My Dream Nokia #72: Nokia Lumia 990 concept, Quad/Octo core, 16MP PureView V1/V2 camera, 5″ 1080p screen

| December 8, 2012 | 50 Replies

Edgar Mkrtchyan emailed to share with us his latest creation for My Dream Nokia #72, Nokia Lumia 990, as well as an NFC BT accessory for using any headphones over bluetooth.

 With the school I had not much time to make concepts, but this
one date early October, this is personally one of my favorite in terms
of design and specifications, except the price of course .. .
As usual features and information are shown on one photo.

I also designed a mini music player that connects to your
smartphone thanks to NFC. With this device all the headphones or
earphones that have no NFC integrated smartphone can connect to
wireless! I think it is more convenient to change the track of the
song / answer calls without taking the phone from the pocket, in
addition to this, my old headphones deteriorated to the area of the
wire / jack 3.5, because in the pocket the wire bends and after a time
one of the earphones does not work anymore (maybe it has already
happened to you with your headset or headphones) so as mini player
attaches to clothing (eg) the wire undergo no effort ..
Another advantage is the use during sports, or listen to music
when the phone is charging and that is not beside this one. The
presence of a second battery in the mini player, allows to preserve
the phone battery.

I still kept the same 3.5 jack on the phone because the mini player
can be lost or not charged …

I already prepared another concept with artificial leather shell
resembling that of a human, I have a good feeling when I hold the
phone, tired of plastic 🙂 and also another concept phone foldable …
the end of 2013 is in the news, if you believe in Samsung…


The specs possibly a year ago may sound unnecessarily high but for the coming year is quite plausible. Quad, possibly octo-core, 2GB RAM, 5″ PureMotion 1080p screen, 16MP PureView V1/V2, Stereo microphone, 3.2MP front camera, 3600mAh battery, 64GB + MicroSD.

Wireless charging


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  • Why oh why is this guy not employed by Nokia? Great work! 🙂

    • nabkawe

      Designing phones isn’t about outer shape only , it’s about an inside out experience where the end results for every use case is positive , for example using Aluminum is cool , lack of coverage in Aluminum phones isn’t.

      • Jiipee

        And internal design to fit everything in, weight, durability and ensuring efficient production as well as secured cost-efficient sourcing…

        • nabkawe


  • Sonny

    does anyone know by when WP will support 1080p screens?

    • viktor von d.

      unless they release a 5 inch screen phone, 1080 is pointless on wp. the ui doesn’t need it. games and apps don’t support this kind of resolution even on android. the only benefit would be for web browsing, but even then you could settle for 720p.

      i’m hoping this madness with big screen and high resolution screens will end now. ffs 1080 should be the absolute limit.just like the 41mp sensor in the 808. the same with quad core phones. from now on i want to see low power chips and screens, and improved battery technology.

      but to answer your question i guess next year we should have 1080 screens on wp, probably from all the manufacturers, but because of the above stated reasons, what would be the point?just spec whoring at it’s finest

      • Nokia should make a Ultra HD screen and a 64 core processor phone just for ending the spec. race.
        They already ended the MP race by introducing 808PV 😛

        • Sonny

          Nokia needs to bring an 41mp camera to WP. A lot of Trolls are already saying the 808 has an amazing cam but a dead OS. So if you go through the years and you bring up the 808 they will all say that phone that ran an dead OS?

          • incognito

            So how would releasing a device with the 808PV’s camera but running on WP change the notion of amazing camera but a dead OS? 😛


            • Sonny


              I see ya on symbian the main thing nokia lacked was apps, now on WP its still the same!

            • Keith too

              Yes, Windows Phones (esp. Lumias) have 98% of the major apps covered along with a few great exclusives others don’t have. But they really need to hurry up and add about 400,000 apps that no one has ever downloaded so they can claim parity.

              • Sonny

                well you are one of the type of the guys who would say Symbian didnt have enough apps. just get over it! its the same with quad-cores and 1080p screens! we dont need them but the tech world craves for the more the better!

                • Keith too

                  Read my last sentence again.

      • Sonny

        we all know its useless and all that but as you can see nowhere in the 920’s reviews does it say WP don’t need quad-cores.

        also just look at gsmarena, just one rumor of the galaxy s4 and look what they are calling it:

        “the device packing a 4.99″ 1080p full HD display with a pixel density of 441ppi, and the Galaxy S IV is shaping up to be one extraordinary device indeed.”

        Lastly for the sake of it I hope Nokia do make phones with quad cores and 1080p screens just to future proof it and also so that tech site cant say anything like “competition already has quad-cores” and also I am sick and tired of explaining to people that ya you don’t need quad-core on a phone etc etc etc!

    • Noki

      that is way beyond the dpi your eyes can distinguish, that would be just a futile waste of pixels and memory. 720 is more than enough

  • Jason

    What about LED notification light?

