Lumia 920 PreOrders Sold Out in UAE & China Amazon

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Carrying on with the pleasant stream of news it would seem that Amazon China sold out of Lumia 920T Pre-Orders only 30 minutes after going live with the listing at a pretty decent price of 3599 Yaun/$578.

Along with the stream of out of stock news Nokia UAE have announced on twitter that they have completely sold out of Lumia 920 Pre-Orders! (which btw launches in UAE tonight).





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  • Keith too

    I hope they made enough of them because they seem to be selling out everywhere they are available.

  • Ujwal Soni

    Brilliant !

    Now..where IS that gsmarena review..I think they’re probably waiting for the camera algorithm update cause they dont wanna trash it..they are a little pro-Nokia but always detailed and fair

  • Ujwal Soni

    Really looking forward to this quarter’s results from Nokia..even MeeGo diehards are hoping that Nokia makes a bang with the Lumia’s this quarter

    • Tomi

      No they are not 🙂 MeeGo diehards don’t care about american os’s where the main purpose is to follow the user…

      • jiipee

        That is not absolutely true. Lumia must sell well so that Nokia will exist at least in the handset business after next Spring.

        Nokia having strong handset business is important also for Jolla since they share their subcontractors and the whole cluster in Finland. Without Nokia the prospects for Jolla are even weaker than they are now.

        • jiipee

          Btw. it seems that also Q4 will be quite bad. The product availability is not really good.

  • zlutor

    Out of stock – yeah, again. Just like previous Lumias, right? I really hope not…

    Anyway it is shame on Nokia in any case.

    If they are trying to cheat us – like happened before – then for that
    If they really running out of stock everywhere then for not being able to predict demand…

    What is going on there – where are the professionals?

    • Bloob

      Pretty sure there is a shortage of components slowing them down. I think they mentioned it somewhere in Q3 report.

  • jammy

    Still no sign of Nokia Lumia 920/820 in India. Nokia really missed very good sale window, by not launching Lumia 920/820 before this festival season of Dasara and Diwali, as most people in India purchase most of their stuff during these festival season, as these occassion is considered very auspicious………..

    • Rinslowe

      Hold your horses, they haven’t really missed anything… When it’s released it’ll still sell like hotcakes…

      • incognito

        Idioms aside, out of 10 most popular cakes/desserts in the USofA (the origin of that idiom) 7 are exclusively consumed cold, 5 of them being refrigerated and/or frozen. If it weren’t for the apple pie, brownies and chocolate chip cookies – all of which are at least half the time sold in their non-hot varieties – hot cakes would, practically, not sell at all 😉

        So, we’re talking about 0 to 15% of marketshare range, which sounds about the proper ceiling for WP-based devices.

        If we limit ourselves to just cakes, that idiom would be even less justified given that almost all popular cakes are either consumed at room temperature or refrigerated. The world’s most famous cake is Sacher-Torte which would melt if served hot, and since jammy was talking about India market – barfi, being the most popular Indian cake/desert, is served almost exclusively refrigerated, so no hot cakes there either 😉

        If you want a proper idiom, backed by real world stats, for something selling like crazy – try Nokia. Not kidding! Starting from late nineties to mid naughties Nokia sold their devices to more people than allegedly the most famous brand in the world – Coca Cola. Sure, in quantity/units of sale they were no match, but there was a point in time where there were more people who either used or owned a Nokia device than those who have ever tasted the world’s most famous fuzzy beverage. Even to this day, Nokia Tune (Gran Waltz snippet) is the most famous tune in the world – now imagine that someone told Francisco Tárrega that his melody will be more popular than that of Mozart or Beethoven thanks to some rubber/paper company back then 😉

        P.S. Many people don’t know this, but Anssi Vanjoki was the man who has chosen this iconic tune back in the early 90s. It’s a crying shame one Elop came practically out of nowhere and kicked out one of the most responsible persons for Nokia’s success (well, not really, but given their completely opposite concepts of Nokia it wouldn’t work with both of them pulling in their own directions) – alongside almost everything else which made Nokia one of the most famous and successful brands in the whole of human history. The saddest part is that the ‘new generations’ oblivious to Nokia history and what made them the giant they used to be – consider one Marko Ahtisaari as a person holding Nokia together and giving it direction, when in reality he didn’t do absolutely anything of importance for Nokia.

  • joza2006

    They are not cheating, just low on stock. 920 flopped in US in a big way, however it is sold out everywhere. Earnings call will not look good for another 2-3 quarters. Why is that Nokia can’t seem to produce these phones even in those low numbers, i can’t tell..

