Nokia Lumia 920 available in UK, trip around the stores (yellow is delightful!) +Another slight rant on ads.

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Yesterday I was doing some errands and happened to pass by some phone shops which had adverts showing the bright electric pikachu yellow Nokia Lumia 920.

They had some 920s in stock – just arrived yesterday but only the black. They have no idea about the yellow one.

The only stores that have it at the moment is Phones4U, T-Mobile and Orange. The latter two may be seen in a combined “Everything Everywhere” store and would only have the black and white versions. Phones4U have exclusivity on Red and Yellow but your contract will still be Orange/T-Mobile combo Everything Everywhere.

This was the first time I had seen the Nokia Lumia 920 in person and wow – what a beautiful thing! Black was nice and sleek and all but yellow just glowed, happy to greet the owner.

What caught my eye was actually the lumiawannabe in yellow. I was of course disappointed when I took a second glance to realise it wasn’t a Nokia but that KIRF.

Fortunately they had the 920 there too. This store’s display unit showed off the yellow one.

These quick snaps were taken by the trooper that is the Nokia 808 PureView (some compression by watermark)

I played around with the black Nokia Lumia 920 demo unit and oh – it’s so nippy! I didn’t get to use it for very long as I was being quized by the rep who decided it was better to string me along and get details from me rather than to check whether they had the yellow 920 in stock first (as that was the ONLY colour I would be leaving with today if I got the 920).

EE/T-mobile had a dummy unit in black.

Another EE shop (Orange) had one in white but I didn’t take a picture of that one.

Ah…the yellow one again :D

Missed the focus on this one.

I can’t wait to get my own in yellow and pair it up with some Yellow Purity Pros :D.

I was delighted by the Phones4U rep’s little introduction on Nokia; history on the first phone call made by Finnish president (or something like that) and how there were more people using Nokias than toothbrushes. What I was less keen on was how the phone was sold. No mention of the amazing super sensitive puremotion HD+ screen, no knowledge of OIS/PureView (even when I mentioned it), no idea about the free wireless charger – (that is clearly stated on their own advertising for the 920 in store) or mention that it charged wirelessly. I don’t blame the guy – he did mention he was away for two weeks. Even if he wasn’t, it’s still not his fault. Where are the Nokia Lumia 920 adverts explaining what on earth this phone does? The adverts that have the “why I love lumia” – are they clear enough? Do they mention these features prominently?

There should be a simple, short video that talks about what makes the Nokia Lumia 920 stand out. All these great things in one package. Then have spin offs of each feature demoed in real life use. Connect with your audience, your potential consumers, explain, educate, enthral. How many times must the marketing department get refreshed before we get someone who gets it? The only memorable advert my friends know about the new 920 is about how the “fake ois” scandal one that made it to mainstream BBC news (which as we know was both unnecessary as OIS really works and that all Nokia missed out was information indicating it was a simulation for illustrative purposes).

I know Stephen Elop has mentioned that the retail staff are hurdles somewhat, and to an extent, it’s true that if retail peeps don’t explain the device well enough to entice customers, then Nokia’s Lumia stays on the shelf.

BUT – Why aren’t retail staff aware? Who should be training them? Should they need training? Why do your damn adverts suck so bad that no one knows that your phones are awesome? Why is a multibillion dollar company incapable of making cohesive, consistent, comprehensible marketing? Do you like to flush all your hard work down the pan every time you leave your sales to chance because you can’t raise awareness of your products due to terrible, meaningless, full-of-suck adverts? Do you people even watch the crap you guys make?

Tell me you like the camera, that’s good. But why is it good? Why does it set itself apart from others?! The camera is good BECAUSE of ___insert Nokia related talk to bring back audience’s attention to the 920____. I can’t stand generic “I like the camera”. So what? Other phones have cameras and can take good pictures too. Tell me about the technology called PureView, explain to me, that it means pushing boundaries in imaging and in this instance, it means for the first time image stabilising a phone physically. Show the actual parts that move to compensate shakes and how this would eliminate blurs or allow you to take low light shows. Explain, explain, explain! You have the opportunity to teach the world, and to get people to recall verbatim your specific phrases on what to remember about the Nokia Lumia 920.

Do you do it? No.

Also, why don’t the shops have any idea when the yellow Nokia Lumia 920 is coming? How hard was it to come up with a date for launch? Many opportunities fizzling away, time, after time, after time. It’s like you don’t want to sell phones or something.

Sorry – not sure what got me worked up again there.

Who is the head of marketing/ads now? How many marketing peeps do we need to go through before we see results from someone who knows what they’re supposed to be doing?

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  1. Simo says:

    You UK peeps are lucky. Yellow has not arrived on American shores yet, save for a few demo units some sales reps have gotten their hands on. That’s right, we have a launch that includes every color except the most popular one. #Botched

  2. dansus says:

    lol, you made the mistake of thinking that these reps give a fuck.

    Make the sale, get back to chatting about last nights x-factor.

