Gallery: Red Lumia 920 Vs. Htc 8X (Blue)

| November 17, 2012 | 58 Replies

The folks over at the PureView club have posted a mini gallery featuring the beautiful red Lumia 920 vs. the HTC 8x (in Blue), hardware wise up close it is a bit easier to differentiate between the two. The Lumia with its instantly recognizable Lumia curves and gloss, while the HTC has a ruberrized back making it a bit more dull, yet still admittedly quite sleek. From a design point it would seem that the rubberized back solves the solution of Gloss being too slippery, and matte gathering dirt; so credit due to HTC for working that out.

(Pictures taken with the 808 pureview)


From this angle the 920’s curve is quite visible and give it just *that* much more of an edge of the 8X design wise; on a slightly related note I really like the new Windows Phone logo on the devices, it matches the metro design language much more.

Is it just me or does the lighting in this photo make the 920 look a bit “plasticky”? almost toy-like? Regardless this gallery has sealed it in for me, the Red lumia 920 shall be mine (god and available prices willing).

Check out the rest of the great gallery here:


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  • stylinred

    the red looks a lot better in these pictures

  • viktor von d

    i defended the use of the design language this long, but next year i hope to see some slimmer sleeker designs. and bring back metal bodies, at least for one model

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      I dont think the FABULA design language fits well with metallic materials ; dont know but just guessing

  • javid

    seen that red in person and its really something…the OIS was stunning to see in person.

  • rishabh

    i dont think nokia will make slim phones . As they make very durable phones. And secondly next lumia flagship will have pureview 1 and 2 both. They should declare it a digicam. Pureview 1 means thickness and pureview 2 means heavy.

    • swain

      May be Pureview 3. We never know what’s there in Nokia’s Labs. 🙂

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      Doon’t expect any 41 MP thing but rumours are about a completely custom built next gen sensor

  • Mrs Lubna Javid

    I also like this pure RED colour,I will b happy to have it as GIFT 🙂

  • rishabh

    i am still in a dilemma whether red lumia 920 looks eyecatchy or is it too flashy.
    Here in india people dont really care about nokia. If they hadnt known about it ,they might think am carrying a chinese plastic phone.

    • Muerte

      Go and see it in real life. Truly, I suggest everyone to do so.

      • rishabh

        thats the problem , its not released here. No date or price announced.
        I think india is left out because we dont have a contract system. We have to pay full amount for the phones. So people are reluctant to buy flagship phones.

        • vijayent

          sorry to say bro, visited a nokia priority in hyderabad today, they said lumia 920 will release either at the end of december or the beginning of jan, that’s too late specially when India being one of there largest market, they are being stupid here in India, first they release 900 too late and then overprice it, no wonder there market share has declined here.

          • rishabh

            india is a big market but only in phones under 200$. Not many people buy flagship like in usa people have iphones. In india iphone is like a dream for every one. Not many can afford highend . And no contract system too.
            Secondly the lte band is also different from the other countries(2.3ghz) .now thats india’s fault to go unsymmetric. Why would every company design a different model specially just to sell so minimal units

            • swain

              Are you really from India ??
              Everyday I see many people with Samsung/HTC flagships and iPhones. Indian people buy high-end phones and flagships though their prices are higher here than many other markets. Many people here are still loyal to the Brand Nokia and yes people here trust Nokia phones more than any other brand out there.
              It’s really unfortunate for Nokia that they are ignoring one of their largest markets.
              May be it’s the lack of vision of new management or excess focus on US market(which they can’t win from Apple), Nokia is loosing the market share very quickly here.
              Either release it NOW or don’t release it at all. We learned how to leave without N9 and so we can without 920. 808 is doing just fine for now.
              I doubt anyone will buy them, if they release in January next year. Because 2013 will be the year of 1080p screens and Quad or Octo core processors and these devices(920/820/…) will be considered as outdated, overpriced piece of Junk.

