MyDreamNokia Mash-up: Which Do You Prefer

| December 27, 2012 | 39 Replies


We’ve seen some brilliant MyDreamNokia concepts in the past, many by our very own reader Edgar Mkrtchyan; well Edgar has created a sort of mashup of all his dream Nokias and fit them into one image, along with one simple question; which do YOU prefer?

Perhaps the Lumia 1002 Phablet phone? Which comes with a monster 7.5″ screen!

Or Perhaps the bold statement making Luis Vuitton #Gold?


Or the 7″ E7 Inspired Slider tablet; the Tab 960??



Or for the camera buffs out there the Lumia 1001, packing the monstrous 41Mp sensor of the 808, with all the glory of the Fabula design?


Or the twistable barrel cam of the 809 Pureview?



Perhaps a little carbon fiber is more to your taste?

Or the curvy almost mercury like Lumia 707

or perhaps one of my favorites, a mix between the beautiful large screens of phablets, and the great optics the Lumia 990; which comes with a 5″ screen and a 16MP camera

*Honestly I can’t find the original post for the 720 and the 815, so you’ll have to excuse me guys.


So which do you prefer?Sound off in the comments below!




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  • Mutumba

    The 809 is actually a very nice desigh. You can have a really good camera. Love the lumia 990. That external thing can actually have another more powerful DAC indside it

  • sr.d

    My dream: e7 hardware (with actual specs), a new meego version in software, and a powerfull camera at least like the n8 camera and of course hdmi out.

  • oslotoy

    All these are so insane beautiful!
    Cannot believe they are all akin to general rectangular shapes etc, but arrive at such beautifully differentiated designs.
    Hope Nokia takes some cues from your design ideas.

  • 4HM3D

    Ok! but why the windows phone OS! android will works fantastic if just Nokia replaced it with windows phone OS, Symbian & Meego “Symbian not bad by the way”

  • Hi! can anyone please tell me any app program i could use to same designs? Thnx!

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  • Mark

    Wow! These are awesome! I WANT A NOKIA 960 SO, SO, SO MUCH!!!