Pocket-Lint: Nokia Lumia 820 Review – “This IS the phone you are looking for”.

| November 12, 2012 | 41 Replies


So we’ve seen a whole wave of Nokia Lumia 920 reviews, now it’s the turn of the Nokia Lumia 820. This one comes in from Pocket-Lint.

They previously demolished the 920, despite all the innovations, because it weighed 185g (despite other phones in that weight being very popular in the UK). So how will the 820 fair? Well, this is the Windows Phone they’re recommending. Not the 920 or some other device. But this one.

  • They like the design, “
 It is a phone that is much more manageable, much more sleek, much more appealing. It is still a muscle car to Jaguar’s E-Type, in its approach to design, but here it works, especially when you opt for the tough cover.

Interesting snippet regarding the camera:

Images aren’t perfect of course, and this isn’t going to compete with top-of-the-range compacts or DSLRs, but it’s not to be sniffed at either. The camera performs above average compared to other smartphone


Well, the only camera that can compete in that regard is the 808, no :).

  • Display apparently is not disappointing, but crisp and enjoyable. (I wonder if it would be any faster since there’s less pixels to process than the 920 as it has the same processor that’s driving the 920)
  • They like that the 820 has super sensitive screen too so they can keep their hands toasty warm when it has been “bloody cold”.
  • Battery life not as good as 920 but good enough for a day (wireless charging available)

Pocket-lint sees the 820 as the phone that has the features people want. Removable battery, micro-SD and an OS that stands out.

If you are tempted by Windows Phone 8, this is the phone for you.


Cheers EK for the tip!

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  1. viktor von d says:

    ”Pocket-lint sees the 820 as the phone that has the features people want. Removable battery, micro-SD and an OS that stands out.”

    They are right. Most of the people can’t aford the flagships and will buy the mid range devices. In a way they are more important then the flagships and if they are to be succesful they need all around features, like good processing power,sd cards,good design, good screen

  2. Mark says:

    Although I thought their review of the 920 was harsh, I get where they were coming from. I had a play with an 820 the other day and, to be honest, it feels much nicer in the hand. Seriously tempted – I thought about a Nexus 4 but… nah.

  3. JGrove303 says:

    Nevermind the signature dish, just bring out the bread & butter You’re still getting fed and you didn’t pay nearly as much, so why bother.

    That’s what you sound like right now.
    And some boring-ass tech journalism it would be.

    It is important for the mid-high teir device to be good, but the angle taken is crap. The 820 kicks thw HTC Abortion 8x square in the balls in every respect, but max resolution, and it’s less expensive. However, there is another Nokia with a more capable camera, a bigger better battery, buttons and usb jack that only diamond can scratch, more onboard storage with a larger, quicker, higher resolution display for not a lot more. It’s called the Lumia 920. The only smartphone you will never need a Protector case for and most likely you will never forget anywhere.
    The flagship devices ARE the bread & Butter today. It’s why Nokia is trying to sell them in China, Middle East and and India. Because Asha sales alone are not going to keep the lights on when Galaxy S IIIs are selling like funnel cakes at a fatty convention.

    820 is great and will make a killer deal whwn it’s free on contract, but the 920 is better, and more important for Nokia to sell.

  4. migo says:

    Fair enough. I guess they legitimately didn’t like the size and weight of the Lumia 920 (still seems bizarre though, I don’t like excessively thin phones, I know other people who buy cases just because the phone was too thin, and a bunch of people were on Twitter complaining about the iPhone 5 being too thin and too light).

    There is a point with it having a removable battery and µSD card slot. I imagine the screen is also well liked as Samsung got people hooked on AMOLED, and the 4.3″ WVGA one is the only one that doesn’t have a serious compromise.

    “Display apparently is not disappointing, but crisp and enjoyable. (I wonder if it would be any faster since there’s less pixels to process than the 920 as it has the same processor that’s driving the 920)”

    Given what Nokia talked about with PureMotion, I would expect that it wouldn’t be any faster, likely still just having a 30Hz refresh rate, but at the same time with the lower resolution it’s much less likely to drop below 30fps with demanding games.