    • kunwar

      ^this …. only nokia feature not ported to WP … even ASHA 311 has a notification LED why cant they get it on lumias?

  • pao13

    sorry but pure view 1…means 41 mp sensor….


      PV1 was about pixel oversampling and lossless zoom,
      off-course a bigger megapixel sensor will give better results, but some pv1 performance can be achieved with a 16 mp sensor since its using PV2 OIS to allow longer exposure,

      • dss

        You can’t do much with 16Mpix … they are better off using a bigger sensor without applying any form of Lanczos, just make a sensor with physically bigger pixels, skip the the losless zooming for stills, just make it available for 720P/1080p and stick the LED/Xenon combo from the 808 on there..

        Then we might have something to get excited .. but as long as they keep the pixel size down at 1.4 and the pixel count remains around 12-16 .. we won’t see any significant improvement in performance.

        With 21+ you can do some oversampling I guess… but 16.. you would end up with a 2-3mpix distilled image.

        • dss

          In fact if they keep the sensor sizes the same but keep bumping the mpix count up we are going to see a decrease in quality.. unless they is a breakthrough in BSI tech to the point where the pixel sizes doesn’t matter anymore.. but I don’t even know if that is possible.


          wouldn’t the longer exposure time allow a 16mp sensor to capture more data for oversampling?
          i dont think physically bigger pixels is the way to go, smaller compact pixels gather more detail than larger pixels.

          • dss

            Exactly .. that’s why all the DSLRs shoot at 1.1 microns.

          • Noki

            You should go and learn a bit about how it works 🙂
            Iterferometry tricks will only take soo far

    • CyberAngel

      808 Pureview 1 combined with 920 OIS
      Lumia 1808 41 Megapixel with OIS
      LightField 9 focuslevels (3×3) = 38 Mpix/9 = 4,5 Mpix
      High Dynamic Range with interleaved exposure (½ the pixels)
      we need twice as fast Sensor & image-APU
      QHD recording in interleaved mode
      STEP 2
      with twice the size lens opening the sensor would get optimal light for it’s size (4xmore)
      These can be achieved without building a brand new sensor+APU unit
      new optics are need in the STEP 2 when larger opening is applied

  • MOOking

    you can only use i design soo many times before it gets stale….N9/950 where great cause there where two different designs….this is getting boring….and becoming worse then the iphone in reusing the same stupid design…..all the lumia’s are boring cause of the UI nd now it’s getting worse cause of the constant regurgitated design…….jeez they did it before with the 5800 Xpress music…it’s boring cause they are lazy and have no more of that high level of creativity like they did with symbian and meego cause they are hog tied and are microsoft’s bitches

  • Keith too

    Pretty nice–I would buy it. Judging by the minority but still significant percentage of people who prefer the smaller HTC 8X over the Lumia 920 I think Nokia should release at least 2 fully-loaded flagships per cycle. One around 4.3″ and another around 4.7″ but tighten up the form factors for both them. Both the 900 and the 920 seem bigger that what they should be and the 920 could have handled at 4.7″ at its size.

  • Allawi

    Nice design. Nokia should make these phones

  • nusantara

    *Sparkling eyes* that greenish color scheme….look very attractive indeed

  • javid

    Very nice concept. Agreed – this guy should be hired by someone, soon.


    very nice design, i would buy it over the 920, if it was available,

  • Simo

    Nice work (lot’s of time put into it), but the design is nothing special at all. blotchy and inorganic to be Nokia. Nokia’s real designs are so much more slick and innovative. This looks more like an Android device to me. Also, why are the symbols on the search and back buttons so huge in all the concepts I’m seeing?

    • Simo

      Also, the color goes against Nokia’s inherent polymer principle. It’s painted over on the surface in these.

  • Paul Grenfell

    Now we are talking.. wake me when it arrives,

    • rhodnie

      wow fantastic design

  • Mutumba Sowed

    This is an awesome design. I like the fact that It is also possible to have a dedicated audio chip / amplifier with in the audio thingy without having to worry about the size of the actual phone. You really need a good one to power those beats head phones.

  • Mark V

    Good Job! Now bring qwerty keyboard,PV ph 1+2, file manager, HDMI, 32gb + microSD, fm/hd radio support, all in one package 😀
    Now what about a hybrid WP8/Windows 8 RT Communicator? Only they can do it! 😉

  • torcida

    Very nice…

    PureView phase 1+2* would be awesome – and my next phone!! 😉

    * 1/1,2″ sensor + f/2.0 + OIS

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  • Noki

    no so great, there was another dude that published epic designs IMO…

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  • Sam

    Excellent, colors are awesome, quad,5″,wp8,16mp pure view cam, awesome features if it really gets launched i’m the first to pick it up

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