Leaked: Nokia Lumia 830? More rainbow lumias.

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Above is supposedly are leaked Nokia Lumia 830, supposedly the successor to the 710 despite having a higher designation than the 800 successor – 820.

I found it funny that WPC suggests it looks HTC-ish, you mean the HTCrap Lumia Wannabe?


If anything, they remind me of my Old Omnia 7 when I put a bright yellow case on them.

Does it look slim enough?


Dospy;  Via: WPDang  Via: WPC

Cheers muerte for the tip!


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  • mr lima

    Maybe Lumia 720 ?

  • t t

    Nice looking. Hopefully 4″ display. And OIS.

    • Trollmeister

      Sorri sorri, IOS is only available on IPHONE.

      • Vedhas Patkar

        OIS =/= iOS. OIS=optical image stabilization, iOS= operating system

        • User

          That is really stupid of you to feed the troll.

      • DM

        You are a stupid troll. ***.

  • Andreas

    This could be it!!! Great form factor. Let’s hope the camera is good.

  • Crap, beat me to the punch Jay. Delete the other post if you see fit, but do look at it for some more pics from a leak way back when Pocket Lint thought it to be the 820.

  • Jake

    That green colour looks nice. A green or orange 920 would be awesome…

    • nabkawe

      if i wasn’t in love of the Lumia 920 this green one is my phone …

    • M

      Damn that lime green was what I hoped the 920 came in. Everyone compared the 920’s colors to supercars and Nokia skipped the lime green Murcielago.

  • vidar

    I hope it’s really slim! And with a Gorillaglass!

  • Grendell

    Nice! This is going to steel the 8x/s’ thunder. At supposed s price you get an x design and made like a brick by Nokia! It also appears to have CBD which generally makes any slab cooler to look at aside from the other inherent adavantages.

  • migo

    Damn, asymmetrical display on that one too.

    I don’t get it, why only the 710 and 900?

    • Muerte

      What do you mean? Maybe something trivial, but I don’t get it. Please, elaborate.

      • Viipottaja

        not to preempt Migo but I think he/she means that the screen is not an equal distance from the top and bottom edge of the phone, i.e. sit a little of center/up.

        I personally don’t mind and think it ergonomically better that way.

        • viktor von d

          it’s more stylish this way. all the other android phones with similar bezel on top and botom look the same.borinh

        • migo

          It’s better only in portrait mode, but a big thing with smartphones is apps, and a lot of them work best in landscape mode and for that it’s ergonomically worse.

          People can have their preferences, but if you’re going to be having 6 new models launch (so far), it would make sense to make at least one symmetrical.

  • arts

    I wonder id they have a matte version. Dint fancy the glossy ones too much.

  • nabkawe

    #crap products aren’t worthy of WP8 , then again WP8 isn’t worthy of Nokia’s hardware…

  • Viipottaja

    Looks good at least in the pics, but one would think a higher resolution (and thus higher RAM device) would now fit the lineup better. Therefore, my first gut feeling guess would be that either this is cancelled or a regional or carrier variant (assuming that the specs in the pic Harangue linked to are the correct ones and have not been changed).

    • Muerte

      Maybe the one that Harangue linked is just an early prototype, and this is an updated version?

      As you can see in the pics, Harangue’s phone has black side buttons on a white body, and in this new leak the buttons match the body…

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  • tim

    it definetly looks like the arrow leak before september 5th!
    i think it has a 4,3 inch display hopefully hd resolution so it would perfect fit between 820/822 and 920

  • viktor von d

    please 4 inch with qvga resolution and 8 mp camera,expandable storage, or 4,3 with hd scree, 8 mp camera,exapndable storage,

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  • dansus

    Please stop with the HTCrap Lumia Wannabe stuff.

    • KeiZka

      They are entitled to their opinion, aren’t they?

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  • rustyknight17

    Hmmm , might be interesting , but i need to see the specs first and then the price and the radio ( e,g. pentaband 3g ) . OTOH , where r the 10 series Lumias ? Those sound very interesting indeed!

  • s3m44

    Beautiful device, just like the Sony Xperia Acro S / Acro HD, their front look the same!

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  • Honestly

    I for one am getting sick of Jay’s quest to just hate on HTC just for sake of it.

    First of all the HTC 8x and 8s we’re launched BEFORE the Lumia 820. So how is it so that HTC has copied Lumia design?! The devices look nothing like the L820.

    And even if so, how would you explain the copying since it was launched first. Maybe HTC has spies within Nokia?! Stop the paranoia man.. For Christ’s Sake.

    On a another note. I agree with wpcentral that this possible L830 looks/resembles the HTC devices. I’m not saying copying because I know a product design takes a SIGNIFICANT amount of time.


    Just can’t stand crap especially when it’s unfair, undeserved and unfounded.

    • Honestly

      Correction: Apparantly Lumia 820 was announced first. HTC announced a week later.

      Though this doesn’t effect the point I’m making except if you think you can copy design, make a marketing plan, organize carriers and what not in 1 week.