Video: Quick Continuous Autofocus on Nokia Lumia 920 (macro) – and portrait video?

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I’m trying not to get too distracted from uni work but I just noticed my Nokia Lumia 920 has a surprisingly quick and accurate continuous AF (at least in macro close up). It’s a lot quicker than my 900 and even my 808. This makes it super great for filming – perhaps more things I find neat about the 920. At the same time that’s a shame as I’d like to share videos about the 920 at it would be hard to show you the screen if I’m filming with it (unless I create an elaborate mirror box).

Anyway, in the video you can see how quickly it manages to get the focus right. I moved the small fine print box of the 920 and an Xbox game packaging and it wasn’t finding any difficulty. It surprised me how quickly it manages it. I do miss not being able to zoom in though like I can on the 808. I guess for other tech stuff (where I don’t need the 920 to be in the picture) I can move my tripod arm closer.

BTW, the AF is also quick when switching between macro and far away subjects. Surprisingly good job.

Something else I’ve learnt is that videos rotate. Oh dear. It didn’t play like that on the computer.

I’ve uploaded the same video to Vimeo which will take about 40 minutes to convert to see if it does the same thing. Way to go Vimeo.

YouTube also seems to think the file is 1080p even though it’s oddly set to 720p on the phone.

Seems the video editor on youtube can rotate it. Processing now.


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