Versus videos galore: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia Lumia 822 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5

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Here’s some comparison videos looking at the differences between the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, SGSIII and iPhone 5.

920 vs iPhone


920 vs SGSIII


920 vs 822



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  • MeeDroid

    Android UI is better than Windows Phone UI. Windows Phone UI doesn’t use space efficiently and doesn’t have a notification center.

    • Efficient use of space is not all about how much you can cram into one screen. It’s more about how usable something is. Better? Sure if that’s your opinion.

      Notification centre would be welcome. I’d be much more annoyed if I didn’t have lock screen notifications or live tile notifications. Fortunately it does.

      • Grazy

        Hi Jay,

        did you see the Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night? The 920 did quite well in their eyes against the iphone 5 which they didnt really like!

        They did say the 920 was heavy and made a big deal about it and they didnt understand how the low light imaging worked! they said it was because it had two LEDS on the back! That really anoyed me!

    • Peter L

      Just for the s**t and giggles I recently tried to think how MS might choose to implement it since they’ve officially admitted that they are preparing a notification center:

      (if the image embedding works)

    • Andre C

      Wait, what?! Not efficiently?! Care to elaborate on that?

      A simple observation: one can view 28 small tiles on a 920 at the same time. For GS III, this number is 21.

    • rwtertwret

      In this comparison it is evident how Windows Phone sucks. No words can describe that. This UI is useless. Sorted app list with search icon and letters wasting space. Big word “people” wasting one third of screen. Usable space is only half of the screen in most hubs. All the UI looks like taken from 80’s. Man, who can use this? Seniors?

  • jiipee

    Tiles look a lot bettew on square 920 than with rounded corners on 822.

  • Elboo

    Here is it from Gadget show

    920 vs oneX+ vs iPhone5

    • torpedu

      I like how they rip on the I-phone. But hey its all true 😀 Nokia FTW

  • twig

    Nexus is made by LG? My t.v. that just died was a LG and that was the shortest life of a t.v. I’ve ever saw.

  • keist

    Samsung Galaxy S III is still the best. The only phone that is better is another Galaxy, the Note II.

    • Irishmarius


    • nokia_ftw

      then why are you here? your on the wrong spot my friend! 😛

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  • Charles

    I hope windows phone 8 notification centre comes with the next update. A swipe to the left to reveal notifications would make sense since swiping right opens to the menu. Also please Microsoft, make an option to choose pictures as my home screen background and not just color tones

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