Santa giving Nokia gifts at Airport #Nokia Lumia 920

| December 29, 2012 | 18 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 01.59.35Here’s a fun little video from NokiaHomebase that took place on Christmas Eve . At first, a 920 is put on a carousel at baggage collection waiting for an unsuspecting passenger to pick it up. That person sings jinglebells and wins a Nokia Lumia 920 (perhaps instead of calling, they could have put it on video phone already so they can ‘see’ santa? Anyway Santa comes over to give her a Nokia Lumia 920 and his harem of Mrs Clauses start dishing out some Christmas gifts.


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  1. StefanP says:

    Seems that winning one is the best way to get hold of one in Germany, given the low availability.

  2. says:

    noki look whats happening to nokia, they can’t sell the L920 and are forced to give it away for free !!!!
    oh the humanity


    • A-S-D says:

      Trolling the trolls….

    • Noki says:

      yeah because Europe used to be biggest wp market is going crazy and buying them. afik wp sales in Germany have been going down… get this into your brains people dont like WP…. Germany is the best example of that. from 5% market share to 1% since it all started.

  3. massy says:

    Why don’t they get the price down and advertise like appl

  4. Azeem says:

    I’m travelling next month from Gatwick! Nokia, please be present there. I’m going to sing the full song… Haha

  5. rustyknight17 says:

    And here I thought it a nice Christmas gesture from Nokia … ah well , Nokia`s in trouble still. HAte to say it , but I said WP wasn`t going to be more than moderately successful at best . This is why u have a plan B folks !!
    Hate to see Nokia go down , but then , I`m not a Nokia fanboy , my loyalty to Nokia was because their Belle served my needs better than any other OS , but come January 30th , looks like that will no longer be true . Looks like the 808`s my last Nokia , hello BB10 and Jolla Mobile !

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