Video: Nokia 808 vs Lumia 920 OIS test

| December 16, 2012 | 31 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 22.06.20Marc from the PureViewClub compares his Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 920 video stabilisation.


I’ve not really had much of a problem with the 808 in terms of shakes (well, unless walking/running) but this video really does show how much of a difference OIS makes on the 920. The 920 looks like it’s just floating.

I think the car’s shakes exaggerate the shakes you’d normally get if trying to get handheld shots.

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  • Janne

    There are no highlights or innovations in the 920.


  • rich

    @janne, I think that comment it’s wrong, the 920 is full of innovation. What would be more accurate to say would be there are no highlights or innovations in the Windows os

    • Janne

      Well, it was sarcasm (or a bad joke) on my part. 🙂

      As for innovation in Windows Phone, I think there are some great ides in the Microsoft user experience, but also nice Nokia-brought software features there too…

      However, clearly OIS is one of the major hardware innovations in the Lumia 920 (in addition to super sensitive touch and wireless charging). None may be technology firsts, but they are mainstream firsts in a smartphone.

      • everlfr

        Are they game changers? No! Just a few nice features but no WOW factors. And Nokia needs WOW factors to become the top dog again. Just saying.

        • arts

          I guess everybody ha e a different idea of what a WOW factor is .

        • qromo

          yeah,8 core processsor is the wow factor hah?

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  • Cain

    I’d trade 920 OIS for the truer/crispier/brighter color representation on 808 anytime of the day.

    • StefanP

      I like true colours. True or not true, in this comparison the 920 looks much better for me. The sky is blue, which it certainly was. All the white and brightness is too much for the 808. The branches look so detailed on the L920!

    • AreOut

      you don’t have to trade anything, VirtualDub + DeShaker filter (both free) will make your videos stabilised as with hardware OIS, look up for instructions on google

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Guys really it’s time to do more Nokia vs HTC vs Samesung vs Apple instead of more of these Nokia vs. Nokia. We get it, 808 big sensor, 920 stabilizer. The random Google searches would appreciate it.

    • Janne

      I think unfortunately it is the divided Nokia fans themselves that are the reason behind comparisons like this. The whole “true Nokia with 808/N9” vs. “that false Lumia Nokia” social construct that is going on still.

      One reason for Feb11 to have been handled different, definitely. That created a lot of bad blood. But I think also, one reason for us to look in the mirror and consider maybe letting it go – it has been almost two years now…

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        Feb 11. is a part of this religion. It’s more like a holy event.

        Some nokia fans keep telling that you have to believe. Believe that Meego was destined to succeed. Believe that Elop is evil.

        It’s a religion.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Those that can’t move forward live sad, sad lives. They need to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

  • Hui

    808 is unbeatable in day ligth

    • Janne

      For mobile phone photography, 808 is of course the best in daylight.

      For moving video shooting, 920 is apparently ways better though.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        Yes, I can’t believe how great the 808 is in daylight. It’s just really great.

        With low light the 920 probably beats it just because even 4S is able to do that when it comes to the ease of use in low light.

        • mirco

          You haven’t actually watched the movie from above, have you?

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            I have. Why?

            I remember reading that it’s the sensor size that matters before anything else.

            That’s why the image quality of the 808 just has to be great!

            Oh wait, it isn’t?

            • mirco

              Is my irony detector faulty or do you really ignore the miserable dynamic range of the 808 here?

              • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                Think about it.

                When 808 was released, every problem with it was ignored by repeating the fact that it has a huge sensor.

                So, the 808 has to be the best in everything because it has still that huge sensor. Very sound fanboy logic, eh?

                • mirco

                  So it was a faulty irony detector 😉

    • mirco

      How can you ignore that the 808 is totally over exposed. The dynamic range of the 808 is certainly one of its weakest parts. I hope that a PureView 3 would address this issue. There is a lot room for innovation on this side…

  • Carbontubby

    One looks like it’s on Steadicam, the other looks like something from a GoPro with bad jitter. Sorry but the 808’s footage is unwatchable while the 920 clip looks eerily smooth.

  • zymo

    Lumia 920: Less shaky, but mediocre image quality

    Nokia 808: shaky videos, but superb image quality (way crisper, more details)

    Which one is better? Depends on your preferences.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      808 easily drops frames while zooming and panning. That should be improved.

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  • MOOking

    omg Nokia is soo innovative…we just made a camera pick up more light in the dark and a stabilizer……every Nokia has video stabilizing option…it’s not new as well as night mode to take in more light via software and hardware ….so what makes the 920 so innovative if they have had those features in almost every model they’ve made

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