Reuters: Nokia wins tribunal ruling on wireless patents against RIM (+BlackBerry as Nokia Lumia 920 stylus)

| November 28, 2012 | 19 Replies

Reuters reports that Nokia has won a long standing dispute with BlackBerry maker, RIM over the use of Nokia’s WLAN patents.

Read more over at:

Whilst we’re on the subject of Nokia pwning RIM, here’s a BlackBerry as a stylus for my Nokia Lumia 920.

Cheers Muerte for the tip!

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  1. Muerte says:

    Shouldn’t take many days for us to see the results of Nokia vs HTC.

  2. So does every manufacturer who makes a phone with WLAN connectivity have to agree licensing with Nokia?
    If so, wow, that must be an earner. As they also own the patents for GSM and 3G, don’t they?

    • akse says:

      Many companies have many different patents for all kinds of technologies. Some of them they just cross license so they can use some of each others patents and some of the patents the other company has to pay if they use them.

    • nabkawe says:

      As explained above, by akse companies have cross licensing agreements, for example the Surface has magnetic charging connector a patent which is owned by apple and was never licensed to anyone nor apple accepts licensing it.

      another thing to keep in mind. Is some techs could have patents on how a thing is achieved, for example a piece of code could be patented but if someone were to achieve the same end result using a different code the patent won’t stand.
      it’s basically why we have endless standards for things that should be unified.

    • nn says:

      You can click on the patents here, it’s just bunch of nonsense like the things Apple or MS are throwing around courts. The WLAN thing is just patent on handheld device that can transmit things over radio. Really clever and innovative idea!

      It’s sad to see Nokia engage in this practice. On the other hand, it helps bring end to all this patenting farce.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Seem like a fairly substantive collection of patents to me. Certainly more than just “rounded corners”. :D

        • nn says:

          Heh, you made a typo, you wrote “more” instead “far less”. With rounded corners Apple at least had tu put some effort into testing different shapes and different prototypes. On the other hand even some of the brighter WP fans could “invent” device with camera, battery and memory, which can send pictures over net and fits into hand. Especially if they were first introduced to some real OS like Symbian or MeeGo.

      • Thanks for the clarification. In a way you can’t blame Nokia for wanting what they are legally entitled to. It’s not as if they haven’t given RIM the opportunity to license the technology.
        I agree though, I hated hearing that Apple had injuncted (?) the sale of Samsung devices, so this shouldn’t be any different, with the exception that this stuff is more than rounded corners.

  3. says:

    fantastic, more royalty income for nokia,

  4. jammy says:

    ‘The revenge of the fallen’
    Nokia, now go for samdung and crapple………

  5. rustyknight17 says:

    I realise this might not have been covered in 2008 , but I`d say wifi is essential standards these days !

  6. James says:

    What’s the specific nature of these patents, Nokia sure as hell didn’t invent WiFi.
    Are they some sort of patents relating to embedding WiFi into mobiles?
    In all seriousness, how on earth can they get away with patenting something like that?

  7. twig says:

    $50 a phone, at least!! Hold their feet to the fire Nokia!!

  8. monkster18 says:

    if apple can cry bout patents for a rectangle with round corners and slide to unlock then Nokia can sure as hell cash in on wifi patents.

    • James says:

      But they didn’t invent wifi, not even close, capitalising on a (logical) iteration of it is ridiculous, they’re not the only ones doing it, the whole system is a joke.

  9. Carbontubby says:

    I thought Nokia were one of the first, if not the first, to combine cellular and WLAN radios in their Communicator lineup.

    I’m not too happy with this kind of thing being patentable… how can you patent radio transmission with standards you don’t have patents to? Hell, the actual patents linked to seem generic to the point that any schoolkid could come up with them. This patent farce has to stop.

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