Windows Phone 7.8 Roundup; What to Expect

| November 20, 2012 | 63 Replies

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the upcoming (hopefully soon- seeing how it’s been released to RTM) WP 7.8 update for the first Generation of Lumias, so this is just a quick post clarifying some things.

Who Will Get it?

Everyone! All Wp 7.0/7.5 device will be update to 7.8; for Nokia this means the Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and  900 and any other low end 7.5 devices that might come in the future.

When Will we Get it?

No body really knows for sure, the latest rumors are that WP7.8 has been finished by MSFT and has been delivered to OEM’s for Final tweakings and changes; the most likely release date according to multiple rumors is Late December-Early January.

What’s Coming?

This part is a little tricky so let’s split it into what’s confirmed and what’s rumored.


  • New Start screen, to match WP8.
  • Ringtone maker app
  • Contact Share via Bluetooth- Lumia exclusive
  • Media transfer Via Bluetooth- Lumia exclusive. (details are unconfirmed, possibly receive/Send only)
  • Cinemagraph and Smartshoot – Lumia exclusives
  • Rooms Feature
  • Xbox Music
  • Calendar Sharing?

*Note the last 3 are Semi-confirmed having been posted by Microsoft Italy on Facebook, but you can’t always depend on what regional Facebok pages say.



Will This be The Last WP 7.X Update?

Probably not, a recently leaked internal Nokia slide promises continued updates past WP 7.8, with 18 months of additional support.


All in All WP 7.8 is shaping up to be a pretty decent update; and I’m sure there are a couple more features we haven’t heard/seen yet (hopefully some gallery fixes are included). As far as being “left behind” for early adopters it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be an issue, seeing how most of the SOFTWARE features of WP8 should be coming to WP 7.8.

Now let us have it please.



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  • AJE

    I don’t suppose there’s a chance of SKYPE being able to run in the background, as it will on the WP8 phones?

    • Viipottaja

      Maybe not but I would not completely close out the possibility of it or at least some improvements given that, from what I’ve understood, WP8 Skype implementation relies on the cloud for your online/offline status or some such thing. The limitations in WP7.5 on background tasks might be a barrier though.

      Bottom line: I would personally not believe any affirmative statements on that matter (which there have been and probably will be, including and perhaps in particular here) from anyone other than Nokia, Skype team and/or MS, and no, some random Nokia employee tweet does not count either. 😀

      • incognito

        Skype network still heavily relies on P2P and, AFAIK, they haven’t yet implemented necessary changes to the protocol to make it more client-server oriented (Microsoft is heavily pushing on that one, tho) in order to have it ‘wake’ itself using Toast notifications or other means – so, unless they (Microsoft) specifically allow for Skype to remain as a background process (like some internal services of WP7.x) I don’t think they’ll be able to make it work ‘as expected’.

        • Marc Aurel

          Those internal services are not managed code if I’m not mistaken? Since Skype is still in practice just an add-on app, it probably can’t have the privileges of an internal service coded in C++. The only possibility would be if Microsoft baked Skype into some future firmware, but because that is not happening in 7.8, it seems unlikely that it would later.

        • Viipottaja

          IIRC in the WP8 announcement or in the Build videos they do say its already more client-server based, at least for WP8.

  • Viipottaja

    I thought the Wifi Fix tweet from Joe was not on 7.x specifically.

    I hope 7.8 gets the two other “small things” from 8: picture multiselect and language selection key relocation in the qwerty.

    • Ravi

      Yup … need this feature too .. picture multiselect is a must.

      • Pathetic

        what? Windows Phone does not have that? that much shit . and for this nokia change to wp ? those things has my 5300. Its a complete crap OS F*uck you nokia. PATHETIC

        • Tomwhat

          Yep…its so funny…. Wp 7 always was and is a piece of s…

          • Pathetic

            hit. I complete your sentence dont worry haha

            • Marc Aurel

              WP7 has some merits especially in the UI department, but even 7.5 still lacks many features some users would consider important or even essential. It reminds me of Android 1.x or early versions of iOS.

              • Ruben

                i just can’t get over the wifi being lost if the screen locks… how ridiculous is that??

  • rishabh

    i have doubt can any 1 confirm whether 920 have usb otg . On gsmarena it say otg is there. If it actually have that then what happens when we connect a flash drive. As we know wp8 dont have file maneger.

    • Viipottaja

      I can try when I get home tonight (assuming I can find a USB to micro USB cable – not sure I have one). I suspect GSMArena made a mistake and meant that PCs see the phone when you plug it into a PC/tablet USB and you can then move media/doc files around etc.

