Asha 308 Camera Test (Hint: It’s Not Good)

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You amy recall that a couple months abck we took a look at the Asha 302 in SmartPhoneLiteWeek (A week where I only used the 302 as my primary phone); which included a camera test- the bottom line of which was that the Asha 302 was a superb chooter in terms of money to quality; as wella s in general being a great feature phone camera. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with the Asha 308, in fact it’s the total opposite, where as the Asha 302 was fun to use in terms of a camera (since it was constantly surprisingly); with the 308 I could barely wait to get done of snapping images and getting back inside… that bad.

Although honestly the picture quality isn’t too bad the video is a complete failure (it would have been better off not being able to capture video- honestly). The Asha 302 has a 3.2 MP camera that filmed video in 480p (very impressive for feature phone standards) along with some great audio capture. The 308 has some acceptable audio recording in video mode but a stomach hurling video capture of 240p- check out the video below; but you have been warned:

Compare that quality to the Asha 302’s video, I can’t see why they couldn’t replicate the same abilities, quite disappointing really:

Photo’s are pretty decent and look good on anything less than your average 13″ screen

(Check out the 302’s photo gallery here:





Taken at full zoom






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