              • theslayer

                “Are you really from India ??
                Everyday I see many people with Samsung/HTC flagships and iPhones”

                “2013 will be the year of 1080p screens and Quad or Octo core processors” …

                Well said swain. The Lumia 900 was pointlessly late here, and one would think Nokia would pull up its socks and get the 920 out here asap but no, the domino effect continues and when the 920 does come out, the HTC J Butterfly would be out as would the next Samsung flagship.

                • iancarter

                  maybe nokia is planning to get rid of all the unwanted windows7.5 phone in india from the rest of the world before they release 920&820 🙂

              • Prasenjit Singh Bist

                sorry Slain, I can not agree with you Rishabh is quite right.

                Just look at the volume hike in sales of 800 after price cut.. In indi the best selling devices are under 18000 INR.

                Lumia 900 launch at 30K+ is meaningless when 920 was around the corner and now Nokia will face criticism when they have to either stop selling 900 or heavily discount prices. imagine 920 launched at 39000 and then 820 at say 28k-32k

                so wat sud be then price of 900 when 800 now sells for 17K

                People Love NOKIA in india true no doubts about that and may be the number of 920 sold will be more than say germany given we have a population of 1 billon but still indians wont buy in the volumes US or Chinese guys will buy or it will sell in Russia.

                What you have raised here is a very valid point but indian market is very price sensitive and thats true..
                coming back to ur point how many indians have u seen buying iPhone 5 in india , ppl will now buy iphone 4 or 4s or even 3gs.

                take example of a snr manager i know in a MNC he loves 920 and cud have got it unlocked from abroad but he bought 800 now…wat will u call this indian mentality is very diff. In west people frequently upgrade that is not so here.

                • Prasenjit Singh Bist

                  I would like to add a funnny incident here; in 2007 when n95 was the big thing with 5MP carl zeiss camera and GPS that was world’s first in a phone Nokia sold 10 Million units with huge margin but how many sold in india…
                  N95 hype helped to sell N72 and others… indian buyer’s have a very different mentality.

            • Tom

              Contracts are bad, you looking for contracts? Contracts are only good for service providers, it’s not good for users.

          • Vedhas Patkar

            US is getting way too many sugar candies than it should. I must(unfortunately and bluntly) state that Nokia is screwing itself with all these stupid decisions.

            • Prasenjit Singh Bist

              That is the market brother…. Nokia was stupid it stuck to Symbian and was happy playing a volume leader in india

        • Muerte

          Ah, I see. But when you will see it / have it, I can promise you, that nobody will say that you are carrying a chinese plastic phone 🙂

    • Vedhas Patkar

      Read it as sales people. Salesmen here are clowns.

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      “Here in india people dont really care about nokia”

      which part of india do u live…???

      Nokia is india’s most trusted and visible brands… Are u kidding or u are acting like a fool

  • Gotta admit, the 920 looks cheap and the HTC, somewhat, premium.

    • Muerte

      Yep, very premium, indeed:

      I’d rather take Lumia and the true fully coloured polycarbonate body, than some cheap velvet-copy.

      • JGrove303

        That turned to shit in a hurry lol. F-that.

      • javid

        wow – not good. where did you get that photo from?

        • Toni

          It is somewhat of a meme already when bashing HTC. It was one of the first pictures after the launch where someone had dropped their phone and showed what had happened. This is the exact behaviour already evidenced with One X.

          When choosing materials, there never are “best” choices, just different priorities. I think that at the moment Nokia excels this particular design-language they are using and as extremely durable N8 shows they also know the tricks of making a good metal body.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia were to release a slim phone just to please those who think that slim means good design. It seems that tech media is more interested from the numbers and how small they are (or big when that is sought after) rather than how good they are at use. A striking example of this are the new 1080p displays on 4 – 5 inch devices which are scoring top scores from tech sites around the globe although every reviewer admits that it is iterative at best as an upgrade and exceedingly hard to make a difference between it and 720p.

