MyDreamNokia #73: Nokia Apen Slim WP8 Concept

| December 15, 2012 | 14 Replies


Reader, EagleEye shares his concept design for MyDreamNokia #73, it’s called the Nokia Aspen. It aims to build on the Fabula design, accentuating the slim and symmetrical.

About the concept, Nokia has hit the jackpot with N9/L800/900/920 design which is stunning with all the simplicity and clean looks they feature. What pleases one’s eyes is of course subjective matter, but I tried to hone those magnificent designs even further. It’s not just about being thinner, but also about symmetric position of the display (that was missing from L920), symmetrical convex profile of the body, corners and their finishing, and above all – matte colors over glossy.
If I had to name it, I’d call it Nokia Aspen.
I’m not sure if my name is sent with this email, but if it’s shown, I’d ask, if you decide to feature this concept on your site, that you do not use my name there for privacy issues.
Keep up the great blog, and best regards,
-fellow reader EagleEye

MNBaspen_whiteCheers EagleEye for the tip!



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  • I like the symmetry, but the side looks like the iPhone

  • Maybe

    looks like Fabula design married with X6
    with the side of old Nokia feature phone can’t recall the number…

  • jammy

    Nice design…… But nokia will never make this type of phone, because they hate to make slim phones……

    • Maybe

      Not that they hate it(to make slim phones) just that when Nokia makes slim phone, there will be flaw with the phone somehow…
      That’s why Nokia only make thick phone to avoid any defects in terms of hardware…

  • qromodynmc

    Sorry sir,But as an amateur designer,I didnt Like it,I want to make concept design,But I dont have enough time :/ (F*cking exams.)

  • Marcelo Velazquez

    Looking at this,I want a Lumia with the X7 design.

    • nabkawe


  • sof

    I like the arch of colorful material that the earpiece is in. Nice detail.

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    rounding glass (top and bottom) it was daring to do 😉
    I think the back is a bit identical to the current Lumias

  • MNhut

    It’s ugly lol… It looks like the phone is making a sad face “:(” !
    I hope Nokia will release a 5 inch phone with its fabula design : a big 920 with PV1 + PV2 and capacitive buttons that “disappear” (as seen in S3 or Noté II for e.g). It will look like a really big N9 😉

  • Vikas Patidar

    Rounding screen shape at top at bottom seems confused to me. Actually sometimes device screen looks convex and sometimes concave.

  • SoftSpiker

    Hideous design. Looks like it would be uncomfortably slim, plus it’s just ugly. Although I do like the N8 style lockswitch, if that’s what it is.

  • JGrove303

    It looks okay, but loses function versus the 920. And then it has an appearance of a smaller display and still large bezels. I can’t imagine the glass has equal or better strength at the corners as the 920. Then the balance is off, I’m sure.

    looks more like a successor to an HTC.

    lets call it a work in progress.

  • Awsome, Nice, love it <3