Gallery: Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia Lumia 920

| November 11, 2012 | 48 Replies

Here’s another comparison that we hope to be able to try ourselves some day. It’s comparing both PureView devices from Nokia, the Nokia 808 PureView camera king and the Nokia Lumia 920.

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The Nokia 808 PureView of course excels in photography but there are situations where the 920 does a fantastic and surprisingly good job too.

The mug comparison looked like they turned the light on when the 920 took the picture.



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  • rustyknight17

    Hmmmm , must say the 808 oic looks better ..

  • Thanks for the plug guys, appreciated 🙂

  • Harangue

    Wow, clearly the 920 does live up to what it was built for; low light shooting. It does have some problems in normal overcast daylight shots, it also tends to oversaturate pictures giving it some yellowish hue all over the picture.

    All in all, the 920 does perform pretty good. If Nokia can tone down the oversaturation and general fuzziness in the daylight pics it is good to go. Might even beat my former N8, although I’ll hold off judgement untill I can compare that for myself.

  • Tetlee

    A fair few of the those photos don’t look to have been focused on the 808. I have alot to learn on getting the most out of the 808’s camera, but even I would have retaken the berries and the flower photo. The 808 can do MUCH better than that even on auto settings.

    • Paul Grenfell

      Agree, pretty poor focus on them.. bad operator again..
      The whole point of the 808 is being able to do standard shoots but also loss-less digital zoom and manual settings.. The 920 cant do that.

  • rustyknight17

    Tetlee , look like u have a point there , sad to say . i too know the 808 is capable of much more even on auto . here we go again …

  • rustyknight17

    Paul , no it couldn`t …
    Dave , the 920 is a great phone , ahead of its rivals , though not by much in some cases , with the exceptions of the 808 , N9 , and possibly the Xperia S & T , the Razr Maxx , and the N8 .
    But to answer ur question Dave , yes the 808 can , in night mode , which is essentially what the 920 does , e. g. , it`s programmed for longer exposures in auto mode , which is what any smartphone camera does in night mode …

    • Dave

      Yes of course it is all about longer exposure, freaking Einstein. The point is do you want longer exposures handheld WITH or WITHOUT image stabilization.

      And I am sure if the 808 ran WP everybody would be defending it all the same, right. It has nothing to do with Symbian butt-hurt.

      • Trexus

        Mad bro?

      • rustyknight17

        Who speaks of Wp or Symbian ? This is a cam comparison , OS has little to do with that …
        My point here is that in auto mode , the 920 has what amounts to night mode , which , together with it`s veryyyyy powerful LED flash , gives it a pwerful , and unfair , advantage in lowlight , handheld comparisons done in auto mode with no flash .

  • Banderpop

    What’s the point of comparing the cameras when in several shots it’s clear flash was used on the 808 and not on the 920?

    That includes the mug shot Jay picked as an example. Credit where it’s due, the 920 picture of the mug is good as far as detail goes. But flash is on in the top picture, off in the bottom one. Which means the top picture was automatically under-exposed to compensate for the brightness of the flash, hence it being darker except on the flash reflection highlights. Same problem on the leaves and vending machine examples.

    • Paul Grenfell

      You obviously havent tried an 808.. That shot was taken at Auto, but the 808 can do far better than that on Manual settings.. I actually never use the flash on the 808, its unnecessary and the results are more natural.
      I agree , the 920 is good for low light, especially hand held, but dont underestimate the 808’s capability..
      And the main features of the 808 are as i said before,
      is being able to do, not only standard shoots but also extensive loss-less digital zoom and various manual settings..

      • Harangue

        There are some 808 owners here that will go to enormous lengths to prove the 808 is better. And you know what? Surprise, surprise it is better, a lot better.

        The 920 is just the phone that does it all in seconds on auto mode where the 808 would require some fiddling in the settings to get the best out of it which would often probably beat the 920. But that is not the point of the 920 IMHO, the point is that it can perform in a matter of seconds. Just right for those moments where I want to snap a quick picture and don’t have time to adjust the ISO setting or any other setting.

        That is also what I want a phone for, quick shots with the occasional lengthy shot in which a little fiddling is needed. The 808 is capable of extraordinary shots, but after tweaking the settings for said shot. Eventhough the 808 is king in the camera phones, I’d rather use a DSLR to get the real artsy well setup shots than a phone.

