Nokia Lumia 920 top WP8 according to AdDuplex, Nokia top WP manufacturer

| December 4, 2012 | 24 Replies

Paul Thurott has some interesting data from advertising firm AdDuplex with their latest report covering WP8. Note, this is not directly sales numbers, just extrapolation from AdDuplex I guess.


Nokia Lumia 920 is the most popular WP8 device, no surprises there. It is clearly the best one.

Nokia holds the most with over 70% of the pie (Thurott says 76%, my bad math can only see 71). You can try to extrapolate numbers for the 920 as there’s apparently 3% of overall WP sales.

Not sure precisely what the sales are but I’m really liking seeing Nokia Lumia penetrate more into everyday life. Whether that means seeing it in person or seeing people post self pics on reddit with Nokia Lumias :).

Growth in Mexico, Brazil and Finland is said to be quite notable.

Cheers Peter for the tip!


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  • Muerte

    Next year the growth will accelerate 😉 Can’t wait for the Nokia’s device announcements during Spring 2013, as it will be amazing. Must try to resist on buying a 920 now… But I’m now saying that 920 is not a great device, because it is, it’s just that I bought my 808 last summer, so it wouldn’t bee too clever to buy a new device every 6 months 🙂

    • Janne

      it’s just that I bought my 808 last summer, so it wouldn’t bee too clever to buy a new device every 6 months 🙂

      What? Why didn’t anyone tell me! 😀 Been through N9, Lumia 800, 710, 900, 808 PureView and 920 in the past 12 months… Last three still in active use. Luckily some of them are work phones, I haven’t bought all of them.

      Just to be on the safe side, how many Nokia Fatboy charging pillows is too much? I have now purchased three. Red, yellow and cyan. They’re just too cute and convenient.

      • Muerte

        Well, you are a special case 😉

        Honestly, I would love to buy the 920 now, but I’ve decided not to! And, according to the rumours, Elop has managed to drag something special out of the R&D chambers for the 2013…

        To satisfy the spending fever, I might buy a new Lumia for my lady as a christmas present. And then use it myself all the time 😀

        • Janne

          That’s a good plan! 🙂

          Yes, I agree, we can expect something special for spring…

        • Viipottaja

          Which rumors are those? Do tell what you’ve heard! 🙂

        • Andy

          And I can tell you it’s the next pureview.and not elop drag it.its phonedaz work.

      • Keith too

        LOL. Do you think you could me an unlocked, unbranded Yellow Lumia 920 LTE. I was never able to find a cyan L900 like that but surely I will somehow be able to get a L920 at some point.

        Do you know which speaker is better between the PlayOn and the 360? How many of those do you have!

        • Janne

          I have no speakers, sorry. 🙂 Personally I’d probably have gone for PlayUp on looks, have seen them and they look nice… 360 is fine, but PlayUp is more like current Lumia in style.

          As for Lumia 920, Finland in general is out of all colors at the moment, unless one gets lucky at some store… Some operators are quoting 2013 delivery for orders!?!

  • Peter L


    the original article (unavailable at the time of my tip) explains a lot more of these metrics:

  • migo

    I’m seeing 71% as well. I wonder what the 20% other is.

    It’s crazy that the Lumia 710 is in 3.5x as many hands as the 900 and it still doesn’t have a dedicated forum on XDA.


    fantastic and well deserved seeing as how nokia was the only manufacturer to actively/solely produce wp devices.
    hopefully with such tech as pureview and services such as ‘here’ nokia will grow its 71% share of the wp market.

    • Shaun

      ‘Solely’? Huh?


        nokia only produced wp devices, and the 808, but others made wp and android devices

  • Peter L

    I’m not sure if the data here can be interpreted like this, but the way I see this is that in just a few weeks, there are almost half the number of whatever Lumia 900 sold of Lumia 920’s out there in the real world (data is from app usage after all) and plenty of people still waiting for theirs.

    Given that AdDuplex confirms what Steve Ballmer said about the WP sales being 4x of what they were an year ago and the fact that Nokia seems to be actually selling 80% of the new WP8 devices, this gives a very strong indication of relatively good upcoming sales figures for Lumia 920.

    • Shaun

      Lumia 900 sales were dismal; 330k WP7.5 devices per quarter in the USA which probably formed the bulk of the 900 sales as it wasn’t really that available outside the USA. If they’re only selling half that then it’s a disaster.

      • Peter L

        Your thinking process is a disaster if there’s a disaster here:

        a) 330k Q2 was for Q2, US only

        b) This chart goes up to November 30th which means Lumia 900 sales have continued for almost two quarters after that

        c) Lumia 900 got a significant prize drop a while ago

        With these points only, it’s very feasible to claim that there is approximately 1M Lumia 900’s out there in the world.

        Together with the fact that in Sep 5th Nokia said they had sold 7M Lumias so far and that the distribution of 900’s from that 7M is ~13% we can confidently say that there is probably 900k Lumia 900’s out there.

        Add on top of everything else that the 7M was three months ago, we can very safely claim that there is indeed at least 1M Lumia 900’s sold to date.

        Now here’s the key part of all this. Even with the limited supply, 920 seems to have sold half of that in just few weeks it’s been available. These are real devices already out there since they are being registered by AdDuplex. Who knows how many have also ordered the device but are still waiting for theirs.

        I know that it’s still not a massive success like SGS3, but it’s finally a start for the right direction with promise of quite a nice sales number during the Q4.

        How exactly is that a disaster?

        • nn

          If I follow you correctly, you are saying they sold about half a million of 920 in month. In the biggest and most important launch for them. In Christmas season. After long wait.

          Pardon me, but if that isn’t disaster then what would be? Didn’t you make projections just few days ago that there will be like 7M WP8 phones from Nokia? How are these two numbers adding up?

          • Peter L

            No, you’re not following me correctly.

            I won’t continue discussion with you until you stop deliberately misunderstanding what’s being said.

          • tom

            My math tells me that 71% of 3% is 2.13%. Well, I would rather wait another month and see the Q4 financial report. They can’t lie in financial report, or Elop will be in jail. I remember the same ting about Lumia 900 and how it had the 5 star rating and top of sales chart. I don’t see anything new.

            • dss

              Its slightly different with the 920… holiday/Christmas season will help a lot + a bit stronger marketing push from Microsoft and AT&T, so it will probably do a bit better than the 900, but still no where near where then need it to be.

              Also, they have to deal with the iPhone 5..

              China is what worries me the most…

    • A-S-D

      From what I can see, there seem to be about 13.5 million WP devices in use today.

      Based on my calculations, they’ve sold just under 1 million Lumia 900s and around 400,000+ Lumia 920s. Obviously the Lumia 920 number will increase rapidly as more are purchased which gives the hope that Nokia will indeed be able to sell in the millions once again.

      There have also been 5.5+ million Lumia 710s and 800s which isn’t surprising considering they sold almost 3 million in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012. The Lumia 610 sold 2.3 million according to my calculations which seems reasonable for 1.5 quarters though in many countries it was only available in Q3.

      I’m not sure which countries the 510 has been launched in yet but it seems to only have sold 100,000 or so. I hope those sales increase.

  • viktor von d.

    2013 is nokia year baby. if the 920 gets these results, imagine the full lineup combined(future models included)-920,820,810,822,next 710,next 808 pureview,next 610,510 with 7.8 and probably one more device). maybe even a tablet or a galaxy note like device

  • Allawi

    Nokia sales their building in Finland what is going on guys.

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