Video: Speed Comparison : Lumia 920 vs Lumia 800

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One of the main strengths of the Nokia Lumia gen 1 were their speeds (despite only being single core). They were just utterly nippy and responsive. The new Nokia Lumia 920 continues that tradition by being just that much extra quicker (being WP8 and having dual core).

Once you get used to having no lags, you just see it any time there’s ‘delay’ in another device. Some people won’t notice it, but when you start getting used to it, it’s very pleasant.



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  • woozie

    Taking in to consideration that 920 has 2 cores, twice as much memory the differences aren’t actually that impressive. On the other hand how much speed can you get with such a responsive and ferrari-fast OS like WP 7.5:)

    • Core

      Taking into consideration the ability for your meat brain to perceive the differences and I’d say the “differences” are quite profound, just unperceived.

  • patata

    “Once you get used to having no lags, you just see it any time there’s ‘delay’ in another device”

    Or on the Lumia itself. The Lumia 800 is everything but totally lag free 😉

    • Rinslowe

      Could you point me in the direction of this amazing lag free phone? I need to have that one…


      • Trexus

        I believe he’s saying it’s anything but “totally lag free”, which is correct…
        It is smoother than Android (until recently anyway), & similar to iOS, but it’s still prone to lag in certain situations, just like Android/iOS.

  • rustyknight17

    Ermmm , not quite Jay , at least not for the 710 I had for a week before returning it …. Generally it was pretty good on the fast and fluid front , it was the other issues that prompted me to return it !

  • Viipottaja

    My brand new (got in an hour ago) Ferrari Red 920 is snappy as hell! And looks and feels gorgeous…

    • Pradeep

      Thats it Man!! You waited for it so long n now finally got it! Now it’s time to share the ‘preciousss’
      why don’t you do a post in MNB RG about the experiences – good and bad over the other Nokia brethren you have?? Pls ensure to throw in a lot of pics!

      PS: congrats on finally getting the red one! I understand from your posts on WPCetral that you got quite a deal!

      • Viipottaja

        Thanks Pradeed, I might do that, if I have the time to sit down and jot some thoughts on “paper”. And yes, I got a great deal – even the manager at the AT&T store where I got the phone said “wow, you must have really done a number on that supervisor to get this upgrade price on a contract that has over 17 months to go!” 😀

  • Phi

    What weather app is that on the home screen?

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