Forbes Absolutely Hates the Lumia 920 and Everything About it.. BooHoo

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Ok, I don’t even know where to start; since this “review” by Forbes is beyond ridiculous; I mean I’ve heard of Bias and fanboyism, but to this extent? Every single sentence of this review is a joke; and unfortunately somehow a site with reviews as poorly done as this still has a massive following. This so called review by Forbes is honestly some of the most shameless fanboyism I’ve ever seen, the author doesn’t even attempt to hide his hate for the Lumia 920 form the second he picked it up.

What was Nokia thinking in releasing such a subpar phone?

It has no chance to make a dent in the highly competitive smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple, or even attract the ex-RIM crowd.

After almost 2-months of continuous testing, the Lumia 920 is probably one of the worst smartphone that I have tried lately.

Here are my 5 top reasons not to buy it, even on sale at $39 on Amazon:

  1. it’s bulky,

  2. heavy,

  3. overheats,

  4. has a short battery life,

  5. and  a horrible camera

We’ve seen some pretty awful reviews before, but this one just takes the cake; and honestly I only have one question for the man who wrote this, if the phone sucked this bad why did you torture yourself and use it for two months? Either it’s not as bad as you say, or you really haven’t used it..

Despite all the praise and the marketing around the Lumia PureView integrated camera, the results were a constant disappointment. The phone is slow at taking pictures that end up systematically a bit blur and is simply unusable under low light. In comparison, the  iPhone 5 camera did a good job under the same conditions, which I’m sure is also the case with the Galaxy S3

Seriously??? Unusable in low light??? Whatever this guy is on get me some because it’s obviously some strong Mojo. He also simply “forgot” to mention the amazing sun light readability, the OIS stabilization and the PureMotion display…Seriosuly Forbes fire this joker of a “tech writer”.

Read the rest of the mockery here:

*note it’s worth pointing out that Forbes apparently hated the Lumia 920 from the day it was announced, claiming that it brought “nothing new” WTF?

Someone quite obviously has a vendetta against Nokia…

*Note: the reason i’m posting this is because it’s a perfect example for the “attempted Crucifixion” that I mentioned in yesterdays post

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