Windows Phone ad, starring Nokia Purity Pros, Lumia 920s

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This is a TV version of an earlier Windows Phone promo titled:

Meet the new Windows Phone: Reinvented Around You

It’s got what attempts to be some inspirational music behind it, and stars the beautiful Nokia Lumias, along with the Purity Pro headphones.

Oh man, what a combo! It’s so annoying that these aren’t in the shops!

It’s generally a good TV promo. It sets about informing of the individual nature of live tiles and how they work around you and for you. There’s plenty of screen time for these colourful tiles and of course, Nokia Lumia 920s.


Imagine how dull the Lumiawannabe8x would look like if it did not copy the core features of Lumia and remained their usual boring glass window of



The promo shows off the individual nature of the homescreens. Yes, I’m still ticked off that HTCrap stole the essences of Lumia from Nokia, but more so because they don’t acknowledge it, instead claiming it was their own unique design.

Nice try, you silly fake Lumia.



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  • Maybe

    Well that’s how N9 feel when Lumia 800 took the design…
    What goes around comes around…

    • Bassman

      Are seriously suggesting that Nokia ‘stole’ their own design? I’m assuming that you are just trolling and not actually being serious because that would be a little bit stupid.

      • Maybe

        I never said Nokia “stole” their own design
        Learn to read properly before commenting yeah
        Just A$$ume whatever you want
        you love to A$$ume don’t cha?

        • Lamppu

          Hmmm… sounds still very stupid. Very.

        • Bassman

          So you were trolling then?

    • Bassman

      Also, can you explain to me how an inanimate lump of material have feelings?

      • Maybe

        If an inanimate lump or whatever you call it don’t have feeling
        Why put some much “feeling” (emotion) on my comment?

      • Maybe

        Did I mentioned you anywhere?
        I don’t think so
        they’re just phones for goodness sake
        why are you being so sensitive as if I was making of fun you…

        • Lamppu

          Wow… you shouldn’t be here. Go to bed with your iPhone or Android Babe.

  • BJ

    Every time I see stereotyping I cringe and Microsoft ads almost always manage to take some cringe-worthy material and multiply it by a hundred. They try so much to be Apple in their ads but it never works, they still come away patronizing and way too long.

    • anon2

      It has nothing to do with stereotyping, this is part of the demographic that are most likely to purchase a Nokia product : African Americans, white males 30+, fashion conscious young females, Asians, Latinos, and other marginalized ethnic minority groups.

      • incognito

        … so they could be marginalized even more by locking themselves into an ecosystem that barely anyone uses? Try again…

        I seriously doubt Nokia/Microsoft marketing guys are that stupid to use your short list as the main target audience. Yes, I know that they both have very lackluster marketing departments but even they are not that clueless. By having someone in their adds doesn’t mean they are targeting the specific demographic group such person belongs to, you know. Do you think that target demographic groups for sports/supercars are young females with perfect bodies and passion for skimpy clothing?

  • Mr.MeanG

    What happened with Samsung Ativ S?
    I don’t see it in the commercial. Just the 2 (out of 3) flagships were shown.

    • Harangue

      Since the message is about individualism and ‘standing out’ in some way. In what way does a dime a dozen design like that of the Ativ S contribute to that message?

      • Mr.MeanG

        This is a promo from Microsoft which is debuting the latest version of the company’s OS (WP8) NOT design of the phone.

        • l33tuc

          I think they are actually trying to promote the individually of the “ecosystem”. And the device itself presents a very big part of that.

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  • eds

    Windows phone adds are better than nokia phone adds MS put’s it in your face ‘ nokia well let’s just say it don’t work in America so well.