Statcounter: Nokia Top Mobile Vendor for December 2012

| December 28, 2012 | 58 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 07.51.54Interesting bit of data from Statcounter which shows for the December 2012 period, Nokia being the number 1 manufacturer.

I’ve not looked at this section of statcounter before but I think, as usual, it’s to do with having a huge userbase to begin with (rather than sales). As much as Android and Apple has grown, Nokia has had a big head start, which is helping them maintain a lead in this chart.

Looking back at it in line format, you can see the gradual decline (both of Nokia and Apple it seems). Samsung is the only one making significant one directional growth (to be fair, they have been adapting to the market best, seeing what’s popular and going with it).


Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 08.21.37

In the last half of the year, the rate of decline seems to be more shallow, steadying off in December.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 08.23.02


Cheers Anders for the tip!



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  • Good Lord .

  • Maybe

    Nokia need a superb device every quarter to grab the top spot
    so what’s next after 920?

    • bean

      maybe a PureView phase 3, on a tablet form…

      • Maybe

        Actually I prefer if Nokia able to deliver a series of phone every quarter.
        For instant, Lumia Series in 4th quarter
        Asha Series 1st quarter
        Tablet Series 2nd quarter
        Belle Series in 3rd quarter
        MeeGo Series annually

        They can announce the devices earlier before every quarter but Nokia have to make each series available accordingly (specific series in specific quarter). This in to ensure the price of each phones in different range (low to high) of each series reduce is controllable and not overlapping each other. For example, Lumia 710 and 610 price are overlapping as 610 is newer but has lower specs compare to 710.

    • Janne

      My guesses:

      – Phase 3 PureView Lumia with OIS and tens of megapixels sensor. Big phone – Lumia 920 would still be the mainstream flagship, so this would not obsolete that so soon afterwards.

      – Lumia 922 for Verizon? Maybe with an ugly design to appease Verizon.

      – Nokia Lumia 720? (Lumia 620 with different design, bigger screen and Lumia 820/920’s CPU/RAM perhaps?)

      – Lumia Windows RT tablet with limited availability to test the waters. With a keyboard/battery cover as rumoured.

      New Asha touch devices? Something new and cool in location, location, location? Interesting new battery techology? Bendable phones?

      • Janne

        ^ These are my guesses for Mobile World Congress announcement in late February 2013.

      • every mobile company may be worried for next mobile world congress as this year Nokia Got the 41MP Nokia 808……

        maybe Bendable phones before samsung gets it and Phase 3 PureView and hoping for Lumia Windows RT tablet 😀

        • rafaelinux

          But remember Damian is not @ Nokia anymore.. The huge efforts on imagery might start to fall.. (there’s the rest of the team, though)

          • dss

            There is still a big team behind that, but its more up to Microsoft now… they are the ones who have to make that system work on Windows NT.

            • mirko

              Again and again… it’s only up to Nokia to write a driver for their DSP!

              I’m still waiting for an explanation why NT shouldn’t be capable of PureView1.

              • dss

                For that Broadcom DSP ? Good luck with that. Maybe you can explain why they haven’t presented a phase 1 phone yet… considering that the system is already in mass production.

                • mirko

                  Well, you claim that something is impossible. So you have to explain why. Your attempts so far just showed that you have no idea and simply make up things.
                  I already gave reasons why there is no “Lumia 808” yet. Certainly the most important is that it won’t sell as much as a 920/820 type of a phone because most of the people just need a camera that is good enough.

                  If you are such an expert of the WinNT kernel, please, take the opportunity and explain us why a “Lumia 808” won’t happen.

                • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                  Maybe they are designing a different form factor and prioritising different goals before building 41MP sensor for WP?

                  That super resolution was apparently not enough to make 808 a huge success. The sales have practically stopped by now.

                  PureView 1 probably requires some additional hardware so it can be done in real time, but creating some kind of software only solution is possible and I don’t really see anything in WP preventing that.

                  • AreOut

                    lol months after presentation they still didn’t include stereo recording and you are talking about real PV?!

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                      You have a good point there. Two audio channels really improves the image quality compared to one?

