Lumia 920 Development Device Spotted Running WP8 V. 10141(Current = V. 9903)

| November 13, 2012 | 5 Replies


WP8 hasn’t even been released yet in many regions of the world, yet there seems to be a newer version of the OS already in the works and running around in the wild. The images come from a Lumia 920 Development device in China that was spotted running WP8 version 10141 vs theĀ initialĀ launch version (9903); it’s safe to assume that this is a proper update rather than some bug fixes seeing how Microsoft’s track record with changing version releases tends to involve adding a few digits in the thousanths.

Perhaps we’re much close to the long fabled/awaited notification center that they just “ran out of time” for?





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  • Maybe

    Maybe this version only support 920T?

  • viktor von d

    This version was spotted first some months ago, after the lumia 920 presentation. Everyone expected back then that this was the final build of the os with added features over the ones in the leaked sdk, features like the notification center. But it seems they launched the devices with a older version.
    I doubt we will get any new features until a major upgrade like mango was. Until then there will probably be only buxg fixes and such

  • manubharath

    RAM 851 MB?

  • Paul

    Maybe 851MB free RAM?

    It is still Version Number 8.0 .

    • patata

      Windows Phone never shows up the full size, seems that the rest is reserved for the system, not usable for anything else. The Lumia 800 / 900 shows 36x (can’t remember how much exactly) as total Ram