Leaked Verizon Documents Showing Off Wireless Charging for HTC 8X -More Copying?

| November 4, 2012 | 67 Replies

It’s common knowledge that the new line of HTC phones are almost blatant rip-offs of the Lumia Fabula design, using similar vibrant colors, with unibody designs (although admittedly I like the idea of a rubberized back). It’s possible though that this imitation has gone a step further; as both the Verge and a leaked document shows wireless charging built into the HTC 8x, which is slightly confusing.


If the 8x has had wireless charging all along why haven’t HTC announced this feature before? Especially when Nokia were making alot of noise about it? My personal theory is that the wireless charging is an idea “pinched” by Nokia and will be exclusive to their Verizon variant; especially since the 920 was announced almost 2 weeks before the 8X, more than enough time for some last minute changes. Either way similar specs will have the benefit of  driving the price down, so it’s not all bad news right?


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  • theslayer

    If that is true, what is your opinion about the disappointing possibility that the only reason the Lumia 920 is thicker than the competition is because of OIS? Is it a worthy compromise? More so when you take into account all the 920 photo samples up on various websites where its painfully obvious that Nokia has once again screwed up with how the image processing handles Auto white balance during the day..

    Of course, since HTC didn’t have to spend more than 30 seconds on innovation it could spend the rest of its time engineering the packaging of 8X to such an extent that now it has become its selling point.

    • Sefriol

      Rumors also say that 8X with wireless charging is also thicker. Not sure how much.

    • MF

      I never thought that the thickness was because of wireless charging but more due to the OIS and to ensure durability. There’s a reason why Nokia products are known for their toughness and the drop test equipment at their R&D facility shows the reason why.

    • Vineet

      As can be discerned from the 820 and its modular cover’s thickness difference, wireless charging can potentially add upto 1mm in thickness. This isn’t always the case when it is integrated into the phone though (since there might be empty space inside). But yes, there is infact a coil and other circuitry which are not of insubstantial thickness.

      What we should really be worried about is how the LG Nexus 4 fits wireless charging into a 9mm thick frame. They do not skimp on anything either, the Nexus 4 outspecs both the 8X and the 920 significantly in all respects (Twice the RAM, twice the cores, better GPU, larger battery, higher BT version etc) and yet undercuts them dramatically on price….

      • MF

        By this logic then Apple and Samsung are the ones who should be worried.

        • Vineet

          At the subsidised price for 299 and 349, everyone should be 😉

          I was mostly referring to the engineering required to fit wireless charging into phones though.

          • MF

            I’m sure Nokia can come up with super thin phones if they can somehow close one eye on their legendary drop test quality control requirement 🙂

          • MF

            I’m sure even the Chinese manufacturers can build something small, thin and light if certain shortcuts are taken and if they skimp on quality material and built. I think that Nokia has been unfairly penalized for this, being thin and light is simply not in the same league as having a properly built phone with cutting edge technology.

  • Jiipee

    Nokia is using wireless charging standard that has been applied before. No copying here.

    Is there any news of LG phone? That could be highly competitive. 920s screen is from LG afaik. The high sensitivity screen tech is maybe open to use also by others unless Nokia got some exclusivity deal. A friend of mine said that LG already hinted that they could have OIS as well.

    We just need to wish that next time MS has the software ready ontime so that the others will have less time to adapt.

    Also, if MS will launch their own line of devices, how can Nokia make sure that their features are not copied by MS.

    • Vanoel

      How do you think what is the MS best option? To support Nokia only or to allow all HW OEMs which deliver HV for Windows? What is better to promote one brand or to promote more brands? My point or better supposition is that better option for them is to make a soft later even – to allow more then one company to deliver more devices with the same product, and yes I mean Windows. This is clean and pure – money – and I doubt would be reasonable for MS-stockholders to resign of them. the lower revenue the lower BOD evaluation, they must to care for MS stockholders and their investments.

    • anonymous

      An LG without a sub-par camera? Colour me surprised :)))
      Also, is the 920 LCD really from them? That could well be seeing as the only other 1280×768 display is on the Optimus G and Nexus 4. It’s interesting that they’re avoiding the Samsung AMOLEDs for the flagship phone.