          But I guess that’s what markets are all about, creating needs where there are none. Next year this time it is ever so likely that Nokia has one device sporting a 1080p display and all the new bells and whistles that the market has produced and the stellar user experience we now have with L920 will be shadowed once more, with all these novel needs of ours that are imaginary at best but oh so satisfying.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Funny, I always thought the phat “beats” logo made it look ghetto and cheap

      • JGrove303

        Beats➡Dr. Dre➡Compton➡Ghetto

        So ya, Beats audio is indeed Ghetto.

    • rishabh

      those rubber becomes blacky easily with use from the dirt its a dirt magnet actually.

      • StefanP

        Right, if rubberized, it should be black to hide dirt, but even then it wears off quickly. Now, they wanted a rubberized surface AND they wanted to copy Nokia’s colours. The result will look ugly after a few weeks of use. It’s only good for display. 🙂
        There’s a reason why Nokia never used rubberized surfaces. (Not sure if this is correct, but I can’t remember any such device)

        • Andrew_b

          My kids had walkie-talkies with this ‘rubberized’ coating on. At first, it wore and scratched off in places, revealing shiny plastic beneath. Later it turned sticky, attracting dirt and fluff like a magnet. It looks crap now and the walkies stick to your hand like they’re covered in some sticky sweet-based residue.

          I wonder if the coating HTC have used will be any more durable? HTC WP8 users are probably best advised to stick a protective cover on from new, although that’d probably add twenty pennies to the weight and make it fatter…

  • JGrove303

    Ali, Red 920 FTW…wait

    Didn’t you get a Black one from Rogers a couple weeks ago?

    • I wish man, I’m stuck in Jordan in the middle of the desert, nowhere near Canada.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        It’s awesome how international mynokiablog is. Just on this one screen we have jordan, canada, usa, egypt, and I’m sure a bunch more.

  • Param

    First of all nokia920 as well as 820 are gonna be available in late nov. Or very early dec. They have not been launched because of gud sales of lumia 7.50 phones in india because of the festive offers.secondly 900 was launched in india because of the pending stock of 900.these news comes from a nokia employee to whom i talked last month.

    • iancarter

      did windows phone 7.5 sell really that well?,curious bcoz all i heard was it was not worth as no bluetooth file transfer and no usb storage mode from lots of nokia enthusiast here.

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        Q4 2011-Q1 2012 people did not know what is Lumia/ WP

        Q2 2012 – Lumia gets momentum

        Q3 2012 – People worried about WP8 upgrade path

        Q4 2012 New Lumia sales so far amazing

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      Hi Param,

      I don’t dispute ur facts but may be there’s some confusion. Actually WP7.5 sales suffered badly in india due to BT issues.

      Nokia sold good amount of 610 and 800 initially but 900 has tanked, units are not moving fast and if the guys i know are to be believed Lumia 920 will come to India in december 2013.. but they say Nokia’s problem is the high price of Lumia 900 and so that puts Nokia in a tight spot to price 920 and 820 ….

      800 is now priced at 17000, and 900 is still in 30K so i hope u understand that.. Also Nokia has put very tight manufacturing limits to avoid huge stock pile up that happened Q2-Q3, this time Nokia is playing safe so far.

      NOTE: Having said all that now 7.5 sales sud see ramp up u know due to 920 etc and also Nokia India promised to get BT File transfer to first gen Lumia

  • oho

    I’m really torn between the Yellow and the Red ones ,, can’t decide which one is looking better! They both are amazing and eye-catching, unfortunately they haven’t been released here in Egypt yet, so I can’t also see them in person!

  • mushfiq

    Stupid nokians wat the hell r they doing in India, foolish people I hav ever seen , not even God can help them in India.

    • swain

      can you please elaborate ?

  • miemie

    I’d take the blue one of those two, if it had the Sailfish OS. I really like the matte finish, and the curve against my palm.

