Nokia Lumia 920T tops Amazon China’s best seller’s list?

| December 17, 2012 | 20 Replies

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Yesterday, Ali let us know that the Nokia Lumia 920 was selling more units than the iPhone 5 on Amazon China.


Today, whilst iPhone drops down to number 10, Nokia Lumia 920 goes the other direction and heads on over to number 1.

This only suggests the Nokia Lumia 920 is doing ok. We will hold our fingers crossed that they’re translating into direct sales.

Cheers @EasycapExpertti for the tip!


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  • ShadowLFC

    Seeing as GSMArena are reporting that the iPhone 5 sold 2mill in it’s first weekend in China then the 920T sales must be excellent

    • Not necessarily.

      1) Amazon China is one retailer.
      2) Apple doesn’t seem to have iPhone 5 supply problems. Nokia does.

      But we can only hope it produces decent sales since it is a very excellent phone in comparison to the competition right now.

      • rafaelinux

        iPhones haven’t been brought over to Uruguay in quantities larger than 200 units per “wave” yet.People have been reserving them since september with arrival dates on january and february..

    • Peter L

      Wrong conclusion from this evidence.

      Apple has it’s own retail channels like Apple Stores.

    • Janne

      Obviously these numbers are not in any way indication of Lumia 920T outselling iPhone 5 in China or anywhere else, other than apparently

      Put things into perspective, this is just small good news from one retailer, not major good news. I doubt Lumia 920 in any variant will get anywhere near iPhone 5 numbers.

      We have to be realistic about the availability and possible sales trajectory for Lumia.

  • jefferyleo

    It’s AMAZING!! Lumia 920 FTW!

  • Janne

    “Temporarily out of stock” there too.

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  • Honestly
  • KT

    Iphone 5 sold 2 million last week and lumia topping that one means lumia should have above 2 million number. But i seriously doubt that. Soon we will see sold out largely due to production constrain.

    • Peter L

      No it does not mean that!

      The retail channels in question are completely different, Amazon vs. Apple stores. The 2M sold iPhones does not have anything to do with the expected Lumia sales. Lumia sales in China will be much less than 2M. Hell, the whole stock of Lumia 920 in Amazon China could be just 5k devices.

    • Keith too

      So you’re leaping to the conclusion that all iPhone sales in China are on Amazon–obviously not! I think it is far more likely that the Chinese prefer to buy their phones at the retailers and home grown sites and only a small fraction of their sales are on Amazon.

  • sdf

    nokia fan, your lumia cheap purrview is not that great to kill iphone

    • Prashant, no one said anything like that.

      • viktor von d.


  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

    and Clove now says new stock expected mid January. Again though not proof of anything it is a good indication

  • anon2

    Well China mobile plans to sell around 100 million TD-LTE handsets in 2013, which has to be good for both Microsoft and Nokia.

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  • Goc

    I don’t mind news most of the time but this is pretty much the same story as before and reading it in less than a day seems pretty odd. And whether the Lumia 920 is 1st or 100th in that list means very little, for two reasons:
    1) Amazon is pretty much irrelevant in China, there are far larger online stores over there.
    2) That list changes every hour, it’s not indicative of anything. I’m certain that in a few hours it will change again and the Lumia will not be first anymore, and then it will be 1st again and so on.
    Will you make another post every time that list changes?

  • mkrijt

    OK, it’s sold out…