        • patata

          So the 920 does it more the “apple way”? Perfectly fits into MS’s “we want to be the next apple” strategy 😉

          • Harangue

            So you believe that Apple is the one that thought of the concept of ease of use? Before Apple everyone wanted do things in a fiddly way?

            Nokia offers something for both types of people, the 808 for the tinkering kind and the 920 for the ones that just want some quick snaps to remember the moment by. Eventhough there is that winky face to in someway infuse some humour in that comment, why the need to vilify something WP related and glorify all things Symbian?

            • patata

              The question is: Why can’t they offer both on the same plattform, on their new and main smartphone plattform? You say they offer something for both. Symbian for those and WP for the others. That would be ok if there wasn’t the fact that Nokia has killed Symbian and has gone all in with WP.

              • patata

                Now they just offer something that is easy to use for Joe average, but nothing for someone who wants to have more control over everything. That’s just the way apple does it…

      • Banderpop

        I don’t think you interpreted my post in the way I intended it.

        • Paul Grenfell

          I cant see any sign of flash used in that pic by 808. There is the obvious shadow being cast at the RHS of the pic, which would have been eliminated if flash was used.
          As i said, i think you underestimate the 808’s ability.
          It can do that shot without flash easily. Even in Auto.

          • Banderpop

            The handle of the mug has a shadow in the 808 shot that isn’t in the 920 one, that suggests that there’s definitely a light coming from just above the camera lens of the 808. Not to mention the extra reflections on things like the coffee jar in the background.

            As for other shadows not being eliminated, I’m inclined to think that this was a fairly well lit scene to start with.

            • Paul Grenfell

              Hard to say, but my 808 even in Auto can take a full room illumination adequately with just one daylight 40w bulb.

  • dss

    You don’t need to change any settings to get great shots from the 808 .. maybe in low light, but not in daylight. Its pretty much standard point and shoot operation.

    The image quality between the 920 and the 808 shouldn’t even be compared… the 920 is in the gs3/iphone department, which is no where near 808 levels.

    What Nokia should concentrate on is improving the image quality.. at least get it close to the iPhone 4s/5.. if possible.

    • Paul Grenfell

      Your kidding me right?

    • Paul Grenfell

      My son has ip5, its not in same league as 808.. Close, but not as good..

      • dss

        I have an iPhone 5 as well, its a pretty boring smartphone with an okay camera.

        Witch part don’t you agree with ?

        • dss


          • Paul Grenfell

            My son and i have already done shoot outs.. Speed is almost the same, Normal Auto shots almost the same, but iph5 has some visible oversaturation and when it comes to digital zoom, the 808 leaves it behind..
            He doesnt dispute it..

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  • no wp,only symbian and meego

    i am sick of this site as it full of lumias crap

  • Tak

    I don’t understand why 808 is always smeared in these tests, unless they are trying to magnify the importance of the stabilizer.

    I never get this crap pictures with 808 unless I’m moving at the same time when I’m taking a photo.

    • Tetlee

      This was what I was getting at in my post at the top. I can understand the advantages of the 920’s image stabilization, what I can’t inderstand is how many of these type comparisons I’ve now seen on here and elsewhere where the examples of 808 shots seem to be so poor.

      As I mentioned earlier, I’m still very much finding my way with the 808’s camera, but alot of these blurry shots I can only compare with my worst efforts that would have been deleted straight off and retaken with far better results.

      Nothing to do with over defending, I just don’t understand why so many poorly focused 808 shots find their way into 808/920 comparison shots, especially daylight shots like the berries and flower shots in this example.

      Not getting at you by the way stephenquin.

  • For those defending the 808 and criticising my photography skill,I am not a professional, however the point of the camera comparison was top show the point and shoot ability off the two handsets. The 808 is fantastic, however it is more awkward top use, were I top have retaken photos top Getty the best would defeat the object, eventually the 808 well always win ! In my defense I did once take a decent photo with the 808

    • Banderpop

      Is it fair to say that the 808 is more inclined to use it’s flash than the 920 when both are completely set to automatic and the lighting conditions are somewhat medium (dusk, dawn, indoors with electrical lights)?

  • Perhaps if people actually read the article instead of simply looking at the photos they may see the point

  • alai

    Yellow Lumia makes yellow pictures. That is new era of mobile photography. Is the black lumia making of black pictures? It looks like the 808 makes more realistic photos.

  • tommy

    808 vs 920 both in Night mode..

  • twig

    We must have both.