AT&T sells contract free Nokia Lumia 920 for $449.99! Bargain!

| November 7, 2012 | 26 Replies

Well, well, for all complaining on the price, this is totally worth going the (unlocked? or just plan free?) route for just $449.99.


It’s at a very decent price on contract in the US and now also commitment free too. 449.99 USD is about 280GBP! It was expected to be at least 700USD. Hopefully not a typo at AT&T.

Unlike the Nokia Lumia 900 which had mainly price, design, new-ish WP7.5 and some luke-warm marketing, the Nokia Lumia 920 presents an even better all around offering of powerful innards, high resolution high DPI super sensitive clear black pure motion HD+ screen, PureView v2 with floating lens optical image stabilisation, NFC, Wireless charging, LTE, high quality audio recording and WP8.

Cheers Migo for the tip!


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  • Ali Abdulla

    im not in the US, but im sure its locked to att… its “no commitment” but i think locked to att 🙂

  • zymo

    That’s about 350€. Sadly in Germany I would have to pay almost twice as much (600€) for an unlocked Lumia 920, which is a dealbraker for me. So I’m going with the Nexus 4 (349€) as my next device.

    • Asad

      Well, I am buying my wife Nexus 4 because it will be very cheap here in Canada (only $359CDN for a 16gb model I guess) but I recommend 920 for someone who has been waiting for it and doesn’t buy only because of price.

      • zymo

        The Nexus 4 and Lumia 920 are both awesome devices. Its depends on your personal preferences which to choose. If the L920 would be cheaper I would consider getting it instead of the Nexus 4, but as a student I also have to consider the price.

        BTW: Here is a comparison video of Lumia 920 vs. Nexus 4 vs. Xperia T

        • manu

          heard that nexus 4 will be 299 or 350$ only in google online store.on normal store it will retail for 650$

          • zymo

            I think It depends on the country. In Germany for example the Nexus 4 is available through the Playstore at 299€/349€. A huge offline retailer has it already for pre-order for 399€ (16GB). In Austria where it won’t be available via Playstore the Nexus will retail for 549€ (16GB).

  • Asad

    Hi Jay,
    Can you tell me a way to buy Lumia 920 without operator’s logo?
    I am interested to buy an unlocked yellow one from US (I live in Canada) but the logo of AT&T is killing it’s beauty. I do not want to buy a black 920 otherwise I would buy from Rogers here also I can not wait for whole month to end Rogers’ exclusivity. I am not sure if operators will even offer unlocked Lumia 920 after rumored one month exclusivity of Rogers ends in Canada. My cousin is coming from US in a few days and I already paid him to bring me that yellow beauty I am longing to have in my hands. (Forgive if text above sounds like a fanboy dream, though I must confess that I am a FaNokia 🙂

    • dansus


  • et3rnal

    450!! and im paying 800+ 🙁 and they got cyan

    • Asad

      450 is not for an unlocked one. I guess it will be around 600 US dollars.

      • Bloob

        I don’t think you can get one unlocked before the 6 month-exclusive has ended. Also, afaik, depending on the state, that $450 would get VAT on top.

  • sr. D

    All i know is that in Spain an all over Europe this will be priced at 600€, so i’m going for the nexus 4, will be diferent if that Nokia comes whith a new version and powered version of MeeGo or Symbian, you know full multitasking and better connections.

  • that’s an superb price, hope they price it competitively here in india

  • manu
  • manu

    isnt there any nicky minaj launch event this time ??

  • rahul……………..Guys please vote here for NOKIA PUREVIEW 808 for most innovative tech

  • belle beats lumia 920

    how come nokia 808 is still more expensive than this nokia flagshitttt

  • Pedro


    Thanks for the info about the 920 for only 499.99$! 
    A question: am I able to order it from France? 



  • nabkawe

    I think Nexus4 goes for 300$ only , though I think WP8 has a better wow factor.

  • pedro

    What I find interesting and genuinely intriguing is this:

    Asha taking off and quickly moving past both WP and BB in a mere few weeks? In the US???

    Is this possible and if so, due to influx from Latin America or Asia or something? Can’t imagine they’re aggressively pushing Asha through pay as you go retail channels in US? Does anyone from the US have any views to share on this?

    If true, that’s what I would call a real bargain! but may as well be one of the oh so many glitches in Statcounter’s data.

    • Vineet

      That IS amazing. I’ve been pointing out these random bursts of freak data points in the past few quarters when Nokia breaks out their smartphone sales.

      Do you know for sure if Nokia reports Asha sales as smartphones or mobile devices? Management calls them smartphones and if they are reported as such, it would explain so much

      • nn

        Yes, Nokia sees Ashas as dumbphones, after all last quarter they reported selling 6.5M Ashas but only 6.3M smartphones. They are calling them smartphone just for PR purposes, they never were part of Elop’s smartphone strategy and they never will.

  • M

    Preordered a cyan one last night. The reason its so cheap is because att is subsidizing both the contract and noncommitment price. Its probably the reason Nokia picked exclusive carriers to the 920

  • Viipottaja

    Just negotiated an early upgrade from L900 to L920 – I would normally only be eligible for the upgrade in April 2014 (well, might be earlier, not sure at which point of a 2 year contract one becomes eligible for the upgrade; 18 months perhaps)! Since its an early upgrade I will have to pay $250 but I don’t mind – I guess will get to keep the cyan 900 too so am thinking of going for a yellow 920… 😀

  • sumodk

    If Nokia is not selling this on in India on Diwali, then when they will sell it in India? After Diwali it will have very hard time.

  • Rachael

    I don’t get how when I press ‘no commitment’ it still takes me to ‘add a plan’ I thought no commitment meant no contract? Or have i been badly mistaken?