Video: WP 7.8 Shows Up on Lumia 510

| November 24, 2012 | 21 Replies

Windows Phone 7.8 is coming, there’s no denying it; hopefully sooner than later, and as always with any upcoming the release, the closer we get the more the leaks. In the latest leak we see the newly launched Lumia 510 running a build of WP 7.8, so to anyone who was in doubt that the 510’s low specs would stand in the way of a new start screen- worry not.


Note the new Office ’13 logo/icon on the tile, witch is one of the features that came new with WP8.



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  • jmlion

    Not sure if buying a 800/900 or a Galaxy Nexus / S II. I need to know if Lumia’s WP7.8 will have USB Mass Storage and if BT will be send AND receive.

    Also, small question: has anyone tried out the TripAdvisor app? Can you tell me if you can download stuff of city of interest and then use it 24h/24 offline like on Android? Thank you.

    • jmlion

      Wish Microsoft already released detailed news about WP 7.8 -.-

      • Patata

        There won’t be USB Mass Storage for WP7.8 and don’t expect any bigger changes with it, as MS is mostly done with WP7.x already.
        I think a Galaxy Nexus or S2 would be the better choice for you 😉

        • twig

          I think you would like a 920 instead of the nexus. Be patient, it will come. And, and, and why be patient? Because I just bought the Nokia Power Up at Verizon for $249 while saving $50 over ATT, now its on Amazon at $149!!!! Also the Play Ups are there for $149!!!! Ali !!!Buy Ali !!! IT might be for black Friday weekend.

          • twig

            I think they just listed the play ups as power ups because they are using power ups pictures and calling it 51w jbl power up wireless charging speaker for $149 and in another search call it 100w jbl power up wireless charging speaker for $299. Will they honor the $149 price for the messed up description?

    • migo

      If you are considering an Android, why are you thinking Galaxy Nexus or an S II instead of a Nexus 4?

      • jmlion

        Cause I’m in Italy, and here Nexus 4 will be sold for 500+ €.

        I can’t spend more than 300

        • DesR85

          I advice to just wait for more news or at least an official announcement of features on WP 7.8. If the feature list doesn’t satisfy you, then you can opt for the latter two options.

          A bit off-topic, but for WP 8 phones like the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920, it is mentioned in one review that it is not USB Mass Storage but it will be recognised in My Computer as a separate disk drive which allows you to drag and drop files without the need of a software like Zune. Hopefully this will be possible with the current Lumia and other WP7 phones.

          • jmlion

            Yeah I hope that

  • DKM

    WP7.8 release date 28th November 2012. Nokia wants to release the FW before Dec 1st week and also they are fixing the Stock issues with L920 just before christmas.Starting 1st week of dec, there will be enough stock to go around including 7.8 and 8 devices.

    • viipottaja


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  • JGrove303

    This is great to hear. I have experienced to crazy battery drain myself, and it sucks. So does the heat from the radios and SoC when gaming or streaming music. I’ve had no complaints otherwise. But these issues just about scared off the 2 people at work that also got L920s at my advisement.

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  • Gerald Yan
    • Amrut Mhatre

      I wonder why they have not changed the office tile here ???
      the funny part here is in 510 the MUSIC HUB is missing…
      and in 800 the Office Tile is old…

      hope we start receiving updates soon..

      • DKM

        The firmware is older than the current firmware which is available.

    • Tris

      Interestingly the lock screen wallpaper in that vid was yesterdays bing desktop image, maybe this hints that 7.8 will be able to use the daily bing images as wallpapers, nice bit of variety if thats the case.

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  • James


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