Customers Lining Up Outside At&t Stores for Lumia 920s, Reports of Very Low Initial Stock

| November 9, 2012 | 66 Replies

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What you’re seeing above is an image tweeted by WPDesignTeam that shows customers lining up/queuing outside their local At&t store waiting for it to open for a chance to buy a Lumia 920; of course these lines aren’t as glamorous as you see on iPhone launch days, but it’s definitely a good sign. WPCentral also have a second picture from their local At&t store showing a good 20 or so customers waiting to get their phones (is it just me or si the guy in the white cap wearing an Amazing Everyday lumia shirt?:

ATT Lines

However customers are reporting that the initial stock per store is VERY low, clocking in between 5-20 devices per store; which is pretty sad for a launch day device, I know Nokia are hard pressed to get these out in time but  it’s not a very nice gesture to customers when only the first 5 in line get a phone and the rest have to go home. True we live in an age were showing up in the store is almost optional, with practically every global carrier taking online pre-orders with launch day delivery; but some people prefer the old fashion way of picking it up themselves, or perhaps they just want to get a good hands on before buying?  I don’t know how many iPhones Apple usually stocks each store with on launch day, but I’m sure it’s a lot more than 20 per store; I know “Sold Out” sounds sexy making the device more appealing, but let’s work on those actual sales please 😀

Other customers are reporting that At&t were refusing to sell the 920 off contract:

Did any of you guys pick up your 920 today? Got any pictures of lines/stories for us? Share them down below!

-The store I went to were sold out an hour after opening. The guy I talked to said they got 5 920’s in and they were all gone.

-confirmed that stock is very low by me. My wife got the only red 920 in stock at a large location here in Scottsdale, AZ…and we were there are opening. They also did not have the free wireless charge pads in stock, however they are mailing her one directly in the coming week.

-Same thing at a major store downtown in SF. They only had 3 reds, 1 white, and 14 black.

-In north jersey area no stores have cyan in stock. Read online that it’s an online only color…which makes no sense to me…
Also the ATT stores that I called didn’t seem to know much about launch of WP8 in general…reminds me of Lumia 900 launch days…not good

-Stock was good. They had red, white and black. However I was the first and only person in my store when it opened. The store manager wasn’t aware if the free charging pad. They all know now. He went around telling his staff when I was done checking out, was even kind enough to show me that no stores in my area had the pad in stock. All in all, good experience, minus showing him their website about the free pad. This phone is smoooooth.

-Only 3 colors are available, red, white and black at store near my location. Rest will come out after 2 weeks.

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  • Viipottaja

    Went to a store in Downtown DC (Connecticut Ave). They had 8 black variants only when store was opening and I was one of three people immediately asking about it – probably sold out by now. Another store on 7th St NW sold out. Another on Wisconsin Ave/Friendship Heights will only have stock on Sunday, but supposedly in all colors (I don’t believe until I see it). Getting an early upgrade for $99 + $36 upgrade fee – managed to get it that low after talking to a supervisor and complaining that I heard others get it that cheap (they initially promised it for a $250 early upgrade price)!! WOOT!!!

    • Sweet! congrats! you got the black I gather? were there any big displays like the 900? or was it low key?

      • Viipottaja

        Thanks! I did not get any yet – fortunately as I got them to lower the price further only after I visited the store! I did fondle the black one – feels GREAT in hand. I want some other color (likely Yellow.. or Cyan.. or Red.. lol) and would prefer to see them in person – so will likely call the Microsoft store and perhaps go see them there tomorrow.

        It was very low key at the AT&T store but hopefully they are putting up more sign etc. during the day and/or when they have more stock. They did have a big poster on the window that had a big red 920, a puppy on the screen and a slogan “I want this for Christmas!”. 🙂 I’ll snap some pics on Sunday if I remember (and/or tomorrow if I see them at the MS store).

        • In that case you’ll love the pics I’m about to post, just got a gallery set of red, yellow and white.

    • spencer1978

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  • Drumstick

    Please Nokia don’t screw this up.

  • xinjii

    To be fair, no one is ever lining up outside of the ATT store to get an iPhone. They line up outside of the APPLE store. I’m sure that if Nokia still had stores in NY and Chicago, they would be stocked with more than 20 phones on launch day. This seems like an ATT oversight, not a Nokia one.

