Microsoft Store Sold Out of Lumia 920!

| November 12, 2012 | 38 Replies

Sold out! :-)


Ben The PC Guy tweeted the above picture from the  Bellevue Microsoft Store, which as you can quite clearly see have sold out of the Lumia 920 (as well as the HTC 8X :/ ). As awesome as “out of Stock” sounds when it comes to sales, it means practically nothing when we don’t know what the initial stock quantity is, but still at least we know that someone has bought them.



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  • Simo

    If AT&T stores are any indication, stock was extremely limited to begin with. My local Microsoft Store reported “60 units” on launch day. They did however say they get shipments in all the time (except for yellow of course).

    • Harangue

      To put this at the top; WMPU isn’t reporting this right as this is supposedly an AT&T store rather than an MS store.

      With AT&T having supply ranging from two dozen to just a few this isn’t much to get exited about. The 8X which is shown as out of stocke here as well wasn’t even available in some stores if commenters are to be believed.

      Not trying to discredit the message, but with a lot of people saying that stores only have a few units in stock to begin with, this sold out message isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

      • Not necessarily, check his twitter feed; the photo was uploaded 5 minutes before a checkin at the MSFT store:

        Could be wrong though and he uploaded the image later.

        • Harangue

          Ah ok, the interior of the store still looks like that of an AT&T one though. But then again, I’ve never been in one so I’m guessing here.

          GO NOKIA! GO LUMIA! I guess 😛

          • Shallow Ocean Shoal

            It’s an AT&T store in the pic

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  • shallow ocean shoal

    Hey can anyone here with a 920 comment on the tethering situation? Either as a wifi hotspot or as a USB dongle?

    • Viipottaja

      Can you be more specific as to what you mean exactly?

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Haha, I’ll take anything!

        Random questions I have are:
        If using as USB dongle, does it prompt to install software on PC, and/or do I need to download something a la Nokia Suite first?

        Are carriers disabling tethering on the 920?

        It is a regular hot spot, not ad hoc, right?

        Would USB dongle mode work with a Surface RT?

        What I am afraid of is giving up my N9 to find I can neither use the 920 as a hotspot or as a dongle. The N9 adhoc mode is disabled for me, but can be reenabled via modifying a file…my 808 is disabled entirely, but can thankfully be used as a dongle, but if I get a Surface RT I’m not sure the 808 dongle would work.

        • Viipottaja

          Ok, I can try figure out some of that. Problem is that I have not,really used any of that so don’t fully understand some of what you and Dave below say.

          what I can say is that at least on the AT&T the option to “share internet” with up to five devices is there in the settings buy when I turn it on it says I need to go to att website to activate it.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Thanks, any info would be very helpful. I’m going to be falling into the t-mobile usa crowd if I can locate a model that works properly with it…

            (don’t worry about the thing below, it was a “sad because it’s true” joke)

            • Viipottaja

              By USB dongle do you mean if the PC sees the phone as a mass memory device without needing to install software etc.? If so, I can try that tonight.

              • Shallow Ocean Shoal

                I mean can you just plug it in and the PC will detect it as a modem/network. Not mass memory or syncing, just internet connectivity.

                My C5-00 for example, if you just plug it in without Nokia Suite, the phone will prompt you if you want to install network drivers on the PC (AWESOME)

                N8/808, I’m not sure about that prompt, but I do know if you have Nokia Suite installed it will work as a networking device.

                So I guess my question is, if you plug into XP/Win 7/Win 8, will it work as a network gateway, and is any additional software needed?

                • Viipottaja

                  Ah probably not but I’ll try to check. The c5 did not even need to be in in a particular state/app for that to happen?

                  • Shallow Ocean Shoal

                    No, you just plug it in, and the C5 is like do you want to install the driver on the PC? And I’m like, of course I do!

                    C5-00,a totally underrated phone!

                    • Viipottaja

                      Ok, plugged my 920 in and all it did was to ask how I want to handle a plugged in phone (i.e. do I want to open file explorer etc other options I now forget). It also automatically immediately downloaded the WP8 companion app which for now seems quite sparse.

                      I did not have tethering enabled on the phone though as when I turn it on it tells me to go to at& or call 611… sounds like I may need to have a particular type of data plan to be able to use it?

                    • Shallow Ocean Shoal

                      Ugh sucks. Thanks for checking

                • n9user

                  The N8 does the same thing as you mentioned with the C5-00.

                  • dss

                    All symbians do.

                    JoikuSpot is the best way to go.. but its nice to have the USB option as well.

            • JGrove303

              WiFi. Sharing is enabled and not blocked by at&t. I’ll check dongling when I get home.
              P.S. The 920 is too sick!

              • Viipottaja

                Which color did you get? 🙂

      • Dave

        Well, if we’re on the topic of hotspots, I used to use my N8 with bluetooth for tethering, and it worked 100%.

        I tried the hotspot functionality of an unlocked Tango Lumia 610, and it’s a nearly useless piece of crap. It’s incredibly slow, and for some stupid reason keeps dropping the data connection. So I ssh in, then the “H” drops to “3G” and my already laggy connection is gone, it might recover once or twice and then you have to turn off wifi on the laptop and reconnect etc. Why doesn’t it keep the “H” on?

        Surely wifi hotspot can not suck this much? It’s useless for emergency ssh access this way.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Yeah, so I used to use the Infrared on my 8390 to make an infrared connection to my thinkpad and then turn the 8390 into a 56k modem and dial out through it to a dial-up connection.


        • Mark

          Strange. The internet connection on my 800 is really good. I use it with my Nexus 7 a lot.

          • Harangue

            Same here, used with an Asus Zenbook without any problems.

            • Dave

              The data connection stays open? That’s the weirdest for me, it always drops the H back to 3G. But data itself works otherwise fine.

              Can the operator affect this?

  • Len

    all 10 were sold

  • so

    too pathetic , please nokia fans , instead of giving joy I feel sorry , what surprises me is htc8 , which has sold very well , I do not think HTC has made ​​the same mistake of nokia, anyone know how many 8x there were in the stores? more than 10 that’s for sure. I think htc is taking away much of the pie to nokia, Microsoft , if it has made good.

    • Viipottaja

      Not so fast. When I visited ms store on Sunday they had not received any HTCs yet.

      • Shallow Ocean Shoal

        And there is no HTC nor Lumia at the Microsoft store in times square.

    • Mark

      Yeah? Source for those HTC sales please.

  • twig

    I ordered the yellow 920 from ATT and charging pillow from Which of the three charging: charging plate, pillow or stand do you guys think is the best deal to buy?

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Which one can withstand a cat trying to knock it onto the floor in the middle of the night the best?

      • Viipottaja

        haha, sounds like you need the pillow.. although the cat may want to sleep on it or worse still.. well, you know what.

        • Shallow Ocean Shoal

          My cat will barf on anything!

    • Reonhato

      For a yellow lumia, the pikachu pad is the best ;p

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