Gallery: Red Lumia 920 Vs. Htc 8X (Blue)

| November 17, 2012 | 58 Replies

The folks over at the PureView club have posted a mini gallery featuring the beautiful red Lumia 920 vs. the HTC 8x (in Blue), hardware wise up close it is a bit easier to differentiate between the two. The Lumia with its instantly recognizable Lumia curves and gloss, while the HTC has a ruberrized back making it a bit more dull, yet still admittedly quite sleek. From a design point it would seem that the rubberized back solves the solution of Gloss being too slippery, and matte gathering dirt; so credit due to HTC for working that out.

(Pictures taken with the 808 pureview)

From this angle the 920’s curve is quite visible and give it just *that* much more of an edge of the 8X design wise; on a slightly related note I really like the new Windows Phone logo on the devices, it matches the metro design language much more.

Is it just me or does the lighting in this photo make the 920 look a bit “plasticky”? almost toy-like? Regardless this gallery has sealed it in for me, the Red lumia 920 shall be mine (god and available prices willing).

Check out the rest of the great gallery here:


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