JBL PowerUp Speakers Priced at $250 at Verizon, $300 from At&t

| November 16, 2012 | 6 Replies

JBL Power Up Bluetooth speaker and wireless Lumia charger now shipping


The JBL PowerUp speakers which were announced back in September alongside the new Lumia range is now officially available from both At&t and Verizon; slotteed in at $250 from Verizon and $300 from At&t (kind of a no brainier which one you should get).  As a reminder the JBL PowerUp packs botha bluetooeh/NFC pairing enabled sound system as well as a wireless charging dock up top to keep your phone’s battery topped up.



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  • JGrove303

    50 bucks is a decent discount. Being JBL, I expect them to ROCK the house, despite the size.
    if trendy shithead kids think Beats ear buds are great, the JBL should throw them for a loop. I’ll get one. It’ll be awesome with Nokia Music.

  • Matt

    A must-have for any 920 owner!

    Are these AC power only or do they have batteries like the Play 360?

    I do like the power-wirelessness of the Play 360 and the fact that one can come to the bathroom with me while the other entertains the family 🙂

    • Madratz

      lol… =D In fact thats what I always do with this pair..

  • simonizer

    These seem to be nice, but I think I’ll stay with my Nokia Home Music (HD-1).

  • Ztuka

    Lovely gadgets, both of the Nokia/JBL speakers..I incerely hope that Nokia pushes them in Europe too at great price.
    A no brainer for you Americans, congrats!

  • twig

    Thank you Ali!! I just ordered the black from Verizon and it crushes expansysusa.com price of $425.