      And BTW. If MS launches their own phone, I see no more reasons not to slap Android 4.2 on the 920 and instantly double the market share/stock etc etc

      • manu

        read somewhere that nexus 4 camera unit is made by sony

      • jiipee

        Sorry, cannot find the link anymore where LG was mentioned as the display provider. I was suprised of the fact, when I saw it a while ago.

        Dont know about the quality of LG cameras. Made a bried check of reviews and it seems that the Optimus G is ok, not spectacular. The question is, how fast they (and Samsung) can copy OIS.

        I agree with some of the media sources, that the MS own phone is currently only backup plan. It wont be out before next summer, if even then. Agree, with the notion that Nokia should immediately launch Android army.

        • MF

          What would an Android Nokia look like, using Google Maps or Nokia Maps? Google’s app store or Nokia’s own? It’s well known that Google strictly requires their OEMs to well, be OEMs and use Google’s services otherwise they will be barred from accessing Google’s app store.

          • Vineet

            Yes there is an LG Phone, the Nexus 4!
            See here:


            It substantially outspecs both the 8X and the 920 and fits more features (Except OIS) into a much thinner frame. It almost certainly uses the in-cell touch sensors which Nokia currently does not.

            One cannot make general judgements about a brand’s camera performance. Whilst Samsung and LG do make some sensors, the bulk of the supply for everyone comes from Sony (The excellent Exmor RS ones found in the iPhones) and/or Omnivision. The image processing algorithms might be an OEMs own work but with the recent performance of the 920 in daylight, I’m no longer convinced that it is head and shoulder above the new sensors Sony will put out. Sony, like Nokia are also very innovative (though currently unable to pull everything together and execute well).

            Google does not restrict anyone from pre-loading apps. You can pre load and ship Nokia Maps/Drive on Nokia Android devices. You can even bury the Google Maps app if you want, what you CAN’T do, is not ship the Google maps app (or any Google app) at all.

            Everyone is going to be advertising low-light breakthroughs and OIS implementation within a year, even if the implementation is not genuine (no actual mechanical suspension)

            • MF

              Let them play catch up, by next year you will see 41 megapixels on floating lens 😉

              • Vineet

                That will be one giant brick.

                Consider that the 920 does not infact use a larger sensor. It uses a 1/3.0″ like everybody else. If the OIS mechanism adds all of this bulk, then combining this bulk with all of the bulk from the 808’s large sensor…..

                I don’t mind if they release a “camera phone” with Pureview 1 + Pureview 2. However, if they cram it in to the true flagship, that will be a unmitigated disaster.

                • MF

                  Everybody else is using a 1
                  /3.2″ sensor which is slightly smaller. I don’t know if it’s possible but Nokia’s trying hard to miniaturize their pureview technology. I wouldn’t expect this anytime soon but within 1-2 years, quite possibly.

                • correct

                  You’re a goof. The 920’s OIS *IS* actual mechanical suspension, it’s a setup of tiny springs attached to the camera module.

                  Android blogs are that way, you can talk about paper specs all day long. Like most anti-Nokia trolls here who are posting anti-Nokia stuff all day long on a NOKIA BLOG, you fail to mention the paper-thin plastic body of the Nexus 4, and the goofy glass back of the Nexus 4 copied from the Iphone 4/4S. In fact, the Verge accidentally dropped their Nexus 4 once while reviewing it and the glass back cracked!

                  There are also other specs which you fail to mention, like the fact that the 920 has super sensitive touch screen that can be used wearing gloves, or even using a pen or other objects for the touch screen. Then there is the mono rich recording on the 920, which blows away competitor smartphones in terms of audio recording. In really loud clubs/concerts, the 920 audio recording will destroy the Nexus 4 or any other competitor. The only other phone in the world that can match (and beat) the 920’s audio recording is the 808 Pureview, which has stereo rich recording.

                  Plus the PureMotion display means much faster screen response than the Nexus 4 or other phones.

                  Suddenly, when you look at ALL the specs, the Nexus 4 and other competitors are outclassed in many ways by the 920.

                  • Vineet

                    “You’re a goof. The 920′s OIS *IS* actual mechanical suspension, it’s a setup of tiny springs attached to the camera module.”

                    Your username is..ironic to say the least.
                    Please point out where anyone here claimed that 920’s OIS is NOT mechanical suspension.

                    Re:Nexus 4.
                    The point was the amount of specs on offer for half the selling price and significantly less weight. You can write off rich recording and sensitive touch as advantages, they are improvements that are either not relevant to most people and will never be marketed well.
                    Yes the Nexus is cheap, that.is.the.whole.point.

