Nokia Giving Away Free Charging Pads? Find out on 16/11/12

| November 7, 2012 | 13 Replies

It would appear Nokia are planning to give free wireless chargers (via redemption). It is not clear on any of the terms or conditions. In fact, we know nothing, except that we need to wait until November 16 (next week) to find out how we can redeem our free charger.

I took a look at the page source to see if we could find out more. It says the site is copywritten by Opia Ltd., who, after some googling, is a promotional partner for both Microsoft and Nokia. Let’s hope we see some free chargers being given away soon!

Cheers for the tip Glenn!

Source: Nokia Free Charger

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  1. dani says:

    Is that for Australia Michael?

  2. bandrews says:

    Poor choice of phrase but made me chuckle….

    • Harangue says:

      Even with English not being my native language I immediately made the link to the other meaning and also made me chuckle.

  3. Pökö says:

    Hopefully this is not just UK offer, but international. I paid 599€ for my yellow Lumia 920 (and possiblity to buy Fatboy for 29€, which I will). This second charger would be optimal for my work place.

  4. jmlion says:

    Nokia Italy is giving away a wireless charger for everyone who buys Lumia 920 before Jan 10

  5. aalb says:

    Will it work with N9 phone, i have se wires inside n9 for charging purpose, but will it work this thing, anyone tryied that?

    • Jeff says:

      No, you have to insert a wireless charging inductor, there’s been some articles posted here & elsewhere explaining how to dismantle your N9 & put it in there, then you can use the webos charger which is cheaper than this nokia one, or buy the nokia one, they’re both very similar tech.

  6. Joe212 says:

    I pre-ordered a Nokia 920 from AT&T for $99 with a free wireless charging pad. The only downside is that black was the only choice. I ordered the phone in red.

    There is a post on ZDNet that the promotion of free charging pads may have sold out in less than 6 hours:

    I placed my pre-order early AM on the first day the pre-orders started – on November 7th.

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