My Dream Nokia #76: Nokia Lumia K WP8 Concept with 30MP 1/1.2“ PureView Camera, 5″ screen

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MNBlumia KAnother very interesting looking concept for My Dream Nokia. #76 is the Nokia Lumia K, complete with a large 5″ screen and modest hump for a 30MP PureView camera.

This was created by Jack Tang who included a thorough information pack below. The K takes some inspiration from the Fabula/N9/800/900/920 design but makes some marked changes, such as the very slim tapered edges curving to a unified hump (for the big camera)

MNBlumia K02


•    Dimension: 143mm x70mm x 12mm
•    Primary: 30 megapixels
•    camera sensor size: 1/1.2“
•    Camera: Nokia PureView
•    Display size: 5”
•    Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
•    Internal memory: 2000 MB
•    Mass memory: 64GB

Nokia Lumia 920 is a very good smart phone. I like the body design, the pureview function, and IS .But in my view, it can be better, compare with Lumia 920, I am more look forward the next Lumia . Below is my concept,. My dream Nokia phone calls Lumia K. K is mean thousand obviously.

Like I said, I very like Lumia 920 , so Lumia K ‘s design is base on 920. Hope can improve the weakness point on Lumia 920.

1.      Body design.

The shell of Lumia 920 provides good protection. Many violent video show how tough it is! But I notice that the corners of phone would have obvious damage when it was hit. So I design to use soft crashworthy Material to protect the corners.

The shell is changeable on Lumia K. it make the phone has more variations.

e.g. we can launch some shell with difference type of tens for the phone camera.

We know Lumia 920 looks big. If I want add a 5”screen and 1/1.2” sensor for the phone, it must bigger. The thickness of Lumia K is 12mm. it is very bulky compare with other phones. So I try to reduce the thickness of the phone’s edges, including top edge and bottom edge, and just camera part is bulge. But not like Pureview 808 or HTC One X. their camera bulge make the phone cannot laying flat on the table. So I don’t prefer their way.

2.      Screen: 5” 720P

Since galaxy note has appearance, 5”up screen is poplar in market.

And 5” screen will become a conventional in next year.

1080p also will become a conventional, but I don’t think it is necessary.

300ppi is good enough for human eye. So 400ppi up is useless.

I prefer save the cost and battery instead of uses 1080p screen.

3.      Camera : 1/1.2” sensor , 30 megapixels

Lumia 920 has great camera function call Pureview. But 920 just uses a 8.7 megapixals ,1/3” sensor is waste the Pureview. So I want the Lumia K has at least 30 megapixel and add the over sampling function.

Lumia 920 makes take photo become easier. But I think many users want more. Lumia K has App to provide the professional setting. E.g Aperture, Shutter, Exposure… it makes the Lumia K to be a the greatness camera function compare with other phones.

Hope you guy like it.


Jack Tang


About My Dream Nokia

About “My Dream Nokia”

I’m sure you’ve dreamt up your PERFECT Nokia device/UI. What it would look like, what it would feel like, what features it would have. Why don’t you share it with the world? Or at least with other Nokia fans :D .

It could be your own photoshopped or rendered work (seriously, you don’t need mega skills in either, basic paint job is often enough to convey a concept) of your dream product.

SEND this in similarly to with the title “My Dream Nokia” and perhaps the model number (and a little description, maybe a few specs in the message area? Though this bit not necessary).

Who knows, maybe an image might flutter over to Nokia and through whatever route end up being real.

Cheers Jack!



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