                    • MF

                      Your poi

                    • MF

                      Sorry, hit Submit by accident. Your point is that the only meaningful direction for future innovations in smartphones is to make them thinner lighter faster cheaper. Nothing else counts for much. I give Nokia credit for always trying to give users a different experience and coming up with actual innovations rather than focus on paper specs. If that is not marketable then that is a tragedy but I won’t blame Nokia for not trying.

                    • Vineet

                      My reply for actually to correct “correct” on his incorrect comprehension.

                      No the point is about tradeoffs. The 808 with its huge sensor and thick body is an acceptable tradeoff.

                      The E7 and N900’s weight and thickness are acceptable tradeoffs.

                      The Note 2’s gargantuan size is an acceptable tradeoff.

                      But why is the 920 so thick and heavy? Wireless charging? No, other phones fit that into much thinner chassis.
                      OIS? Yes it works just as well in low light as it should but falters in normal circumstances. That is not acceptable for Pureview branding

                      Basically if the 920 was as good as the iPhone 4S/5 in day time (and far better at night obviously), everything would be fine. But for a Pureview camera to be seen as not better than iPhones, HTCs and LGs…I fail to see how people DONT see a problem here.

                      Thinner, lighter, faster are all powerful statements as well, you can be thicker, heavier and slower if there is a good reason but not if there isn’t. 920 was the “superphone” yes? Remember the reports in the early part of the year of phones that blow everything else away? Then why are the guts half as powerful for no good reason? Is it cheaper to account for it? Nope.

                      920 is NOT releasing in a vaccum, it will be placed alongside and compared n contrasted with competitors. Entrenched competitors. It needs to beat them in key areas and match them in others to make inroads. It doesn’t quite manage that. It beats other phones in low-light photography but fails to match and also falls short in many areas.

                      Cheaper is extremely crucial when you are a challenger trying to get attention. In the new growth markets of like China, India and Brazil, phones ~600 USD are like Vertu. Nice to look and point at but not mainstream. Hence, the sudden disruption in pricing model of the Nexus is so important.

  • flava

    Enough with the negative tone, it’s not copying, come on, wireless charging will be a standard feature for the next gen phones.

    • Antero

      Yeah I agree you need to cut down with the HTC slamming. HTC makes decent phones and if using different colors on your phones is copying then tough luck. I do agree what they’ve done with the 8X is very Lumia-ish but I’m getting tired of the namecalling( HTCrap, KIRF and whatever). Other manufacturers have the permission to use color on their phones, deal with it.

      I mean, surely the colors cannot be Nokia’s only card vs. the competition?

      • I have nothing about the colors, but this isn’t the first time htc has copied Nokia, the one x launched with polycarbonate body and micro drilled speaker holes a couple months after the 800. Now you have the strikingly similar design of the 8x, I wouldn’t mind if they had wireless charging from before but since it appears that the models that have been in production previously don’t have wireless charging , but the. Ed grison variant wil you cant help think that this was a deliberate move by htc to undermine nokias advertising push for wireless charging as well as steal some of their innovation.

        • Maybe

          Well that’s what happened in the ecosystem that Elop really wanted. Not joining Android camp cause Nokia don’t want to be just one of Android’s OEM but then Nokia join WP camp and ended with the same thing. Help WP and in return is giving the other OEMs the chance to copy everything and become Microsoft right hand.

          • jiipee


            Industrial design is a lot more that form and colour. I’ve never bought Elop’s idea of industrial design as a source of competitive advantage, if more than half of the factors are determined by Microsoft.

            I wish that WP will a success so that Nokia survives and can again start to innovate complete packages some time in the future.

            • Maybe

              As long as Elop is still on the helm. Nokia won’t come with a complete packages like it used to be. Plus it need to buy back all the components that Nokia sold in order to have the complete package again. Elop will always cheering on WP no matter what happen. As you can see since he is in charge till now. He would do anything as long as Nokia keep on supporting WP.

        • Antero

          You don’t copy a thing like polycarbonate body with micro drilled speaker holes in a few months. If they did copy it, it’s more likely they started the process once the N9 was out, then it might be feasible.

          • correct

            Yes, HTC copied the N9 body, not the 900. From the N9 release to the One X release, HTC has almost a year to copy the body.