    • I believe the MSFT stores were very low on 920s as well, although their the official retailers, I’ll try to find the tweet, but some people were mentioning that MSFT employees were pushing customers to buy the 8X!

      • Viipottaja

        btw, I was at the MS store yesterday and they had an HTC crew there giving training to T-Mo (perhaps other carriers too) staff on WP8 and the 8X.

    • Here’s the MSFT store tweet:

      • swain

        It’s unfortunate that msft is pushing 8x instead of 920. But, the 920 doesn’t need any push as it is very much superior to 8x. Help the poor 8x to sell few units.

        • xinjii

          Yeah. I agree. The 920 is a beast and will do fine on its own. MSFT has to appear to be neutral and give all OEMs a fair chance if the ecosystem is to survive. That last thing that anyone wants is for other oems to pull out leaving Nokia holding the bag. I think that Symbian might have had a chance with open source had Samsung and SonyEricsson not pulled out.

      • Maybe

        Forward this to Elop
        His best friend Balmer stab him from the back

        • viipottaja

          Yup, one tweet is certainly compelling proof that all MS store staff are trying to push the HTC phones.

          • Bad News

            Nokia must have done something wrong for this to happen , I think Elop still with their same mistakes , Microsoft is not happy with Nokia about something and I think Elop is the culprit

          • GordonH

            So many hints around you. Open your eyes, Ms seems to understand that Nokia lost a lot of brand value in the past year.
            Ms CEO works for their own best interest. Nokia CEO works for MS interest.

            • Shallow Ocean Shoal

              GordonH works for troll interest (3 cents annual).

              • GordonH

                And who do you work for ?

            • Viipottaja

              So, I went to the MS store yesterday. I had none of that “you must buy HTC”. In fact, they were eager to collect all the color variants they had at the store for me to see, and happy to show me its features – the knowledge level among the reps did vary a bit it seemed though. They only had one red left and one of the reps was trying to get me to buy it. They didn’t have the yellow, but told me that a guy at the AT&T store has it for viewing. So I saw it there.

              There were at least 6-8 people I saw asking and looking at the 920, and I saw at least two of them by it on the spot.

              So, I guess my equally anecdotal and non-representative experience is equally compelling proof that the MS stores are doing a great job at promoting the 920??

  • Silthice

    who wouldn’t be lining up for that price?

    • nabkawe

      whats wrong with 99$?

      • Maybe

        The best deal ever…
        Is there anything wrong here?

        • Mark

          If there is I’m sure you’ll find it. Or imagine it.

          • Maybe

            That will be you…
            Congrats on being an incredible troll…

  • DKM

    Had 2 solid months to manufacture and release the phone but still lacking stock. Same situation in UK, its pure bullshit. If they could predict there will be massive surge why cant they ship out more. I think there is serious problems with Nokia, they are not telling us.

    • Viipottaja

      Yeah, its a bit frustrating. On the other hand 1) Who knows how many AT&T or the carriers in the UK ordered? They may well have underestimated demand or decided to be on the very safe side 2) this is day 1 – let’s hope the situation improves rapidly 3) the 920 does again have some unique components (the OIS module in particular) so I would not completely close out the possibility of manufacturing capacity constraints either.

    • nabkawe

      actually if you think about it , they only announced the phone 3 months ago , but it must’ve been worked on months before that.

    • Mr. Meister

      Are people in a hurry to somewhere? I’d rather wait for an exceptional phone and buy it when it’s ready for the public, not unfinished. Unlike some other company who released its disastrous maps app recently.

      For the same reason, I did’nt buy iPad 3, since I heard a rumour Nokia might be doing a tablet. Still waiting, and still not buying iPad 4/mini

  • Just Visiting

    Galaxy Note 2 was released on ATT today – nice if every person in line was waiting to putchase the Lumia, but I think it’s safe to say that there’s a possibility that some of those in line are there for the Note 2(especially since there are television commercials with a NBA basketball player promoting the product on the air).

    • Just Responding

      Lumia has a television commercial with an NFL football player promoting the phone, so if that was a deciding factor for a buyer then that would cancel out right?

  • t t

    Why only few phones per store? Finally Nokia has phone that people want and there is not enough devices in stores?

    And Microsoft store refuses to sell Lumias? Do they after all have Lumias in MSFT stores?

    I can’t understand this.