  5. rishabh says:

    i gave this tip sn many days back

  6. rishabh says:

    i gave this tip so many days back

  7. JGrove303 says:

    I think not so much the screen being faster, but the device as a whole because the GPU will not be working as hard on filling 800×480 with sprites and polygons as it will at 1280×768. However, I imagine most games for WP8 will likely be written with 800×480 in mind and the 920 will end up either cropping the screen or simply be larger.

    On the other hand, the 920′s 1280×768 display gives developers a chance to make or remake games and applications with detail and polish, much like it is done in the other 2 camps.

    • JGrove303 says:

      in the case of the same resolution game on both displays, they will run with the same performance. But the PureMotion will look better doing it with no ghosting or frame skipping.

  8. Rinslowe says:

    820 is a worthy phone to those who don’t have the budget for a 920…

    There is no other logic except what excuses can be made in argument of subliminal disappointment….

    1) Feels better in the hand.
    2) It’s lighter
    3) Has expandable memory
    4) Removable battery
    etc.. etc.. and so blasé as to be boring. All those things you can find on competitors devices.

    920 – it’s the obvious choice, by FAR.

    • Mark says:

      Sorry, but that’s patronising nonsense. I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford any handsets I want SIM free so it’s not a question of cost.

      The 820 feels far more comfortable than the 920 to me. I don’t care about the camera or higher resolution screen enough for that plus point to be overcome.

      That’s my subjective opinion. It’s just as valid as yours.

      • Harangue says:

        I have been hopping back and forth between the 920 and 820 as to which is going to replace my 800. The thing is, the 920 just looks better, the 820 just looks a little ‘cheap’ primarily because of the ugly as sin camera cover on the back. Had they just gone with the signature camera cover like on the N9/800/900/920 it would have looked a lot better. Heck, even the 810 and 822 have it, of the three 8 series devices the 810 for Tmo looks the best of the bunch.

        • Mark says:

          I’m trying to like the 920 but I just can’t now I’ve played with one. It’s just too big and unwieldy. Yes, it’s got lots of lovely technology, but I just can’t see it as a day-to-day device.

          The 820 feels much nicer. I wish it had a better display but it’s not that much of an issue and I can live with that for the software, super sensitive screen and all the other goodies.

          Oh and before anyone makes any gym jokes; I can bench 100kg, squat 140kg and deadlift 170kg. It’s just a matter of preference. :)

          I did like the look of the 810 though.

          • L920 says:

            It’s funny about the weight thing… here in HK – the Galaxy Note series has sold like hotcakes here alongside S3′s and iPhones, however I see so many tiny girl (and the girls here are tiny) having absolutely no problems holding, using, coping with the extra weight of the Galaxy Notes which I understand weight pretty much the same as the 920… nuff said.

            In Asia – flagships matter, and people are open to change. Many people are bored of the iPhone, and have plenty of disposable income for gadgets. People simply want the best. I hope the 920 takes off here. However, so far Nokia appears to have pulled out of HK completely – ZERO marketing for anything Nokia here – perhaps they see that they have already lost to Apple and Samsung. The few Nokia flagship stores left are tiny and laughably so… and typically completely empty. There are noodle shops that are bigger than the Nokia stores.

    • Dave says:

      You forgot sensitive display, ie gloves and fingernails.

    • Carbontubby says:

      In favor of the 820: it’s cheaper :)

      The 820 weighs 160g over the 920′s 185g, a 25g difference, which is next to no difference. I don’t understand why bloggers keep harping on this and keep parroting each other… the 920 weighs that much because of its size and all the stuff inside.

      If you can’t carry 185g in your pocket, just get a hand/manbag. If you can’t carry 185g at all, then get a damn Asha and start working out!

    • ms.nokia says:

      920 all the way,
      bigger better stronger screen

  9. manu says:

    is 820 using Rgb or pentile display??

    • migo says:

      Engadget claims PenTile, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Super AMOLED + (which is RGB) only comes in 4.3″ 800×480 versions, and I’m not aware of any other 4.3″ 800×480 SAMOLED screens that are PenTile. It would also make sense that Nokia chose that particular screen size and resolution for that reason.

      I would lean towards RGB, but would wait on a few reputable sites to report on it.

