WP 7.8 Rolling Out To Lumia 800 Devices NOW

| December 16, 2012 | 40 Replies

Hey guys, quick update as I’m posting this from my phone, but it seems that wp7.8 has started to roll out to some Lumia 800s. As usual with Nokia this is probably going to be a gradual roll out and also carrier dependant, so don’t worry if you don’t see any updates on your phone.

As a reminder this update mainly brings the new start screen, new accent colors, Bluetooth sharing for lumias and some other Lumia exclusive features such as a ringtone maker and cinemagraph (will probably come as an app update later).

So anyone get the update yet?

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  1. harsh doshi says:

    nope nothing here….. unlocked lumia..so shouldn’t it be the first one to be getting it??

  2. lamine says:

    Do you know if 7.8 will get the 8.0 screen cap ability?

    • Viipottaja says:

      AFAIK, not. May I ask, are you a blogger or a developer or something like that? I.e. why is the feature important for you? :)

      • thedead1440 says:

        You mean only bloggers or developers require it? FWIW its not on the 800 I updated yesterday but on my N9 i use it whenever I need it for showing something that’s on my screen…Sometimes while on the go I forget to set the output of a command in terminal to a .txt or .log so a screen-shot helps when I’m in a relaxed env to debug it instead of having to do it again…

        Neither am I a blogger or developer so what’s your excuse? This is a basic feature let’s not make excuses for it ;)

        • Just Visiting says:

          Doesn’t sound like he’s making an ‘excuse’ – it is a simple question as to why the function is needed or wanted, or why it is used by anyone outside of those roles.

          Apparently, your example for your use seem beyond the scope of what is typical of people who use their phone primarily for calls, texting, and internet browsing.

        • Viipottaja says:

          Ok. Sorry for asking. ;)

          Then again, I guess you won’t be using a terminal etc. on the 800? Or is it possible through some hacking?

          No excuses, just always trying to understand what people use a particular feature for, and how common or not such use case scenarios might be. Just curiosity, nothing more really.

      • harsh doshi says:

        vii..i agree to him(thedead1440) on this..but what made you think only devs require it…even I use it a lot on my e6 were an app helps me do it…I found it quite annoying at times of absence of it..but yeah not a big deal tho!

        • Just Visiting says:

          Perhaps because it is not something that requested by mainstream users?

          I’ve used the feature on my N8 only because an app was free and I wanted to see what how it worked – used it only twice in the 1.5 years I used the N8.

          I couldn’t care less if this function comes with 7.8 or any variant of the WP OS; I will continue to happily use my Lumia 900.

          • dazz says:

            Because you don’t need it doesn’t mean nobody does. I used it at least once a month on my previous phone, and i consider myself as a mainstream user

        • Viipottaja says:

          Hi, what kind of uses/purposes you use it for? Again, just trying to understand the use case scenarios, no hidden agenda, promise. :)

    • JudaZ says:

      no screencapture on 7.8 right now atleast. Run it on my Lumia 800

  3. ady says:

    me still not yet. :)
    International Unit

  4. nickzer says:

    I have flash my lumia 800 with APAC FW region india
    i find ringtone maker and bluetooth share, but i cant fins cinemagraph and screenshoot

  5. WhiteAdy says:

    I didnt know you had your own blog :D Its awesome and looks like a charm on mobile :D keep it up! I’ll try to spread it around whenever I can ;)

    • WhiteAdy says:

      Oops! That was meant to be a reply @Ali’s post about sideloading

      • AliQudsi says:

        Thanks, yeah I started it a while back as a side project, I don’t post news as much as I do updates, how tos, impressions etc. or my videos, plus I try to keep it even more personal and informal than even mnb.

  6. WhiteAdy says:

    Yeah I liked how you do posts about everything from ipads to pc games (Im really tempted to play that “Rebooted” NFS Most Wanted :p ) to Lumias (quite surprised how “tinker-able” they actually are) to Jordanian politics and animal rights :D I’m a fan already haha

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Haha Yeah, I just cover whatever is relevant to me, Pageviews aren’t important to me so it gives me more freedom to mess around have more fun, glad you liked it :)

  7. virobloc says:

    Not yet in Spain :(
    I have an unlocked Cyan Lumia 800

  8. Ned says:

    Nothing in Perth, Australia yet (optus)

  9. Mihail says:

    Good morning,

    I apologize for yesterday’s post. It seems that Google Translate does not translate at all well in your language.
    Until I find a viable solution, I will express in English. I apologize pemntru it is not a lack of respect.

    So the internet exploded because news occurred here last night.
    Everybody’s talking about WP 7.8.
    I have a subscription Lumia 800 at Orange Romania.
    I asked, any minute now, the people at Orange Romania about updating wp 7.8.
    He said they have received, but now a test and may not indicate a time will give way to subscribe.
    That’s it!
    Now some questions:
    - Can perform update only Orange?
    - If I use Zune, more are “bound” to Orange?
    - How do I know / find the update and came to me, check the zune?
    You can answer me in your language, Google translate quite accurately, has little slippage.
    I wish you happy update :)


  10. Mihail says:

    So: Orange Romania told me that they received the update, but test it. Did not indicate a date.
    I was wondering and Microsoft Romania.

    Update happy! :)

  11. LouieO says:

    no updates yet in The Philippines…

  12. S says:

    How will we know that the phone is ready to update. Do we just connect to zune and it wll be done ya what is the procedure I so want it :)

  13. Raja says:

    Guys the blue tooth transfer can be used to send pics , music only between nokia lumia phones or any phone I mean android , blackberry ?

  14. Mjee says:

    No screenshot app in the Philippines too. I might have to buy a cheap Samsung Galaxy Y just to use a screenshot app. It’s all I want from my Lumia 800, now this totally sucks.

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