    • Ravi

      I am also suspecting that is is only Mass media mode .. to transfer files from PC to phone without using zune.
      USB OTG ..i doubt…. someone who already playing with 820/920 please confirm

      • Viipottaja

        Don’t have the right kind of cable to try.

        • PJ

          Nope USB OTG is not supported on 920, tried with a 2gb flash drive, using the adapter i got with my N8.

          • AJE

            I seem to remember reading somewhere that the N8 adapter does not have full functionality with the Lumias.

            I may be wrong but that seems to be in the back of my mind.

  • Ravi

    What about USB mass storage mode …. I desperately need that. Please include that also MS and Nokia …. I would be happy for next one year before going for next pureview phone.
    Zune transfers suck big time.

    • DesR85

      I’m actually fine with using Zune for transferring files, but also do hope for a USB Mass Storage mode in 7.8. If not Mass Storage, at least a USB drag-and-drop file functionality like MTP which doesn’t require Zune.

  • Ayesha

    I want Skype to run in the background in the next update. Aliiii do something!

    • lol, Ok I’ll pull some strings 😛

  • martin

    Not really happy in the advances coming for 7.8, as I upgraded to WP8 to get better features. Unfortunately 7.8 almost equals 8. and WP 8 has not leapt forward enough. I have lost counters app ( no data sense on sim free h/set
    ) City lens no map mode when phone laid flat. Hmm hope it gets better

    • Don’t forget that WP8 will have multiple future updates, meaning you should WP9, 10 etc. cause of the common kernel now; while 7.8 can only go so far.

      • Pathetic

        keep dreaming pall. like they did with 7.5 , there will be no update for WP8 . is the way Nokia and Microsoft does these days , rather microsoft , nokia longer exists

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Of course there will be updates.

        • Viipottaja

          Fitting nick name.

        • angus

          Well, windows phone 7.0 did get windows phone 7.5, so by that logic at least windows phone 8.5 will come to wp8 devices! lumia went straight to 7.5 so you may forget this..

          thanks to the new kernel likelyhood of windows phone 9 coming to windows phone 8 devices is higher than it was in the past at least..

          but definitely expect windows phone 8.5 orwhatever next year or whenever to come to wp8 devices.. plus several smaller updates like wp7.x got..

          “there will be no update for WP8” is biggest bullshit ever.

        • migo

          I’d go 50/50 on that. There was a good reason for no upgrades to WP7 (except for the HD2), and there’s a good reason for no upgrade to WP8. There’s no good reason for no upgrade to WP9. So while there is a trend, that’s more coincidence than policy.

          And from the Nokia side, since Elop they’ve provided way more Symbian upgrades than there ever were before.

      • incognito

        Windows Mobile 6.x and WP7 had almost the same kernel (at least regarding the HAL and other things that matter)… Sharing the kernel doesn’t mean squat when it comes to upgrades, especially not to Microsoft. Not that Google is all much better with Android, mind you.

        • angus

          apples and oranges comparison.. wp7 dramatically changed the ui, concept, hardware buttons and so on, even the name. wp8 dramatically changed the kernel..

          unless wp9 does something similar the chances of it coming to wp8 devices is much higher than in wm6-wp7 or wp7-wp8 skips..

          windows mobile 5 was upgradeable to windows mobile 6 so there is history of ms doing this.. how quickly you guys forget..

          • Noki

            6 failed, must dramatically change it (incompatible)
            7 failed, must dramatically change the kernel(incompatible)
            8 (see a pattern arising?)

            • Marc Aurel

              The kernel change for WP8 was planned long before it became evident that WP7 had failed. The WP7 project also started before WinMo 6 phones were even available and probably the decision to abandon all software compatibility was made pretty early in the development.

              There probably would have been further updates for WinMo 6, if it had been more successful, and perhaps WP7 would have been postponed. It needed at least a year of additional development and was clearly released too early.

    • Viipottaja

      Heh, I would not call it unfortunate if our 7.8 using friends get most features. 🙂 There is still plenty left, IMO, in WP8 that is better.

  • SS

    Possibility to change the font size to bigger?

  • AJE

    The other thing I’d REALLY like on 7.8 is the ability to access Maps (now Here?) off-line (whereas only the SatNav/Drive maps can presently be pre-downloaded).

    Any of you tech-boffins know whether this is likely or even possible?

    • Dave

      Unlikely for WP7. On WP apps are sandboxed and can not share each other’s data, so the drive app downloads the maps and all those maps belong to the drive app only. The maps app would have to download its own maps.

      What they _could_ do is extend drive to include also normal map functionality so you only need one app. Don’t know why they don’t do that, it would be 1000x better because at least everything would be offline.

