Screenshots: Nokia Lumia 920 NAM OTA Update

| December 20, 2012 | 23 Replies

MNBwp_ss_20121219_0004Jason has kindly shared some screenshots he’s taken from his Nokia Lumia 920 after the update became available for his device.

This is the first time OTA has been available for Windows Phone. I generally prefer to update over PC myself (just out of habit I guess) and I guess that option will be welcome to those without WiFi/Data plans. Jason says his update went without a hitch.

Hey, Jay, Jason here. Thought I’d share some screen caps with you and everyone else of the North American Market (AT&T) Update. Indeed, there is a Nokia specific
Update wrapped in there, so far I think it might just be the additional settings for sunlight legibility and brightness during battery saver mode. I still need to dig around a bit, but my impression thus far is great.

It went off without a hitch and all my content and settings were perfectly intact.  I’ll send another email when/if I notice anything else. I’m not sure how to look at the upgrade history change log and I don’t feel like this is it for updates. Zero mention of any kind of PR1.1


MNBwp_ss_20121219_0002 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0005 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0007 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0008 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0009 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0010 MNBwp_ss_20121219_0011

Cheers Jason for the tip!

Updates to things like extras, audio etc (Nokia apps) may also appear outside the update (I think my 920 was trying to push some Nokia app updates).




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  • stylinred

    tried to update my dads phone all it did was hang on the “searching for updates” portion :/

    • M

      It has to be fully charged in order to update.

    • Viipottaja

      perhaps you have had it, iirc, unlocked?

  • lstrike

    Wanted to chime in really quick and confirm I received the OTA and it went of without a hitch as well.

    First thing I did was test the camera. The softness issue with the daytime photography is gone. Detail is where I would have hoped it would be day one.

    Thank you Nokia!!!!

    • woohoooooooooooooooo! now we only need a setting for separate volume levels for ring/alert tones against music/video playback. like old nokia phones have

  • Mark

    Oh right. This is the update I have to wait over 6 weeks for despite having a carrier unlocked 820, isn’t it?

    Gee thanks, Nokia!

    Another potentially good news message blundered.

    • Luis C.

      Indeed. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I also have (in Germany) the unlocked 920, constantly rebooting and i’ll have to wait till February. Why exactly i dunno. maybe in the mean time i’ll stop recommending it to people like i’ve been doing so far…

      • Mazze

        Yep, same here. Also from Germany, unlocked phone. I thought the whole purpose of using a non-fragmented OS was to roll out updates to all users AT THE SAME TIME. This is no better than Android, only Android has Spotify and a decent WhatsApp version. Happy blurry X-mas picks! Must also suck for Nokia to have 2 sets of pics floating around the web. One with decent quality and the other ones way too soft. I also had to sent in my phone to have some proximity sensor issues fixed that wouldn’t allow me to hang up on calls anymore, which kinda ate into my data plan. Perhaps I should’ve picked up the Nexus 4 for 350€ instead. If something is wrong there, you can at least argue that you made a bargain when you bought it but with such a high-end phone as the Lumia 920 it just doesn’t feel right to get a crucial update 2 MONTHS LATER than some others out there, especially on an unlocked phone.

        • Viipottaja

          So you would have all variants wait for the last one to be ready – and where would you stop? The carrier/country variant launched yesterday in country x, or perhaps we should wait for the country/carrier variant in country y to be released in three weeks from now? 😉

          • Mazze

            Start off by releasing the firmware for unlocked phones. That should be the basis for the operator twisted versions anyway.

            Why are there different firmwares for different countries? If I purchase Windows for a desktop computer I can also buy one in the US and then simply change the language to German. What’s so different on a phone? The only thing I can think of is the frequency bands, but then simply support all bands in all firmware versions and you should be good.

            • Viipottaja

              I know next to nothing about software etc. but my understanding is that such embedded software as a mobile phone OS is much harder to get right, not least because of the many different kind of radios involved etc.

              Why would they start with the version that has probably sold the least? 🙂 I suspect carrier versions are the ones selling most of the volume.

              • Mazze

                Hmm, I’m not an expert on software either, just guessing. Perhaps it would help if Nokia could at least explain the situation. For me the most important update is about the camera and I’m a bit disappointed not to be able to take advantage of the improved picture quality over the Xmas break.

    • Viipottaja

      I think/hope they are just going in the order of versions and country variants that were first released (US and Canada got the 920 first) and move on from there.

  • Donie

    Found this when I tried to find out more about the updates:

    take a look onto the version mentioned in this article.

  • Sal

    Okay…downloaded it also…was experiencing extreme brightness gor a while outside, that went away when I came inside…dunno what that is.

    The good news is I last charged 12 hours ago…it would not have been possible pre-update 🙂

  • Sonny

    So is that all audio levels the same thing for profiles,music videos now been sorted out

    • JGrove303

      As far as I can tell, it flattens the peak volume of all media to one level. So, how loud a podcast is versus an audio track versus a video will be the same. Similar to an option on most tvs now that keeps that obnoxious commercial from from being absurdly louder than your regular program.

  • d12south

    Really stupid to post this kind of news.. This phone is impossible to get unlocked in any country.. all supply is back ordered.. only available color is black.. 2012 holiday season oportunity for nokia to sell many smartphones – FAIL..

    really sad to that they cannot satisfy demand for this item.. many people will simply go and buy another phone ..

  • Jycroisencore69

    Bought my 920 in Helsinki two weeks ago (sold out everywhere, so had to to preorder at the flagship store, but it only took a day), since not available in Belgium before mid-Jan. Sooo happy with my red beauty! No probs so far, but damned to wait until Feb for updates…

  • JGrove303

    I haven’t had any device issues so to speak, and mine is one of the first AT&T 920s out of the gate. No proximity sensor issues, no wireless charging issues, no Bluetooth issues and no sudden battery drain issues. I have dropped my device multiple times and everything works perfect.

    I can’t imagine the devices having random failure, but it does seem the unlocked variants are exhibiting the most issues. I’ve only had 1 auto reboot, and I’m curtain it was caused by 3rd party app.

    • JGrove303

      Also, releasing updates all at once would be great, and I am sorry that your versions are not ready. However, making others wait while theirs are ready is friggin’ stupid, especially considering bandwidth limitations from servers. Rolling out as ready is more economical, more fluid faster. Symbian ^3 updates were ridiculously slow to roll out, so I am quite happy with the frequent updates and shortly after device laugh, not everything all at once, 6 months + down the road.

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