Bluetooth file sharing, mp3 editor and more system colours for WP7.8?

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Quick heads up on a post that describes some of the features coming to WP7.8.

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As seen in Ali’s previous post (where you saw the keyboard upgraded with organized smilies and more smilies) there’s more to the WP7.8 update than the homescreen. There are other features coming too (a bit like some updates from Apple where you might have iOS6, but not have something like Siri).

  • MP3 editor for ringtones
  • More System colours
  • Bluetooth (from Nokia apparently) I was just about to complain that this was missing but it is apparently going to be there. Useful for those on the budget 510/610 who may not have constant data connections.
Note: This isn’t official from Microsoft, just tidbits from Nokia training manuals apparently.
Cheers Alvester for the tip!



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  • Jens

    The news with updated keyboard, smileys etc was an app, no 7.8 update.

  • paul

    what about “rooms” @ wp7.8 ?

    • efekt

      AFAIK 7.8 will get “rooms”.

      • Paul


        Will Symbian get it too?

        • migo


  • NokiaFan

    So does anybody know when will we get this update ?

    • Gäst

      I read today that 7.8 update will be available Q1 2013.

      • Gäst

        Forgot to write that it was January 2013

  • javid

    i am thinking of buying a Lumia 710 for a relative and the lack of bluetooth sharing is giving me pause – if this is true, it would be the ideal first starter phone for him i think.
    I do believe that WP7.x / WP8 is a great mix of iOS and Android and is something that a first time smartphone user can be happy with.

    • incognito

      In what way is WP a mix of iOS and Android? Android by devices with it being manufactured by different OEMs (tho under strict Microsoft guidelines) and iOS by everything else? Well, all except the fugly UI, that, I guess, is uniquely a Microsoft doing…

    • migo

      How much does it cost where you are, and what other considerations are there? I can’t imagine BT file sharing being the only thing that matters to him.

  • Ravi

    I want skype integration(optional for me) and USB mass storage mode(definitely need this) too … thats it i will be happy …. fed up of zune file transfers ..its such a pain

    • patata

      Forget about USB Massstorage, this won’t happen ;)of course Skype integration won’t be there too, just as you’ll never see a version that can run in background on wp7.8

  • Reonhato

    This is good news (if true) for developing countries since the 7.8 devices are supposedly targeting the budget side. And that means people who are probably not in contracts or sort of bulk data plans. No need to drop-box/email files to the person in front of you.

  • Jeff

    No rooms, no bluetooth sharing. At least, not in my phone.

    • Viipottaja

      How could you as (I assume) you don’t have 7.8 installed?

      • Jeff

        You’re assuming wrong 🙂

        • migo

          Pics or it didn’t happen.