Nokia Lumia 920 close up and daylight pics

| November 11, 2012 | 29 Replies


Marc has got some Nokia Lumia 920 shots taken in day light, including some macro close ups.

Nice boots.


Full size available on his flickr:

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  1. patata says:

    So daylight really isn’t the strength of the 920. Looks more like an oversaturated version of the 800 / 900 camera. But of course we already knew for a while that this device was never meant to be a camera flagship ;)

  2. swain says:

    I always get disappointed with the close-up performance of 808. In this aspect 920 looks better.
    Why on the earth Nokia is not fixing the Close-Up performance of 808. It looks like shit.

  3. keithlum says:

    i have a nokia 808,what i wanna say is ,the macro shot of nokia 808 is superb amazing ! i even use it for my design task.

  4. Viipottaja says:

    Off topic but thought to report here anyway:

    I went to the MS store yesterday. I had none of that claimed “you must buy HTC”. In fact, they were eager to collect all the color variants they had at the store for me to see, and happy to show me its features – the knowledge level among the reps did vary a bit it seemed though. They only had one red left and one of the reps was trying to get me to buy it. They didn’t have the yellow, but told me that a guy at the AT&T store has it for viewing. So I saw it there. I am now leaning red.

    There were at least 6-8 people I saw asking and looking at the 920, and I saw at least two of them by it on the spot.

    So, I guess my equally anecdotal and non-representative experience is equally compelling proof that the MS stores are doing a great job at promoting the 920 as that one guy’s tweet that some were so upset about and took as further evidence of… err… something?? :D

    • Ujwal Soni says:

      Really feels great to hear that 920′s are flying off the shelf..

      • dss says:

        Let’s hope that they are… at $100 and $49 (from Walmart) they better be..

      • Viipottaja says:

        Just go my precious Ferrari Red 920 an hour ago! It’s just fantastic so far!

        The store I got it in had a few white and red left, as well as some black (I think, not sure).

        I got an early upgrade for $99 and they even did not charge the upgrade fee that the AT&T supervisor that granted me the upgrade said I would have to pay (I had already negotiated down from the usual $250 early upgrade price)!! Given that I got the L900 for free (I bought it early and they gave a full refund to those who had the early data connectivity bug) I am now in possession of two great phones having spent a total of $99 on them! :D

  5. dss says:

    Nokia have a lot of work to do on the jpeg processing in the 920.. its pretty obvious that their understanding of Windows NT is very limited. Also, Windows NT was never known to be amazing at controlling camera natively. The only ones that I can think of are front facing laptop cameras, which had special drivers from the OEM anyway.

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