      • Dave says:

        Nokia itself reputable enough?

        Display features: RGB Stripe


        Plus of course that there is no precedent anywhere of pentile on that size screen. It would look ridiculous at that resolution.

        • migo says:

          Definitely not. Nokia has repeatedly screwed up specs that they list on their site. I’d only trust them if it’s in line with what everyone else is saying. Not that I trust Engadget anymore than Nokia…

          • incognito says:

            PenTile at such size and resolution would look horrendous so, while it’s true that one should not really trust Nokia’s own spec lists as they made quite a bit of blunders in the past, I seriously doubt it’s PenTile.

            P.S. Death to PenTile!

            • migo says:

              I’d agree. Even Engadget’s close up picture doesn’t look like it’s PenTile, so I’d tend to agree with Nokia’s spec list as soon as one or two other reviewers agree on that point (and actually go to the extent of examining it under a microscope).

    • Dave says:

      RGB, despite the Einsteins at Engadget getting it wrong.

  10. Tech says:

    i think the reviewer are little crazy LOL
    he’s gave damn shit for Lumia 920 and now he’s give more star for Nokia Lumia 820
    c’mon L920 outstanding L820 almost in every aspect except in weight and micro sd card
    and about the weight i think it’s not problem at all, bitch plz you had muscle so why you can’t handle this wonderful phone?

    • migo says:

      That’s not entirely crazy. I find the Lumia 710 to be much better than the 800 in almost every way, and it’s cheaper to boot. It’s perfectly reasonable for a lower end model to be better than the higher end model.

      Now assuming that the screen is RGB, you’ve got a lower resolution and pixel density than the 920, and no PureMotion, but the refresh rate is still plenty good and the colours are more vibrant – not necessarily the best for accurate colour reproduction but it looks very good with the WP UI, so the 820 does have a couple advantages over the 920 in the screen department.

      The 920 obviously has a way better camera, but then people who care about cameras likely have a DSLR anyway, and some people don’t care about cameras at all, in which case the 820 is plenty good enough. At that point you end up with a cheaper device that has a number of advantages over the more expensive one, while the advantages of the more expensive one don’t really benefit you. (Another example of this is the super sensitive screen that both offer over competing WP devices and Androids – if you live in California that makes no difference to you – sometimes a feature is good for everyone, other times it only has a niche appeal).

      It certainly shows that personal preferences make a big difference with reviews, and also means you should try to find reviews by people who have the same preferences as you. Steve Punter does reviews of phones as phones first, with everything else being secondary. If you have the same priority, his reviews are the best to read. On the other hand if you prefer a smartphone for gaming purposes, you’ll have to go to an entirely different review source, as Punter’s reviews wouldn’t touch on that at all.

    • DesR85 says:

      I read both the site’s review of both the Note and the Note 2 and while he did mention the big size, he downplayed it and pointed out its myriad of features and being more convenient than a tablet to make up for it.

      Then again, he did point out that the S3, One X and the L900 are big devices that aren’t for anyone, so yeah, it gives the impression that his priorities for a phone is inconsistent. But if you ask me to choose between the Notes and the latter three devices, I’d go for the latter.

  11. Carbontubby says:

    Ah, the 820 finally gets reviewed. It’s like the slightly ugly but more practical kid sister to the supermodel bombshell 920 :)

    I’ve been living with a 4″ screen at 640×360 for so long that the 800×480 screen isn’t a big deal, especially if it’s a full RGB subpixel array with ClearBlack layers. The Galaxy S3 has an amazing display but I like my text big and readable, not tiny and readable, so a physically large screen combined with lower resolution is fine with me.

    Slap on a tough cover on it, a wireless charging back and a 64GB MicroSD card and this thing could be my next purchase :) The super-sensitive screen is a boon for us folks who have to wear gloves when winter comes around.

    • Carbontubby says:

      Any idea when the ruggedized shells are coming out? Will they have wireless charging too?

    • migo says:

      Yeah, I’m glad that the super sensitive screen is showing up in the midrange Nokias as well (not completely surprised either, I can use the Lumia 710 with thin gloves on).

  12. M says:

    I’m curious to see how Nokia implements the sleep screen on the 820.

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