            • correct


      • MF

        Color is not but HTC has been doing their best to eliminate any product differentiation with Nokia and that’s not good for any company trying to have their own brand image. They have been copying Nokia almost in lockstep. Imagine another artiste singing the same songs and even following your looks and attire. Some people may even prefer the copycat’s rendition of the song but that doesn’t make it right. If you do it once maybe Ok but if you are a serial copier then you’ve got a problem.

        Spreading technology is good but there’s a reason why certain laws are created to protect innovators. This is to allow them to have a reasonable time to recover their investment in the technology otherwise the whole market will fail as innovators are overwhelmed by the bootleggers. If the innovator has sufficient time to reap the benefit or have high profit margin on their product maybe we can be more sympathetic to the pirates as we can argue that this helps bring the price down. But Nokia is no Apple and there’s no reason why HTC should pick on them.

        • correct

          Hopefully Nokia sues HTC HARD, and makes them suffer financially for being such big copycats.

      • MF

        HTC has brought nothing to the table, they have pretty much made “copy Nokia” their primary business strategy. I’m surprised there’s anyone to defend that kind of corporate practice.

  • Michael Prince

    I think it’s better to have more devices using wireless charging than less. Yes, it’s a point of difference for Nokia, but it’s no good if it’s not popular. Two-edged sword really.

    • Mark

      The more OEMs using wireless charging the better. I’d love to see phone trays in cars with NFC for music and voice, and and with charging built in. No mucking around with bluetooth or cables to wear out. Furthermore, we’d start seeing charging stations everywhere. Apple would have some serious catching up to do.

      • Except that Apple will invent Wireless Charging with the iPhone5s/6..

      • rinslowe


        The more devices utilising wireless charging the better for everyone…

        The age of wires and cables and all that extra sht needs to end (as far as it can anyway).

        Having charging stations as a norm is a worthwhile prospect…

    • Harangue

      Eventhough HTC is looking eerily similar to Nokia in the WP arena, I don’t mind them adopting the Qi Wireless charging standard. What point would wireless chargin have in a Nokia if only they did it? Sell more Nokias? I doubt that WC is a true selling point especially since you have to spend a couple more bucks for chargers. Let’s just hope Nokia makes the best and most usable chargers, in that way Nokia still gets their brand out there and make some money in the process.

      • Vineet

        Wireless charging as very few benefits compared to a well designed dock. Especially with Microsoft now mandating the standardised location of the microUSB port at the bottom.

        Aaaand so I am stoked everyone is adopting it. Now the 920 is not the only one with a slight weight and thickness penalty!

  • Hosh333

    I don’t agree with this copying thing at all. HTC X8 purple cover got leaked a month before 920 was even shown. Wireless charging in a mobile has been done before so you could say that Nokia copied too.

    And the “especially since the 920 was announced almost 2 weeks before the 8X, more than enough time for some last minute changes” sorry but that is a total bull!

    • dss

      The 8x is based on the Nokia N9 design, which was shown years before the 8x.

      • Noki

        didn’t you got the memo? the design was made for WP 🙂 the n9 just went ahead in time and stole it from future Lumia.

        • viktor von d.

          frakkin troll. it’s a nokia design period.it’s not made for n9,it’s not made for lumia, it’s made for nokia and that is that. even the n8 was suposed to be a meego phone and they took the design and put symbian on it when meego wasn’t ready. nokia has the right to use the design even if asha phones if they want to.

          as for the htc crap,it’s obvious they are copying nokia design. even if verizon want all their phones since 2 years ago to all have wireless charging built in,nobody complied with that. then comes htc,and only anounces the features 2 months after the lumia 920 presentation. now hint of that untill then,and even the units that are being reviewd right now are missing the wirelesscharging function. do the math

          and the design of the new htc line? 8x is a rip off of the fabula design.people act like the only problem is the colors. well they are a problem too.when did htc ever do colored phones,and why did they chose the same colors as the lumia line. secondly if you look at the front of the 8x you see the n9/820 combination. look at the scrren how it tapers into the body,at the curvature. nokia worked on that design for 2 years,2 years for coming up with that look,2 years to develop the technology to manufacture it, and then another year and a half to perfect the design while doing the lumia 800 900 and 920. htc took 1 year to copy everything, but they didn’t doit right. reviewers are seeing the glass corners on some devices being raised above the plastic,dust selling at the blending line between glass and body.light bleeding from the screen. they copied the design,but they didn’t have the perfected manufacturing capabilities of nokia

          • Noki

            In case you did not get it I was making a reference to something that was said in a marketing video featuring mostly Microsoft people saying that the L800 design was made for the WP.

