Nokia Lumia 920 Shows Off Its Rich Recording Skills vs. HTC 8x and SGS3

| December 28, 2012 | 13 Replies

The folks at Nokia put together a little comparison, pitting the Lumia 920 vs. the WP HTC 8X and the Samsung Galaxy S3;  then had Billy Duffy from the Cult rock out while they recorded it. The results were pretty obvious as the 920 kills them with its HAAC Rich Recording capable of capturing up to 140 sdecibel (Most devices only reach 110 sdecibel).

Of course we’ve already seen the 920 vs. the 8X where the output from the 8X was honestly ear splitting, unclear and distorted beyond belief (I’m not just saying that, check out the link below for the previous video and decide for yourselves):

Lumia 920 vs. Htc 8X:


Also I Just noticed in the video Jay posted earlier today about the 822; the lady mentioned Rich Recording built-in, which is interesting since I’ve never heard that before; any with an 822 care to weigh in on the audio recording?

Thanks for the tip XKXC


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