                      No wait…?

                  • Noki

                    the 808 is a really expensive device with a declarded dead OS 2 years ago and a not so great screen def. but I’m positive it outsold most of the Lumias, we will see in Q4

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                      It costs less than the new iPhone.

                      It’s apparent that the camera is not a super feature making the sales.

                      So, with the sluggish Symbian OS, why would Nokia get the sales with the 808 even if Symbian was not cancelled?

                      I admit that 808 has one really great feature 920 apparently misses. You can turn off the focus assist lamp. The focus assist lamp is really annoying and it’s better turned off if possible.

            • Janne

              I doubt Microsoft needs to do any more than offer Nokia the relevant “hooks” to attach to. People have been saying a lot is impossible for Nokia with WP and then the next minute they come out with just that…

              So, again, let’s not make too much out of such speculation.

              • Noki

                “People have been saying a lot is impossible for Nokia with WP and then the next minute they come out with just that…”
                “Next minute” is a huuuuuuuuuge exaggeration the problem is exactly the opposite its taking them ages to bring in basic stuff, and much of that basic stuff is still missing..

                • Janne

                  I agree it has taken Nokia time to ramp-up Lumia, but they did adopt a new platform from scratch, both in terms of hardware and software. Same for Microsoft’s 2010 WP reboot.

                  I just disagree the reason is WP makes it hard and slow for them. I think it is mostly that new things take time. Symbian got its features over a decade.

              • dss

                Yes that is all it takes… hooks. And Nokia are going to write their own drivers ?

                • mirko

                  Who do you think writes the driver for your PC hardware? Microsoft?

                • Janne

                  Yes, obviously Nokia will write their drivers, just like they did for the OIS.

          • Janne

            Whatever value you place on Damian, no way would his leaving hurt imaging efforts destined for MWC launch – it is too close, whatever he left off is too well on its way. I don’t even think his leaving will hurt future efforts that much either, because as you say, the actual team behind the inventions is in Tampere, Finland and always was, Damian was a manager in England – a good manager of course, and I’m sure he will do interesting stuff at Jaguar, but let’s not make too much of it.

      • manubharath

        I was reading this comment and didn’t notice the name.. When I read “location, location, location?” I was sure this was from Janne! 🙂

  • Francis

    Seem Nokia’s Symbian S60 & S40 still have very strong user base worldwide !

    Meanwhile, i don’t think it is due to WP Lumia which is less than 3% market share at the moment.

    • Janne

      Of course they do. Nokia still sells tens of millions of S40 devices and not so long ago Symbian was the most popular smartphone platform. That doesn’t go away overnight. The problem with Symbian was that it is not competitive for the future, no matter massively manpowered efforts by Nokia during 2007-2011. Nokia’s original plan was to try and replace it with the incompatible Symbian^4 and MeeGo (with this promise of a Qt future), now the plan is to do that with Lumia. Any of these could have succeeded or failed, of course, we don’t know…

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        Symbian was not competitive but the Nokia sheeps seem to think it was destined to succeed.

        It’s actually funny how Qt is the new religion for the Believers. There was really never any actual proof that it was going to really succeed on mobile, but the believers are praising it because they believe it was destined to succeed.

        Religions. You just have to deal with those.

        • dss

          Oh.. that’s very romantic.. good for you guys 🙂

          Symbian is software… no a 2×4 .. so I don’t want to say that anything is possible, but what you are saying is kind of extreme. I think with better management and a more time, Symbian can be the best mobile OS out there… like any other software.. it needs to be developed.

          What you are saying is that it wasn’t possible for Symbian to run on 720p screens and faster RAM.. or even support LTE.. which is really hard to believe.

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            It’s a fact that it sure is possible to make anything out of Symbian. By developing it, it can support pretty much anything a piece of software can.

            The problem was that developing Symbian cost too much, Nokia didn’t have enough time and they definitely didn’t have management skills to get the job done.

            Apple and Google seem to have the management skills. It’s actually strange how people rarely value that. It’s like most people commenting the OS development are doing that just from the programmer’s point of view. That’s only a small part of the story.

