Video: Writing NFC tags for Nokia Lumia 920

| December 16, 2012 | 5 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 08.10.36In this video we can see Camb078 demo a few programmable NFC tags for his Nokia Lumia 920.


Watch how they can activate apps, set destinations for directions, dial numbers etc and so much more depending on your imagination. Another tip I’ve read from our readers is duplicating NFC tags of NFC music devices. This way you can place that tag, say, on your door and pair up before even going into your room.

Some tags that are not app dependent, e.g. the BT NFC pairing one, should work on other NFC devices like the 808/C7/701/N9.

by Camb078




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  • jammy

    Jay, I think you’re using Lumia 920, for more than 2 weeks, and I’m pretty sure that till now you must have explored every features of Lumia 920; so why not start some post on your experience with different features of Lumia 920 till now……….

  • DesR85

    I am aware that there are those who find this useful, but it looks like a gimmick to me after watching that video.

    • twig

      I see it as a whole new industry. We currently advertise local businesses in a print with picture, maybe, way and their print address. With using nfc, we can save the customer time and headache, which may end in lost business, a quicker means of drawing that customer by including a nfc tag that shows direction using “here” maps. So simple, so fast, its beautiful. Think about it, these boards all across London with PureView picture of sites and businesses, not too many per board, that show everyone through the beauty of pictures someplace they might want to go, but now with a nfc’d map on their smartphone. An easy sell to local government as most are made up of business people. A cut for the local government or business that let’s you put up the board and the businesses that advertise on the board pay a monthly fee. Soon a new millionaire is created in London. Go public so Google, Facebook or Microsoft buy you out for an insane amount of money.

      • DesR85

        That may be possible in a developed country, but here in Malaysia, I have yet to see a single business (local or international) use an NFC tag. The most I’ve seen are QR codes, which only trigger its website when scanned.

        But you do have a point that there is potential in NFC, and I agree here, but I think it will take a while for businesses to adopt it.

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