Nokia Lumia 920 available in UK, trip around the stores (yellow is delightful!) +Another slight rant on ads.

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Yesterday I was doing some errands and happened to pass by some phone shops which had adverts showing the bright electric pikachu yellow Nokia Lumia 920.

They had some 920s in stock – just arrived yesterday but only the black. They have no idea about the yellow one.

The only stores that have it at the moment is Phones4U, T-Mobile and Orange. The latter two may be seen in a combined “Everything Everywhere” store and would only have the black and white versions. Phones4U have exclusivity on Red and Yellow but your contract will still be Orange/T-Mobile combo Everything Everywhere.

This was the first time I had seen the Nokia Lumia 920 in person and wow – what a beautiful thing! Black was nice and sleek and all but yellow just glowed, happy to greet the owner.

What caught my eye was actually the lumiawannabe in yellow. I was of course disappointed when I took a second glance to realise it wasn’t a Nokia but that KIRF.

Fortunately they had the 920 there too. This store’s display unit showed off the yellow one.

These quick snaps were taken by the trooper that is the Nokia 808 PureView (some compression by watermark)

I played around with the black Nokia Lumia 920 demo unit and oh – it’s so nippy! I didn’t get to use it for very long as I was being quized by the rep who decided it was better to string me along and get details from me rather than to check whether they had the yellow 920 in stock first (as that was the ONLY colour I would be leaving with today if I got the 920).

EE/T-mobile had a dummy unit in black.

Another EE shop (Orange) had one in white but I didn’t take a picture of that one.

Ah…the yellow one again 😀

Missed the focus on this one.

I can’t wait to get my own in yellow and pair it up with some Yellow Purity Pros :D.

I was delighted by the Phones4U rep’s little introduction on Nokia; history on the first phone call made by Finnish president (or something like that) and how there were more people using Nokias than toothbrushes. What I was less keen on was how the phone was sold. No mention of the amazing super sensitive puremotion HD+ screen, no knowledge of OIS/PureView (even when I mentioned it), no idea about the free wireless charger – (that is clearly stated on their own advertising for the 920 in store) or mention that it charged wirelessly. I don’t blame the guy – he did mention he was away for two weeks. Even if he wasn’t, it’s still not his fault. Where are the Nokia Lumia 920 adverts explaining what on earth this phone does? The adverts that have the “why I love lumia” – are they clear enough? Do they mention these features prominently?

There should be a simple, short video that talks about what makes the Nokia Lumia 920 stand out. All these great things in one package. Then have spin offs of each feature demoed in real life use. Connect with your audience, your potential consumers, explain, educate, enthral. How many times must the marketing department get refreshed before we get someone who gets it? The only memorable advert my friends know about the new 920 is about how the “fake ois” scandal one that made it to mainstream BBC news (which as we know was both unnecessary as OIS really works and that all Nokia missed out was information indicating it was a simulation for illustrative purposes).

I know Stephen Elop has mentioned that the retail staff are hurdles somewhat, and to an extent, it’s true that if retail peeps don’t explain the device well enough to entice customers, then Nokia’s Lumia stays on the shelf.

BUT – Why aren’t retail staff aware? Who should be training them? Should they need training? Why do your damn adverts suck so bad that no one knows that your phones are awesome? Why is a multibillion dollar company incapable of making cohesive, consistent, comprehensible marketing? Do you like to flush all your hard work down the pan every time you leave your sales to chance because you can’t raise awareness of your products due to terrible, meaningless, full-of-suck adverts? Do you people even watch the crap you guys make?

Tell me you like the camera, that’s good. But why is it good? Why does it set itself apart from others?! The camera is good BECAUSE of ___insert Nokia related talk to bring back audience’s attention to the 920____. I can’t stand generic “I like the camera”. So what? Other phones have cameras and can take good pictures too. Tell me about the technology called PureView, explain to me, that it means pushing boundaries in imaging and in this instance, it means for the first time image stabilising a phone physically. Show the actual parts that move to compensate shakes and how this would eliminate blurs or allow you to take low light shows. Explain, explain, explain! You have the opportunity to teach the world, and to get people to recall verbatim your specific phrases on what to remember about the Nokia Lumia 920.

Do you do it? No.

Also, why don’t the shops have any idea when the yellow Nokia Lumia 920 is coming? How hard was it to come up with a date for launch? Many opportunities fizzling away, time, after time, after time. It’s like you don’t want to sell phones or something.

Sorry – not sure what got me worked up again there.

Who is the head of marketing/ads now? How many marketing peeps do we need to go through before we see results from someone who knows what they’re supposed to be doing?


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