            There is no religion making Apple to sell spectacular amounts of mobile phones. Neither Symbian was selling because of religion and WP is not going to sell with or without one.

            However there are some people behaving like some phone/OS/whatever technical detail is a religion for them.

            • Zipa

              The biggest problem with Symbian would have been Maemo/Meego and S40/Meltemi. Why would Nokia have kept pouring billions into Symbian development when better alternatives did already exist in-house for both high- and low-end phones?

              The N9 is pretty much what the crappiest droids are, hardware-wise, and Ashas are being brought to market with equal/better specs than the 500-series Symbians. No idea what kind of devices Meltemi would have been planned for, but I’m pretty sure that they would’ve been a lot nicer to use than the low-end Symbians.

              I don’t know who exactly was responsible for keeping Nokia on their dead-end path with Symbian instead of going all out on Linux-based platforms, but surely he/she/they deserve the “Tech industry Douchebag of the Millenium”-award…

              • Noki

                Meltemi specks for the first devices were exactly the ones you get on ashas ( I briefly saw a mock device thst looked pretty much like one of the Ashas)… and AFIK run extremely smoothly

              • Noki

                “I don’t know who exactly was responsible for keeping Nokia on their dead-end path with Symbian” internal politics AFIK lack of strong intelligent leadership, plus symbiann people had a point…. It still sold so no point on killing it fast…I still belive that the Qt migration path was a good way to make a supposed transition, or at least to force it.
                BTW there is no fundamental rule that meant symbian had to be slow, if they had replace the entire visual stack with QT it should in theory be as efficient as Linux, in the end its the GPU doing the bulk of the work, the kernel in use as in theory limited impact on it…

                Still in Linux you get kernel development mostly for free done by the components manufacturers. so its way cheaper to develop.

                • Zipa

                  “BTW there is no fundamental rule that meant symbian had to be slow”

                  Well, yes and no. The latest EKA2 kernel did fix a lot of the issues with thread priorities, locking, scheduling and real-time processing.

                  The biggest issue (IMHO) was still unresolved. That being the fact that basically every single interaction with the OS went through a service layer, and the communication between the app and service (and between services) is asynchronous.

                  Now, like said, EKA2 kernel solved quite a lot of these scheduling problems, but it was still quite common to see that, for one reason or another, the “swipe down request” to the UI Framework to scroll down a menu was being blocked or deferred by some other service thread, which obviously resulted in a shitty user experience.

                  Replacing the UI Framework with Qt would not have done anything to abbreviate issues like this.

                  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                    Nokia was improving Symbian but I never really understood why the client server model was supposed to be so great because it obviously resulted lots of problems. That was almost the very first thought I had when I started to learn some Symbian coding back in 2002 / 2003.

                    Yes, I have heard the explanations about the benefits of the client server model, but I just never really understood if it was really so great.

                    Every single Symbian phone I have been using, has been unstable. The latest one, 808, just freezes from time to time. While the same happens probably with any phone, this has been happening way too often with Symbian phones.

                    We were told that replacing the UI with Qt was supposed to fix everything by introducing some tested components every program could use. But, if those components were built on top of the old Symbian, how was this going to make everything so great? That was another matter I didn’t understand because obviously the OS was supposed to be fixed with or without Qt because Qt was just adding a new layer on top of it / replacing some of the higher layer components.

                    Just some reasons why I was no longer able to trust Nokia what it comes to the software. In 2009 I abandoned Symbian as a mobile phone and never regretted that decision for a moment.

                    • AreOut

                      I have N8 and Sony Xperia, Xperia is restarted more times. Maybe you have bad device? Have you checked with vendor? There are people that have zero issues with stability of 808.

                      and lets see what we have here..

                      “Every single Symbian phone I have been using, has been unstable. The latest one, 808, just freezes from time to time.”

                      “Just some reasons why I was no longer able to trust Nokia what it comes to the software. In 2009 I abandoned Symbian as a mobile phone”

                      so you are a proven lier(probably funded by elop marketing team), who knows how many of these like you trolling the Internet lately…

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                      As I have said, it’s possible that small amount of Symbian phones are those miracle devices without any problems. Somehow only Nokia fans are getting those devices.