    • Viipottaja

      You already know it flopped? You must be rich!

      • Rinslowe

        Flopped my arse…

    • dss

      There are no signs that it flopped, or it didn’t .. at this point there is no way to know. The 900 did very well on Amazon, and everyone thought that they are selling very well… but as it turned out, sales weren’t that good at all.

      So maybe this time it will be the other way around, it will seem like they are not selling, but in fact, they are out selling the iPhone 5…

      • jiipee

        Given the limited availability it is doubtful that they even could beat Iphone globally. In certain markets yes.

        It is impossible to say anything of the success yet, since being sold out can mean either very good demand and limited supply.

        Btw. in some news it has been said that Amazon canceled all the orders they have received due to pricing error.

  • dansus

    What, all 5 of them?

    • Hisham Ahamed

      I believe there are 6 .Somehow, the Grey colour managed to slip out of mainstream media.Mind you,the grey looks pretty good.

  • oakpacific

    I browse through the post-stream about 920t on weibo, the biggest microblogging network in China and the world, and I dare to say that people are genuinely enthusiastic. Nearly everyone is saying at the current price it’s a steal or they would not hesitate to buy it, hardly anyone says the opposite. It seems that Nokia finally get their pricing strategy right this time, which was people’s biggest complaint. They always started with a price tag matching that of newest iPhone, and later have to halve it to clear the stock, and suffering huge losses in the process.

  • Rinslowe

    Hoping Nokia can find some real and tangible results with this new line of Lumia’s. Then going into the next round will be even more exciting 12 months from now…

    • dss

      I really don’t see how they can any solid results from the 920..not in the US anyway, but I hope I am wrong…

      Considering the huge Windows Phone marketing push, and aggressive carrier pricing, you would think that they will manage to move some boxes..

  • joza2006

    it is #42 on Best Buy top sellers even in pre orders. What do you call that ? Every smartphone in their store is better positioned. What do you call that ? Lumia 900 was top selling smartphone for a month and ended up on about 400.000 units sold. Meanwhile those of us in Europe that want the phone have to wait till january next year or go with something else… 900 was Wall Mart’s top selling smartphone for a long time, 920 is not in top 20. For $50. Guess you call that a success ?

    • Pökö

      You are full of shit my mate!

      Lumia 900 was not top seller in Wallmart. Also Lumia 900 was not top seller in Bestbuy. In all phones the best place for Lumia900 was 25. place and if only AT&T taken, then 10th place. Now Lumia 920 is already 15th on AT&T.
      Also AT&T has 88phones on sale and in that list there are now 9 Lumia phones. Quite nice I would say.

      • dss

        The 900 also topped the amazon best seller sheet several times.. that was supposed to be a good indicator for overall sales numbers, and we all know how that went.

        • Pökö

          Yes, it topped Amazon list, but as we know there are no iPhones there so with them added, only second place. Also Amazon sell statistics are skewed towards unlocked sales(they sell more unlocked phones than with service) so it doesn’t really reflect the total US market where most of the phones are sold with service.

          When we see Lumia 920 in top five in unlocked section, then its worth mentioning.

          But I think Lumia 900 sold reasonable well concidering what it was sold against and what was the specs of the phone. Introducing WP8 killed the rest.

          Situation now is totally different.

    • GS65

      It’s 17th on AT&T. But nine of those spaces are iPhone 4 and 5 in different memory configurations and colours. Two are SGIIIs. So I’m pretty sure it will be 2nd after SGIIIs and iPhone (but still just #8 on the list) soon enough. On Walmart it’s N/A so it’s 15th and 16th place for a preorder.

  • dss

    The 900 had an amazing start as well.. we will have to wait for at least 3-4 months before we open the bubble

  • joza2006
    • dss

      .. it takes a while for those stats to get updated/effected, who knows how often best buy update their best sellers, or how accurate the stats really are.

      Regardless, I will be very surprised if Nokia can sell more the 1.5 to 2 million 920 in the next 4 months, globally. I am going to put their Lumia range (7 and 8) at about 3.5 to 4 million for the quarter, at most.. holiday season and all.

      • joza2006

        my guess would be that it’s going to sell far better worldwide, but not in US. Note that being #3 on AT&T means very low numbers since iphones rule that carrier.

  • ummNo
  • manu

    we have seen similar sold out news 1 year back for lumia 800.
    On the quarterly result will bring true story

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