          • Jax

            “even the n8 was suposed to be a meego phone and they took the design and put symbian on it when meego wasn’t ready.”

            I gather you got that from that article that came out recently claiming to know all about what happened because it used several “insiders”.
            It’s not correct, I can assure you….

    • Noki

      copy??? most probably the Chinese supplier of the module wants some scalability on the investment, more that nokia is able to absorb…

  • Patata

    So the Nexus 4 and the 8X will have wireless charging too.
    Isn’t really bad if that feature will be widely supported.

  • vidar

    The polycarbonate unibody and curved glass is copying. And its so dumb to watch the designers video talking about THEIR own design..Nokia is the only creative people here

  • karam

    it’s all for the ecosystem Ali, way to go ecosystem……

  • Abdullah

    Copying or not , Nokia must survive . HTC got no feeling , there brand name in the market is “premium” .
    this mean Nokia could do all the advertising and marketing while HTC get the profit.
    I’m talking about names here , Nokia maybe is not widely known in Europe or USA .
    HTC you have no life Nokia is dying here

  • Antero

    The way I see it is, HTC has their work cut out for them. The reason they became super successful for a while was because of the sudden rise of Android. They had their game together with the Desire while Samsung had not yet unleashed their full force on the Android platform. Once Samsung got their act together, HTC’s days were practically numbered – they have found that it is very difficult to compete with someone like Samsung, who not only develops the phones, but the displays and most of the key electronic components inside their phones.

    The decline HTC is seeing at the moment is nothing but things going back to the way they were. HTC’s stroke of luck is over and they are being pushed back into the small-time player that they always were.

  • bob

    Wireless charging was first made available in Galaxy S3, so Nokia copied Samsung??

    • karam

      it was the palm pre actually with touch stone

  • dansus

    Please stop with the copying meme.

  • shaun

    well if Nokia will sell itself to the devil then who cares if HTC copy them as HTC and Samsung know its not worth investing much time with windows as their bread and butter is and always will be Android

  • stylinred

    maybe its simply the wrong info on verizons webpage? not really a clear cut display that the 8x has wireless charging…. kind of a non-story no?

    but wireless charging isn’t something inherent to the Lumia 920… heck the new Nexus 4 has wireless charging

    you can even get 3rd party products to allow your phone wireless charging capabilities case in point http://www.makezens.com/products/zens-wireless-charging-battery-cover-for-samsung-galaxy-s3/ you can get it for your Galaxy S3

  • lordstar

    Why is wireless charging a copy again?

  • MF

    Guys, this is not about randomly copying certain features from a random manufacturer. This is chronic and persistent stealing of ideas from a particular company. They could have chosen to steal Sammy’s smart stay or inspiration from nature design. No, HTC is not interested in Samsung nor Apple, they just want a slice of whatever Nokia is getting even though everyone is predicting it will not be much.

  • no wp,only symbian and meego

    wireless charging isnt nokia invent it.its aleardy on a phone running palm os back in 2009

    • MF

      Fine let’s not call it copying, more like deliberately blurring the line between what is being offered by you versus your competitor. I don’t mind copying per se but not wholesale copying ala back alley street peddler style.

  • MF

    By the way is it me or is anyone else also seeing the rough edges in the HTC’s usb port and power button? It seems as a copycat they did not even bother to spend much effort on it.

  • rinslowe

    Last minute design changes to incorporate wireless charging on a variant with the same form factor? Maybe not…

  • Krish

    How is this copying, so Nokia made a phone with a 4.5″ screen which HTC had ages back..so is it copying?..I like Nokia and have always used Nokia phones but really this copying thing is childish..every competitor tries to close the gap with the other players in the Market..since when does one get a patent on coloured handsets..if HTC would come up with a pureview like camera that would be copying..more devices with wireless charging is good..better chances of wireless charging being adopted..unlike NFC which really hasn’t taken off yet..in the end no matter how similar both the handsets look HTC can’t touch Nokia on build quality and the camera..apart from that Windows Phone leaves very little room for differentiation..

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