                      And what part of my message proves that I lie? Yes, I have abandoned Symbian as a mobile phone. I use iPhone to make my phone calls. I have an 808 I use to take pictures. No need to use that one as a phone.

                      If you think that people saying how Symbian phones freeze are all probably hired by Elop, that tells something very funny abut you.

            • Noki

              hey it was for the wp fan boys, “only wp can save nokia”, “there can only be one”, “wp is the only viable solution”

              I liked meego and meltemi, as I do BB10 and Joola, have nothing major against android and symbian, and tolerate WP and IOS. The only thing that pissed me of was the moronic decisions made that brought nokia into this position were its all n with a Os few people seam to care about and impotent to try anything else…

              Was Symbian a major part of the nokia problem? of course it was! Result on part of how nokia grew and how it structured itself….

              But having said that, what was done by Elop & Co is a disaster of biblical proportions. that solved nothing made tings worse, alienated Nokia of most of its skillful work force that would have the capacity to now get nokia out of this mess, and only gave WP a few more years to live…

              • dss

                Microsoft saw an opportunity and took it. It was a brilliant business maneuver, and I am pretty certain it will work out of them.

                To me.. it was obvious from the moment Elop came on stage and presented the new strategy. Nokia is going to be used for the WP strategy to gain other words.. collateral damage. Without Nokia.. Microsoft was out. Samsung don’t care, and HTC don’t have what it takes to turn things around for Microsoft. They needed someone much, much bigger.. Nokia.

                Why is Nokia playing ball.. I don’t know. Maybe one day we will know what happened, but I doubt it.

                And just to be clear.. I like Microsoft. I’ve been using their software since I can remember using a computer, and I like their products. I think Windows 8 is the best consumer operating system ever made… but what they did with Nokia wasn’t cool.. and I wouldn’t care if it was some other company.. But I really like Nokia.. or at least I liked their corporate approach more than anyone else in the industry.

            • dss

              It was costing to much because it wasn’t managed right.. bunch of people sitting there collecting paychecks.. no really the most efficient project management.

  • aw6789

    “Unknown” seems to be quite high! Wonder what secret manufacturer this is!

  • Keith too

    Since statcounter data is derived from all devices still being used regardless of when they were sold, I would assume Nokia was the top vendor by statscounter usage for given month for many years now.

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  • DJ

    One month statistics means nothing. Samsung is now king of phone market with 30% market share while Nokia is down to 24%, Nokia lost first place after 14 years.

    • Irishmarius

      Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes dont need to make the most cars in the world, they still make the best ones.

      will give Sammy credit the galaxy s3 was their first phone that did not feel like a total cheap piece of plastic. plus i feel for Samsung , getting their ass handing to them by apple in court every few months.

      but yea one month statistics mean very little, go hold a 920 in your hand and then you will know the difference, its pure quality.

  • Sam
    • dss

      They have to start giving them away for free…at least for the moment. And even then.. the galaxy series and the iPhone will outsell the lumia line at a rate of.. probably somewhere between 5-10 to 1

      • mirko

        That would mean that the SGS3 or iPhone 5 are not selling here in Germany as they are always somewhere “on sale”. You can get any of the expensive phones “for free” if you dare to pay the contract.

    • Zipa

      I know, shocking, ain’t it?!!? For the first time during the entire recorded history of all mankind has a product been sold for a discounted price after the Christmas shopping season.

      I’d say that Nokia is gone bankrupt before Jan 1 2013.

      • Noki

        Must be because all of the “overwhelming demand” issues they had.

        • Zipa

          Yea. Apple would probably never have to resort to selling their products on discount. Especially not around Thanksgiving, or so.

      • Peter

        WTF is your problem, troll? Can’t you tell that your bribed ass comment is the only one that stand out in this commentsection? Your comment do not bring any value to anyone reading the discussion here, it only says that you are being a useful idiot running your masters’ errands. I’d really wish to go back in time and teach your father to use a condom!

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