Kid’s Corner Feature in Windows Phone Awarded “Pogie Award” by The New York Times

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Kid’s Corner, one of the new features that debuted in WP8 (which basically locks off some parts of the phone such as dialer, browser and in app purchases when activated creating a worry free environment for the kids to play Angry birds in) has been awarded a Pogie Award by the New York Times. But what the hell is a Pogie award?

We don’t award these coveted trophies to the best products of the year; everybody does that. No, the Pogies celebrate the best ideas of the year: ingenious features that somehow made it past the lawyers, through the penny-pinching committees and into real-world tech gadgets — even if the products overall are turkeys.

So basically the New York Times think Kid’s Corner is an ingenious feature, which isn’t too much of an over statement (although I’m surprised nothing like this existed before), and here’s why:

KID’S CORNER Windows Phone phones may not be flying off the shelves, but it’s not because the software isn’t any good. And Kid’s Corner is particularly inspired.

The problem: Your offspring in the back seat claims to be bored, begs you to hand over your phone. (Yes, yes, that’s right — it’s a first-world problem. But still.)

In the Windows Phone 8 software, with a quick left swipe from the Lock screen, you open Kid’s Corner, a sanitized version of the operating system that contains only apps, music and videos that you’ve handpicked in advance. Web browsing, e-mail and phone calls are off limits. So are in-app purchases.

Personally for the most inspired/innovative feature of 2012 I’d be tempted to give it to Apple’s new fusion drives (that give you the speed of an SSD, with the capacity and cheaper price of a normal HDD) IF ONLY it wasn’t introduced by Seagate about 5 years ago (or so).. So until REAL wireless charging without cables come true, I guess I’ll agree with TNYT on this one and hand it over to Kid’s Corner


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