The Enquirer’s Nokia Lumia 920 Review – 9/10

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Quick heads up on TheInquirer’s Nokia Lumia 920 review which awards it 9/10.

Cheers Joni for the tip!

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  1. Mahesh says:

    good to know that Lumia 920 is getting good reviews from every site.. :)

    • Drumstick says:

      Don’t visit Gizmodo ;)

      But their “review” is more of a rant.

      • Ali Abdulla says:

        damn it, should have listened to you.
        that was beyond pathetic, how much are they getting paid? is it just hate? or what exactly i dont get it :S

        • Irishmarius says:

          Gizcrapo , refused to review the N8 when it was out , that pretty much sums them up as not real Journalist . just a bunch of selleout fanboy twats

      • Rinslowe says:

        Very well done, I now feel compelled to check out Gizmodo’s review.

        Lets have a look then shall we…

      • Rinslowe says:

        Wow, I feel dirty coming out of thing with tears of joy “I told you so!” “It’s just too damn heavy”…


        More of a rant than a review is spot on, I dare anyone to take that sht seriously…

        Especially considering the amount of reputable sources offering up welcome truths to GIZMODOS logical incongruity.

        I think yeah, for sure it’s going to be heavy for some people and too heavy to consider for some others, but will it be more than lets say 3-5% of all people considering a lumia 920? Nah.

      • Mark says:

        Unfortunately, Gizmodo – and Biddle in particular – are doing everything they can to get back in Apple’s good books after being banned from their presentations a few years ago. This involves glowing reviews of any Apple product and fawning articles on ‘a week with the iPhone 5′ whilst slating everyone else’s products.

        The irony is that Biddle was using a 4S with a case, weighing in at about 6 ounces, until a few weeks ago.


      • Canbacon says:

        Same goes for BGR . (Boy Genius Report)

        The whole thing just reads of the person taking the day with the phone, then rewording a spec sheet. Instead of metric numbers, he uses percentiles. The biggest portion was him saying the 920 it too thick and heavy.

    • Tom says:

      Lumia 900 got good reviews as well. How did it sell? It’s WP/Bing/IE combination that kills.

  2. viktor von d says:

    ”’trying to offer customers colour choices similar to those of the vibrant HTC Windows Phone 8X handset”’

    No, htc is trying to offer similar color choices like nokia did in the last 12 years,ffs

  3. anon says:

    gotta love a site that uses beer as its rating system :)

  4. Grendell says:

    Looking forward to the 920. I think people who find it too heavy might have just been playing with their junk too long in the john. Its a convergence device. Try carrying the equivalent like a 8x and a decent gps and camera in your pants.

  5. Banderpop says:

    Looking at the comments, it looks like the review originally said something about the 920 not having as a good a screen as the iPhone 5. But then it got edited.

    How does the iPhone get such an easy ride? It’s not the best at anything it does apart from having an App Store so bloated, that most apps don’t get seen by anyone. One of my flatmates has recently started stroking his iPhone 5 while going on about its anodised aluminium body, because obviously that’s now the best material to make a phone out of according to the Design Gods at Apple. I want to throw my N8 at it.

  6. Mapantz says:

    I had my hands on a 920 yesterday, while it wasn’t turned on (and wasn’t allowed to turn it on for some reason) I personally found it to be far too heavy for my liking. I was slightly concerned just before i got my 808, over the wight issue but i found it to be just right and always thought that any heavier and it would compromise it.
    The 920′s weight is one step too far for my liking!
    After doing much deliberating on whether to get one (With Tesco – possibly cheapest in the UK?) I’ve decided i am going to keep using my 808 as the main phone as well as the camera.
    The 920′s low light samples are fantastic because there’s no need to fiddle with any settings but from what i can see, shots in normal light are not spectacular and (A non-biased view) the iPhone 5′s shots in normal light do actually look better in some circumstances.
    The video samples are great with the OIS but that alone isn’t enough to sway me from my 808, it does it all!
    While the 920 is a fantastic phone i personally don’t think it has lived up to the hype, so i will be waiting for the next phase of PureView to emerge before i think about a second phone. :-)

  7. paulysworld says:

    I just read what has to be the worst example of “bought and paid for” journalism. The blogger has 0 objectivity, and 100% bias. pathetically bad writing. Most of the review, some 40% of which complains about the weight of the 920. Pathetically bad writing. Read the comments section to see how hated the “review” is.


  8. Rinslowe says:

    Somebody forward Gizmodo’s review to General the Destroyer…
    Sit back and enjoy the show

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