Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 620 coming to India First Week of January?

| December 17, 2012 | 27 Replies

qxo138I’m a little weary regarding the knowledge of online Nokia Care chat, but it’s at least something to go on rather than nothing.


Rishabh was speaking to Nokia Care asking when the 920/820/620 would appear in India. Rahul from Nokia Care responds that it would be first week of January.

264stvbCheers Rishabh for the tip!



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  • harsh doshi

    read dis before…somewhere else hope this is true…fingers crossed! 🙂

  • KT

    I am straight away look for L620, its quite a nice package within affordable range.

  • manu

    There is not much point in launching 920 and 820 in india.but 620 can be nokia’s trump card against samsung and micromax in india.

    • Vedhas Patkar

      Perhaps not much point when newer/better Lumias are coming in Feb. Although, it’d have prevented many from buying the S3/Note 2,etc if they had launched it during Diwali. An opportunity wasted if you ask me.

  • Drlebba

    My friend in Nokia care informed that he was having his lumia with windows 8 training next week. So the news is true

  • Kiran

    I got my uncle in the UAE to get it for Dhs. 2500 (~Rs. 37k)… couldn’t wait longer!

  • rishabh

    i tipped these pics 1st on mynokiablog only. Well it seems nokia care is now telling us that lumia 620 is coming in 4th week of january not first

  • Sanjay

    Dude you really think Nokia would tell you the actual dates of their device launch in india before they launch it publicly? I don’t think so. No mobile company would tel u.Nokia 920 and 820 are launching first and its getting launch before christmas.Nokia 620 will be launching after dat. Here in India mobile devices are usually launced before any festival. Let me remind you Apple launching their iphone 5 few days before diwali. The reason why they have kept the dates mystery because they want to release the dates just a day before they ship their devices to india. So also they are building hype for Nokia lumia 920 device which is considered to be the best windows 8 phone and having unique features


    I also chatted with Nokia Care.
    620 will be release next week(last week of December) Price(13k to 15k)
    820& 920 first week of Jan-13 1st week.Price 820(19K to 23) 920(25k to 30).
    So decide what u want.
    I will get 820

    • Navarurh

      Are you dead sure about this….i need to buy this phone before i go back to college…..

    • Pavankumar

      Hey dude,are you sure about the release of Lumia 620 in December??I read somewhere that it would ne in Jan last week.

    • gaurav

      if lumia 920 is about 25k to 28k , straightaway i will go with it …………………….. otherwise lumia 820 for 20k or lumia 620 for around 15k ……………………………………………………….

  • Pavankumar

    Hey dude,are you sure about the release of Lumia 620 in December??I read somewhere that it would ne in Jan last week.

  • pandu

    Probably samsung era of 2yrs going to end with the release of nokia lumia 620
    It is the best phone

  • Neo

    @ Pawan kumar yaar i have talk to nokia executive he told me that nokia lumia 620 launches in jan last week ….so wait for some more time.

  • Anand

    Does anyone know the correct releasing date of lumia 620??

  • vinodkumar shetty

    Nokia lumia 620 and 820 price??? and do they have notification, task manager, clear memory and phome memory status?????????

  • akshit patel

    lolzz guys u said it will coming to india on 1st week of jan..and see its gone..and still the phone is not available in india…and yeah the price of 820 will be around 25 to 27k not less than that and 920 for 32 to 35k..for sure..
    guys we need the true dates….and now if u ask the nokia guys they say that it will be available by 17th of hope for the best..

  • Dinkz

    My frnd said that Nokia 920 and 820 are avilable at Bangalore ( dont know which Mall) , price is Rs.39000 for 920 and Rs.31000 for 820….

  • Dinkz

    My friend said that Nokia lumia 920 and 820 are now available at Bangalore ( dnt know which mall), for Rs.39000 for 920 and Rs.31000 for 820

  • Ananya

    i ve also confirmed the price of lumia 920 in india is between 25000 to 30000.
    Its launching date is 11 jan and quiker banglore selling lumia 920 at a price of 27000 without bill and with bill it is 29000…

    • akshit patel

      ananya pl share the link here showing the same…

  • viv

    920 will be launched tomorrow and 620 launch is delayed due to production problem

  • Trickygenius

    Nokia lumia 620 seems great, with real value for money features. Waiting for its release and subsequent performance reports!
    Have plans of buying one by Jan end.

  • Trickygenius

    any better options in this price range, if we consider the contemporary available ones?

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