  3. viipottaja says:

    I was set on getting the yellow but then I saw both the yellow and red today… Now I am leaning red! :)

    • Just Visiting says:

      That red is gorgeous! I like the white as well.

      Grey is definitely my preference, but I’m ‘considering’ an alternative color.

      Yeah, that red is nice…

  4. iluvnok says:

    Lots of people seems to be liking the red. I thought only girls like the red color specially for a phone.

  5. anon2 says:

    You can tell Nokia is run by a bunch of “Yes Men” in suits.

    • anon2 says:

      P.S We still don’t know when we’re getting the bloody thing here in Australia.grrr… (Personally I don’t think Telstra’s “exclusivity negotiations are working out too well)

      • xox says:

        Telstra will probably be end of nov.
        They are slow with everything.

        Buy the phone, over two years you will pay for the phone in plan savings and save $100

  6. M says:

    Damn my preorder for the cyan went from processing to cancelled to back to processing while my dad walked in on Friday and got him a black one. I have a wireless charging pad with no phone to charge…

  7. Vineet says:

    Nokia will never listen re:marketing.

    I can’t believe it was even possible, but the adverts have gotten worse over time, even more ambiguous, vague and “lifestyle-y”.

    Only Don Draper and Sterling Cooper can fix this now.

  8. viktor von d. says:

    they are to busy with marketing talk in their ads instead of clearely stating what the features of the phones are. same old nokia

  9. Bloob says:

    I can’t believe how many of the people who actually know this phone exists, and that it has wireless charging, think that that is the only way to charge this phone.

  10. Matt says:

    I’ve been popping in to my local phones4u store every day for the past week since they put dummy white, yellow and black 920 on display.

    Yesterday I went to a different (larger) phones4u store and they actually had them for sale with a sim-free price of £459. I asked the assistant if they had them sim-free in white and he said “I think we have one left, let me check with the manager”. I was ready to buy it then and there. The manager came over and said “I’m really sorry, I’ve been asked not to sell any more sim-free 920 devices due to the EE exclusive period.”. After a little more chat he pointed out that the sim-free ones are not unlocked. I sulked.

  11. Andrew_b says:

    Marketing for OIS; an advert where an interview is held with fictitious little tiny people who make (or even operate) the miniature springs in the stabilization system (the feature). They are so proud to be part of a team working on a system five years in development to produce the world’s first OIS camera phone (the advantage). The benefit? Zoom out to see that people can finally upload decent pictures to Facebook on a night out instead of those washed out grainy efforts on ‘other’ phones. (Message) Without OIS=grainy, blurred. With OIS=sharp, detailed.

    What strikes me about your visit to all these stores is that none of the staff seem to have any technical interest in their products whatsoever, or at least the 920 anyway. It might have been worth asking them to compare two phones to see if they were able to demonstrate some rudimentary sales skills or product knowledge.

    Your piece rues to lack of marketing acumen within Nokia and sadly, this is the main problem. Sure, Nokia are clearly capable of making great phones, but they can’t expect someone else to do the selling for them. In the old days Nokia phones did sell themselves, but now it’s Apple in that position. Nokia need to face up to facts and step up to the challenge.

  12. DKM says:

    Jay, pointed a very interesting point in this post.


    NEW implies here not only the product but OS itself, its completely different than wp7.5. SO its new and product here is not only Nokia but all WP8 devices.

    If you don’t know the OS, you wont have the urge to know the devices. In each OS i can pick 10 unique features that they differ from each other. WP8 has more than 10 but lets pick 10 that matters to the buyer or the consumer who is in the market for a smartphone. And then comes the 10 unique features for a device.

    So, how hard is for Microsoft, Nokia & Phones4U train all the retail staff with 20 simple unique features. Microsoft is responsible for the OS and OEM for their devices. But the big question is WHO will pick the COST of training the staff. Phones4U or EE dont have the obligation to train all their staff with the upcoming devices even if its exclusive.

    Phones4U do train their staff or i should say half baked training. But to me the responsibility of the OS and OEM depend on the respective companies through advertising and marketing. I have not seen even a single printed advert of the WP8 or the Nokia devices in London.

    The cost of training the Staff at phones4u not only rest with the company but all companies who are in the ecosystem. When Apple first introduced their first apple iphone, the O2 was exclusive and o boy did they train them, hell yes and the cost was shared. Honestly its not that much expensive.

    The main and important factor to train any person is giving that person the simple thing called “Information”. 20 facts information either through a 10 minutes video or a booklet is enough (video is effective).
    The person selling the phone should love the product he/she is selling lack of information lacks the ability to sell. SO Nokia and Microsoft can get their shit together and train or give the relevant information so the info is passed on to the consumers. Out of 20 at least 10 will be passed on.

  13. timple says:

    How in the UK in 2012 you can launch a top end phone without BBC iplayer support is beyond me. Then again Elop is only interested the US.

  14. rich says:

    So this exclusivity period means that we can’t even buy the 920 outright? This is just ridiculous. It’s one thing to make it exclusive on a contract, but to actually block users from buying it is unbelievably stupid.