  • swain

    I am not surprised at all. It’s a old game that Nokia played and succeeded several times. For example: Long back when I went for N8, the sales people said me that there was no stock of grey N8 and no chance of getting it in next few weeks. Creating a intentional deficit to increase the demand is a old trick. But it may be harmful looking at current market position and competition.
    And I wish Nokia can make 920 available in India soon and in same price as the contract free AT&T one.

    • ashutosh kaushal

      if nokia prices 920 in the same range of contract free at&t prices…it will be a huge hit in india….more than samsung galaxy series…nokia has a big fan following in india

    • Mr. Meister


      The difference is, nobody wanted N8 anyway. I got it free as a workphone but refused to use it and bought an iPhone 4 with my own money instead. Now it’s a bit different, I would refuse to use iPhone 5 and bought Lumia 920 with my own money

  • joza2006

    didn’t you people get it ? Nokia does not want to sell these phones ! They will not even launch in whole of Europe this year.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Are you talking about 808 or what is the subject now??

    • so Weird

      Maybe Nokia will use your plan b which is jolla ‘m sure of that, because this is very rare too weird

  • JGrove303

    I’m still wsiting for my preorder to come in from AT&T. I’d imagine they vouldn’t produce too many at once due to they are not as rivh sd they onve were. This set will afford the next shipment. Sad, but way she goes.

    On the AT&T website, it stated that Black and red would be avqilable today, but Yellow, White and Cyan would be available the 14th

  • lumianer

    Why dont they really promote them on TV? Why do they Not Sell them ?

    Vers stupid

    • JGrove303

      They did through popular product placement. AT&T snuck it into their adds, though should be advertising it actively. Microsoft stores are banging Nokia in the ass without the courtesy of a reach around.

      But the Lumia 920 will outsell the 8x. And probsbly the Ativ S

    • StefanP

      Heavy promotion makes only sense if the device is widely available.

  • Joe212

    I pre-ordered my Lumia 920 on Nov 7 (with AT&T). Unfortunately, on a pre-order I could not speficy overnight shipment. So it shipped Standard (2 day), and I did not get it today. Due to arrive on Monday… I was hoping to play with my new toy this weekend…

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Ask them sternly to refund shipping

  • This is welcoming news for Nokia and I suspect Nokia users
    The Lumia 920 is a great phone and it will get Nokia out of the swamp and back to its former glory
    I shall stay with Nokia as they are simply the best mobiles for looks,style,functionality and features

    • Shallow Ocean Shoal

      Greg, how about you post some coupons to Visit Finland with? Finnair would be fine, thanks

  • ww

    hype created by bit player nokia

  • Gaurav

    Launch it in India pretty fast Nokia if you want to earn some cash…..
    Diwali festival season is going on…and sammy is taking the advantage..
    L920 & 820 aren’t available 🙁

    • manu

      i still doubts whether windowsphone works for india.

  • t t

    Is there a lot Lumia advertising is US television?

  • Svggarden

    Went to Redmond Town Center AT&T, they have(had) 55 reds, 27 blacks, and 44 whites -when I was in line(it was 12:20pm – store open at 9:00).
    I was pissed that after 40 mins in line, I was told that they only sell on Contract and Not upfront. From there, went to Bellevue Sq, and again, they do not sell them upgront. I headded over to Microsoft store, and it was also very busy with people buying Nokia 920. I was in line for 10 minutes, and bought a Cyan 920. I saw someone with a grey 920, and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, you can only buy the grey 920 from oversea. Anyway, loving my new Cyan 920.

  • manu

    nokia should borrow apple`s book to learn how to market and sell a product.they did a huge launch event for mediocre L900 now nothing for L920

  • Sam

    This is what you call a line, here the line outside some restaurants are longer than this one.

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  • Trying to elaborate some projections…
    At&t in Us has about 2.200 stores. Every store has “in stock” between 15 and 20 L920. If we supposed that half of the store in all Us were “sold out”, this means that Nokia has sold in these days between 16.500/22.000 Lumias (only through At&t).

    What do u think about this projection? IMHO these numbers aren’t so good …

    • Mr. Meister


      Seems like every store has in stock between 5-120 L920. Also seems like the customers have largely emptied the stocks by preordering the phones, which means we have no clue how much has been sold so far, and how much of the customers has been redirected to order a phone from the AT&T website

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