      In WP8 the maps are made a core OS component and available to all applications, so every app using the maps can use the map widget functionality of the OS, no limitations.

      • Kasi Viswanath

        Or in WP7.x, they can go with a master app and multiple sub-apps within it.
        Ex: Maps/HERE will be the master app and it downloads all the data needed for offline SatNav and CityLens and keeps it in its sandboxed space. Sub-apps for HERE like Drive, CityLens, Maps, etc can then use this data.
        Multiple start points needs to be presented in the form of different icons/tiles. And this is already possible in WP7.x.

        PS: I have no experience with the development of WP. I am just guessing that the above is possible.

        • incognito

          It is, if Microsoft includes a ‘master app’ library within WP itself. Otherwise, as a 3rd party solution, nope.

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  • swain

    sounds pretty good actually. congratulations to wp7.5 users. somewhere I have read that there may be a 7.9 update too.
    With big updates and the price cut, 7.5 devices are looking more attractive.

  • guerrahp

    How long does it take to bring this up to par with Symbian 3 capability? geeez. And they say Nokia has free reign with this OS…

    • DesR85

      Just be glad that they are doing something rather than nothing when compared to the other OEMs like Samsung and HTC. Haven’t heard any news of the latter two doing anything for WP 7.8.

      • Marc Aurel

        Why would they? Samsung’s Android devices are hugely successful and even LG has been on the road to recovery thanks to Android, not WP. WP is a complete sideshow for both companies; essentially they are just hedging their bets on the off chance that WP8 becomes some kind of success.

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  • I see on one actually wants native screenshot functionality? That is the one I am hoping for, the most.

  • timple

    Uh how about allowing me to set music volume and ringing volume to different levels so when I am listening to music I don’t get blasted by an incoming call…… Symbian has had that since year dot…..

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  • Patata

    your confirmed features aren’t completly correct.
    there won’t be Xbox Music for WP7. WP7’s Zune will be able to access the Xbox Music library. That means that if you purchase something in the Xbox Music Store on a device that supports it (Xbox 360, Windows 8 or WP8) you will be able to access those files on WP7. Otherwise it will remain to be Zune and won’t get any Xbox Music features. So please don’t spread those false informations.

  • Shane


  • Ruben

    i wonder… if anybody (here or at Nokia) thought about this:

    – a Nokia Lumia Xpress music!

    will they ever make one? I want to see this done someday!


    • viipottaja

      Well, if you mean music services, Nokia Music kind of covers that part, together with Xbox music in certain markets. As for hardware keys, find it unlikely given the teen towards less keys and touch screens providing ample controls.

      • Ruben

        Hi viipottaja,

        I wasn’t mentioning none of that. I ment sound quality and loud clear crispy sound like in the 5800 XPM (what hardware keys you had here?). That mobile had a fantastic loud and clear quality sound through the speakers. Sound now in new nokias is just tiny. And Xpress music means taking and placing music in the device as easy as a usb connection. for WP that seems to be a problem right?

        that’s an Xpress Music to me 😉 (still got my 5800 as my N9 speakers are a shame…)

        I saw Jay said that the speakers in 920 are good and loud. But i doubt it matches 5800.


        • Shane

          Speakers are never going to be exceptional in hand-held devices compared to larger spkr systems, by nature you get “much better” sound/value ratio if you’re prepared to give up some compactness.
          I never put much priority in exceptional speakers in a hand-held, what’s far more important is the dac/dsp & analogue output stage, then you can couple your hand-held with a carefully researched speaker system, or spkr system + amp.

          • Ruben

            looks like you never owned a 5800.

            • Shane

              I owned better, I owned the other Nokia model (name escapes me right now) which had a far better DAC/analogue_stage & DSP.

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  • AJE

    One other thing has occurred to me. The UI and functionality of Drive/SatNav needs to be massively improved – to the standard of the Symbian version.

  • Raj

    Microsoft and Nokia can go to hell if Windows 7.8 update doesn’t make Indian languages accessible. Someone tell those dimwits that India has a population of over a billion and 95% of the mobile phone consumers cannot afford for the expensive new windows 8 phone. Denying them the ability to use their own language means…I will throw my Nokia Lumia 800 and p#ss on it!

  • Raj

    Microsoft and Nokia can go to hell if Windows 7.8 update doesn’t make Indian languages accessible. Someone tell those dimwits that India has a population of over a billion and 95% of the mobile phone consumers cannot afford for the expensive new windows 8 phone. Denying them the ability to use their own language means…I will throw my Nokia
    Lumia 800 and p#ss on it!

    • Shane

      Oh dear, Indian ultra nationalism at it’s finest, this is where we’re headed (sadly) folks, history repeats itself again, we never learn.

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