  15. muerte says:

    Thank you Jay. As usual, you have a very good criticism there. God damn, when will Nokia react to the feedback? It is not impossible to show how good a product is. Just look at some Nokia adverts from the 90′s! Full of goodness that Nokia needs to bring back to us! I’m tired of Nokia’s marketing. Hell, even Microsoft is doing so much better with their Surface ads.

  16. Toni says:

    Funny thing considering that here in Finland they have managed to create a promotional campaign entirely around the idea of all the packed innovations (the ensikosketus campaign). It lists 21 innovative areas one can find from L920 and does it in a language anyone can understand. I wonder why they would/could not use such clear illustrations everywhere. At very least to train the people selling your hardware…

    • Jay Montano says:

      The thing with Nokia’s marketing is that when they come up with something great, it will be seen by a few people because they won’t replicate this. They lack consistency, and wide distribution of good campaigns.

  17. anon2 says:

    The N9 marketing campaign was one of the best product launches I’ve ever seen (apart from the obvious delay).

  18. Irishmarius says:

    Jesus over here in Ireland, its scary Nokia Ireland wont even give us a price till December, it will be lucky if its in stores before 2013 here in Dublin.

  19. Mark says:

    The idiotic decision not to at least allow unlocked handsets to the public is probably why my next phone will be a Nexus 4. Get it sorted, Nokia!

  20. AJE says:

    Jay, you are completely correct about sales staff. Since you are in Manchester I can tell you that I’ve been to the Trafford Centre a couple of times in the last week and visited Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and EE and the common denominator was the lack of knowledge about the innovations and USPs in the Lumias. A girl in Carphone Warehouse was even unaware of their special offer with the 820 (free Windows 8 Pro upgrade for your PC) until I asked for details (whether it was just related to contracts or also for SIM-free). What on earth are they there for if not to provide information to allow informed choices. Can you imagine going to any department of John Lewis and being served by a “partner” that was ignorant of their products?

    NOKIA has to find a way around this, whether through advertising or education of sales staff.

  21. l33tuc says:

    I’ve been into both Phones4U stores in Bournemouth over the last few days, and one of the EE stores too (no I don’t know why there are two of each either). Mixture of feelings really…

    On every occasion I had to wait for other people to finish looking at the 920 before I could get near it… (this is a good thing!)
    All the customers seemed impressed by the phone (dummys though) and all seemed fairly knowledgeable about the features.

    When I did first get to see it (Yellow dummy) I was pretty impressed by the design and build… it honestly does stand out against everything else on the shelf including the 8X next to it. I don’t know how accurate the weight of the dummy phones are, but based on that I do not understand the “heft” issue at all. It feels solid. That’s it. In comparison to the 8X, which even from a distance, both looked like and felt like a toy. No “production value” what-so-ever.

    On my first visit, Phones4U had no stock of any colour, but phoned me the next day (Friday) to say they had black and white in stock.

    I’m in two minds about how the sales girl came across… she told me that “Nokia had come down to see [them] the weekend before and taken [them] all bowling” and “It’s only really now that [she] would consider a Windows Phone [her]self”. She also said that there were “a lot” of people “down in the book” that wanted one. She then asked me to consider the HTC… I might have accidentally laughed in her face a little bit. But nevertheless she took my details, and said they’d ring me when they knew what was happening with the stock. Still waiting for a call about yellow/red. :/

    I also spent a couple of hours playing with a friends Lumia 800 over the weekend, to get an idea if I could cope with the change to WP from Symbian (N8), and I just don’t know. I’ve had only Nokia’s for 14 years, and Symbian for 10 of them, since the 7650, and it’s almost like it’s a part of me. I will miss it’s quirks, it’s features that WP is missing. I like being able to tinker with it. I like that you have layers of menus/settings etc. WP(7) seems very simplistic in comparison, and I’m not sure I want that, even though I understand that may sound crazy to some. I admit there are a couple of things that annoy me with Symbian – the constant “Memory Low” warning predominately, and yes it is a little clunky/slow at times, but then I think to myself, this is a 2 year old device than can still do a whole heap of things out of the box (that I use) that even brand new top-tier smartphones can’t do.

    I want to continue being a loyal Nokia customer, but I really am at a loss. WP might be great for the masses but it doesn’t appear to be right for me. I can’t get the 808 on a contract, and obviously I’m aware Symbian’s days are numbered.

    Android appears to be the closest comparative OS to Symbian, so I am a little drawn in that direction to be honest, but I also need a battery that lasts a whole day, and need a camera at least as good as the N8s.

    Apple… don’t even get me started. Overpriced, under-featured, bullshit.

    So, what to do? I’m very much aware that these are “first world problems”, and I do feel a little “spoilt” by Symbian, but nevertheless I have a predicament. All suggestions/advice welcome!

    Apologies for the massive post… Ended up being much longer than I’d intended! :)

  22. zillar says:

    Breaking news!!!! yellow 920 in phones 4 u from tuesday!!

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