updates for 920 camera.
            As we all know, 900’s camera was improved a lot after latest SW update, same can happen for 920.

            However, I am not in the group holding off my purchase waiting for other reviews.
            I am convinced 920’s camera is a better camera than all in all-round performance and will only get better with future updates.

  • Grendell

    So far, so good. Made a list after trying lumia 7.5 before Windows 8 came out to keep myself honest. So far, only file manager, app store carrier billing and n8 photo quality (or close to it) remain unticked. Xenon and stereo rich recording would be nice but aren’t imperatives and it’s not like they’ll make it onto the 920.

    • Viipottaja

      Same question to you: do you need a full blown file manager, and if so, why?

      • Grendell

        Inasmuch as accessing, moving and playing received file types. Other than that, no not really.

    • swain

      Do you mean the app store in WP is not accepting carrier billing…!!!
      Can you please confirm it ??
      Entering the credit card details every time you buy an app may be considered as a drawback for sure. Carrier billing is very much convenient and time saving.

      • Grendell

        At least not in the Philippines. Which is a shame really. Pre paid plans are big in my country and almost everyone carries a spare phone as back up. Carrier billing for the app store was a great way to differentiate and address this demographic whic includes those too young to have their own credit cards or extensions and the less privileged.

        • swain

          Very true. I hope Nokia and MS will do something on this matter as most of the users prefer carrier billing while buying apps.

          • Just Visiting

            Wouldn’t carrier billing be up to the carrier or is it the sole decision of the app store?

            • swain

              It need both carrier and app store support. Nokia store for Symbian already has the carrier billing option. So I guess carriers are supporting well.

              • Grendell

                And Meego Harmattan.

      • Patata

        t-mobile Germany already supports it on wp πŸ˜‰

      • Viipottaja

        Even if you don’t have carrier billing (which apparently at least some carriers already have, see Patata’s comment), just to note that you only need to enter the credit card details once and they are saved – you don’t need to re-enter them every time. πŸ™‚

    • manu

      id like some thing like this
      to set different themes on wp8 without dev unlocking

      • Viipottaja

        There are several apps already that at least allow you to change the background of the tiles to our preferred picture – not sure if any of them allow you to change the actual icons.

  • Vineet

    Things we should probably not announce or re-cap from the developer preview at the official launch:

    1. Bluetooth File transfer
    2. Wi-Fi Direct handoff
    3. Screenshots functionality added
    4. Encryption and Enterprise management featues that beat iOS and Android
    5. IE 10’s massive jumps and industry beating Javascript performance
    6. Multitasking improvements
    7. VoIP improvements and Skype, again best in class.
    8. Multi Core support
    9. Mass storage support
    10 Full Backup functionality
    11 Smart-glass demo

    Things we should spend LOTS of time on instead:

    1. Kids corner
    2. Live tiles! Resized! Again!
    3. Rooms!

    The event was probably organised by Nokia’s Marketing team.

    The very fact that this OS has had not one but two dedicated events (Mid year and October) and there is STILL confusion about its features (even GSM-Arena modified their review to account for a change) shows how mis-managed it was. Hint: Announcement = announce your products and features. Don’t blabber on about experiences BEFORE you’ve even shows the goods

    • Z A E E N T E C H


    • rinslowe

      Straight up!

  • Aminul Ahsan

    Glad that BT file transfer is finally here on WP8 & WP ‘trying’ to close the gap. Though I don’t get why they are still on ‘still trying to close gaps’ phase. WP8 was supposed to have it all. It was supposed to save Nokia from ‘death’. We waited all these months after feb11 for WP8 thinking it will be too good to be ignored by iOS/Android users. Now we know from user POV, very little has changed on WP8 from WP7.. Still limited, restricted. I could still live with it (for the sake of Nokia) if some BASIC smartphone features (e.g Browser download or a full blown file manager) were ptesent. In my definition of smartphone, I don’t classify an OS as smartphone w/o these features. I for one can’t live w/o browser download. I loved my HD7 but hated & sold finally for the lack of all these features, deal breaker for me. Sorry for long comment but I’m just annoyed, so pissed given they had all the time in the world & didn’t give a damn to these features 😐

    • Z A E E N T E C H

      How about the missing full blown notification center along with notification in the lock screen that will rival iOS5 and Nokia N9 version. Microsoft itself said they ran out of time to implement this.
      Guess they were too much concentrated to implement the Kid’s corner & Rooms. Meh. So, hopefully Microsoft will now update this missing feature by an OTA update with out waiting for WP8 8.5 release.

      • Aminul Ahsan

        Hopefully.. Hope is all we can do. 😐

  • rinslowe

    Reluctant to pick up a China Mobile version Lumia 920 if my beloved Skype app is not working here…

    Managed to mod it to my N9 but sometimes contacts will merge randomly and messages sent to the wrong recipient etc… So mostly reliable but not consistently so…

    Still there are options…

  • I can confirm that indeed, unrestricted Bluetooth file transfer is possible in Windows Phon 8 devices. You can send any type of file without any size restriction to any Bluetooth-enabled device that is visible and can accept files, period!

  • Deep Space Bar

    Those tiles look like a wall of mess :/…i’m serious