Video: Instagram for Windows Phone; Via Metrogram

| December 23, 2012 | 31 Replies


One of the major obstacles blocking Windows Phone’s success is the lack of the uber-popular photo sharing social network, Instagram. Love it or hate it, people use it; and I know several people who were interested in the Lumia but stopped the moment they heard there is no Instagram for it. So until Instagram get their act together (and accept the ridiculous amount of money Microsoft have probably offered them) then it’s up to 3rd party developers to make semi-working apps for Instagram (just like Meego with Instago).

The solution for Windows Phone (both 7 & 8) comes in the form of Metrogram, a 3rd party reader and semi-publisher client for Instagram, that can view, like, comment, follow, unfollow and do jus tabout everything Instagram on iOS and android can; except for uploading new pictures :/ . But it is a start.

Metrogram is free to download on Windows Phone 7 &8 so if you’re an Instagram user pick it up at the link below:





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