  • StefanP

    Rubberized surfaces wear off quite quickly. Although it feels good when new, I try to avoid such gadgets now.

  • BalongaJames

    Only idiots would make the claim that the Lumia has a better design. The HTC’s design is incredible. Most beautiful phone I have ever seen. Oh my, they got it right. So so right. And that blue colour theyre using is more gorgeous than any of the colours the Lumia is available in.

    • StefanP

      Only idiots call others idiots because of design preferences.

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      Then you are the king of all idiots who likes a cloned design… Nokia Lumia 920 looks classy that 2.5D curved glass, glossy finish the perfect grip in hands the tactile feedback all that is million times better tahn anything else…

      Nokia designers have put so much attention to details the buttons the zirconium stuff used for anti scratch, etc..

      Also important is build quality, a 800 USD phone should be solid and Nokia Lumia 920 is a hard nut to crack

  • Tech

    Lumia 920 Red looks more sexy and beautiful than Lumiawannabitch 8x 🙂 by HTC

  • swain

    I always criticize the huge bezels of Nokia phones. The criticism started after Samsung launched phones with narrow bezel and stopped immediately after HTC launched the 8x with those incredible bezels.:)

  • Francis

    Personally, i like the HTC design. As Ali pointed out, Lumia is more slippery. Same happen to my N9, it is slippery too.

    Hope Nokia will revamp their phone design soon, the present Lumia series which inherit from N9, looks a bit tiring and dated to me now as flagship model.

    Not sure Nokia will introduce another Symbian belle phone or not, say 4.8″ screen with similar Lumia look (so it won’t jeopardize WP Series).. I think still some people will buy Symbian phone.

    • swain

      4.8 inch Symbian is less likely for following reasons:
      1. nHD resolution will look like a disaster on 4.8 inch scree.
      2. They can’t sale symbian with higher resolution as it will corner the device from existing pool of applications. The chances of porting existing apps to support higher resolution is less likely.

      But still there may be a chance of seeing lowend $100 phones running Belle.

  • Omid

    I believe NOKIA is going to launch 920 & 820 in India soon within Nov/Dec, as they have already mentioned it in their website:

    *During November, the Nokia Lumia 920 will reach Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, the US and Vietnam.


  • iancarter

    well as much as i love symbian, i think its at its last leg,with no support from developers, I don’t see how nokia plans to support it till 2016 as originally promised, when from now it is receiving stepmotherly treatment, even in india where symbian is still popular. I don’t think high end phone release of symbian is advisible,even though i would love a symbian phone that has N9/lumia look. But i definitely think if they price down symbian at its latest belle avatar and release it,they will sell very good yup,even better than the fancy java smartphone(?) asha touch.

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      At component level that wont be feasible; S40 offers better margin.

  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    Hi Guys !! great to hear and see so much positivity around Lumia.
    First Q of 2012 was spent building Lumia brand , Q2 saw sales ramp with 900 etc and tnen Q3 saw sharp decline due to WP8 announcement and people hold back purchase decision but now the cloud have settled and the amazing lumia 920 is out and the huge sales interest customer buying and back orders show it is all set for a hit…. nokia once again comes out of pit in the past with Nseries now with Lumia range great… Also as Elop said peopel see now more synergies with PC and Lumia and that is helpig… Windows 8 is the future of PC and tablets then WP8 is future of phones…. The WP8 comes with industry leading spec and yes it needs big sacrifices to build an ecosystem and Nokia did that for Wp, I have no doubts to proclaim the 3rd ecosystem has arrived.

    Nokia Lumai 920 is a big hiiit a big hit after N95, 920 is pinnacle of Nokia Hardware Enginnering heritage.
    Nokia Lumia is the world’s most coveted smartphone brand for consumers who dislike icrap and icrap imitators and those who want something new.

    Now Q12013 will see the next big thing from Nokia.

  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    Any one here from thailand, i guess 920 is available there how is it doing in thailand…