iPhone Fangirl’s verdict on the Nokia Lumia 920 WP8

| December 3, 2012 | 16 Replies


Quick heads up as I’m stuck somewhere with no signal and no WiFi access (barely able to post this 🙁 )

Mashable’s Christina Warren, self confessed Apple Fan Girl has been taking the Nokia Lumia 920 for a spin to see how she’ll cope on WP8.

Rather accurate and fair review. Kudos.

Cheers Bob for the tip!


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  • nabkawe

    I sent this in days ago via twitter 😀

  • Andrew_b

    The first four minutes of this review spoiled for me by wondering how big those jugs would be if the camera was tilted a wee bit lower.

    Sounds fairly reasonable, seems to like Instagram a lot on her other phone. I feel pretty certain the popular photo-borking application will come to Windows Phone pretty soon. I came away with the impression that Ms Warren really liked the speed of access to social information, would miss a few apps, has ample jugs.

    • kade

      Check her facebook profile – no need to wonder

  • labodilsen

    :-O how did she lift this?… i mean it’s so heavy that even TheVerge cant lift it, is she some kind of super beeing?..

    ofcourse im only kidding 😉

  • Viipottaja

    A very fair and balanced summary, I thought.

    Note to Noki: see the “Biggest surprise” section. 😉

  • Mendax

    She makes good points about the marketing.
    I was in NYC over the weekend and WP8 and Lumia ads are everywhere, including on those huge screens in Times Square. I also went to the Apple-esque Microsoft store and saw the 920 in person; it is truly a gorgeous phone of reasonable weight.

    I’m all for Qt and Harmattan (as a proud N9 owner), but there’s no way Nok could’ve achieved this much publicity without Microsoft.

    • dss

      True. At least not in the US.. at least not at that scale. There is also the question of carrier support.. would AT&T subsidize a QT phone as heavily as a WP based device ? Very unlikely…

      • Jiipee

        Do we know that att has subsidized it heavily or does the money come from Nokia/MS?

        • Viipottaja

          I am sure they gave something in return for the exclusivity (read about guaranteed minimum sales and insurance backed payments if not reached).


    good review to read, terrible video to listen too,
    her voice goes monotone and croaky at the end of each breath, so annoying to understand, not even the ample jugs can keep me watching the video.

  • JGrove303

    Wow, a VERY fair review! Accurate, too, as a coworker whom I convinced to get a 920 bitched that there was no Instagram. As stupid as that faux-social image sharing crap is (to me), I noticed even my photobucket account has taken on the dumbass filters and editing additions that Instafail has. Big business, this photo-tossing is.

    However, there are clients for instagram (I think)

  • lumiareview
  • “As for the Lumia 920 itself — as much as I like the camera, especially in low light — I don’t love the UI. It’s both too simplistic and too difficult at once. The half-shutter capture built into the camera button helps, but setting a focus point (which you can do on iOS and most Android phones with ease) takes far too much effort”

    okay first and foremost, this girl needs to know the who is who, Nokia builds the device, and Microsoft builds the OS.

    Ok, so what i get from that paragraph is that she is disliking the device because of Software limitations and flaws? Thats Like saying im not gonna use this circle because it doesn’t fit in the square. Ugh it aggrivates me when people say stuff like that. “I really like what Nokia has done with the hardware, especially with camera bits. Although i am not fond of how Microsoft didnt not take full advantage of these features. Generalizing software for the various devices out there (Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc) does limit great hardware on each individual device. But since Nokia and Microsoft work hand in hand, i do expect greater integration” is what she maybe shoulda said. Ugh!

    • Andrew_b

      Setting a focus point? Half shutter press, “helps”? This chick needs to get her hands on a real camera once in a while. I guess she takes all her photos in shaky-one-handed portrait mode anyway. Mobile phones have got too many people expecting everything to be about touching the screen, doh! A real camera button with half-press functionality is far more intuitive and way less prone to camera shake.

      I am soooo used to a half shutter press for setting the focus and exposure that I wouldn’t consider buying a cameraphone without a real dedicated camera button.

      • My Point EXACTLY! they should know what they dealing with. And these are reviewing? I feel sorry for the direction this industry is headed

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