Forbes Absolutely Hates the Lumia 920 and Everything About it.. BooHoo

| December 29, 2012 | 88 Replies

Ok, I don’t even know where to start; since this “review” by Forbes is beyond ridiculous; I mean I’ve heard of Bias and fanboyism, but to this extent? Every single sentence of this review is a joke; and unfortunately somehow a site with reviews as poorly done as this still has a massive following. This so called review by Forbes is honestly some of the most shameless fanboyism I’ve ever seen, the author doesn’t even attempt to hide his hate for the Lumia 920 form the second he picked it up.

What was Nokia thinking in releasing such a subpar phone?

It has no chance to make a dent in the highly competitive smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple, or even attract the ex-RIM crowd.

After almost 2-months of continuous testing, the Lumia 920 is probably one of the worst smartphone that I have tried lately.

Here are my 5 top reasons not to buy it, even on sale at $39 on Amazon:

  1. it’s bulky,

  2. heavy,

  3. overheats,

  4. has a short battery life,

  5. and  a horrible camera

We’ve seen some pretty awful reviews before, but this one just takes the cake; and honestly I only have one question for the man who wrote this, if the phone sucked this bad why did you torture yourself and use it for two months? Either it’s not as bad as you say, or you really haven’t used it..


Despite all the praise and the marketing around the Lumia PureView integrated camera, the results were a constant disappointment. The phone is slow at taking pictures that end up systematically a bit blur and is simply unusable under low light. In comparison, the  iPhone 5 camera did a good job under the same conditions, which I’m sure is also the case with the Galaxy S3

Seriously??? Unusable in low light??? Whatever this guy is on get me some because it’s obviously some strong Mojo. He also simply “forgot” to mention the amazing sun light readability, the OIS stabilization and the PureMotion display…Seriosuly Forbes fire this joker of a “tech writer”.

Read the rest of the mockery here:

*note it’s worth pointing out that Forbes apparently hated the Lumia 920 from the day it was announced, claiming that it brought “nothing new” WTF?

Someone quite obviously has a vendetta against Nokia…

*Note: the reason i’m posting this is because it’s a perfect example for the “attempted Crucifixion” that I mentioned in yesterdays post

Thanks for the tip viipottaja


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  • anon2

    I haven’t checked the other tech so called “tech sites” but rest assured they’ll bring attention to this article over the next few days.
    My advice is to ignore this rubbish and enjoy the phone.

  • StefanP

    You can actually call the the 920 bulky and heavy. Furthermore I found also that the phone gets quite hot for simple tasks which leave my N9 cool, or lukewarm. Under heavy usage his observation of short battery life is probably right.
    But then it gets ridiculous. To slate this camera proofs the hidden agenda of this want-to-be journalist. Complaining about the 920 camera and then recommending the 8x as better alternative? Bad low light performance? No overall judgement taken innovation and benefits into account. Absolutely useless article. The purpose is clearly visible and does not serve its original intention to discredit Nokia, but discredits Forbes as a trustworthy information source.
    Besides this, this guy is a prisoner in his i-World and will probably never enjoy any innovation outside. With declining market share and iPhones becoming totally uncool, Apple needs urgently blind followers like him, would maybe even pay them.

    • dom

      “The phone is slow at taking pictures ”

      Sounds like he has been using Lumia 900 because 920 is not slow

  • B.Srikanth

    The phone is slow at taking
    pictures that end up systematically a bit blur and is simply unusable under low
    light. In comparison, the iPhone 5 camera did a good job under the same
    conditions, which I’m sure is also the case with the Galaxy S3

    I’m sure he has written this all from his imagination.

    • arts

      Its really poor journalism.

      • DesR85

        Too true. Unfortunately, reporters/journalists who engage in that in the West (from my observation) never gets taken to task over it. One example is the inaction of the British Press Complaints Commission (PCC) over the nude Prince Harry pictures published by The Sun despite receiving thousands of complaints from the public.

        • DesR85

          Forgot to add, but given that Forbes is a reputable magazine, I’m surprised such a review managed to be approved for publishing. Hopefully with enough complaints, they will take it down and replace it with a more factually correct and fair review.

    • dom

      which I’m sure is also the case with the Galaxy S3

      Lol. That tells it all. Dude hasn’t even tried S3 and still it is a winner?

    • DesR85

      “The phone is slow at taking
      pictures that end up systematically a bit blur and is simply unusable under low
      light. In comparison, the iPhone 5 camera did a good job under the same
      conditions, which I’m sure is also the case with the Galaxy S3”

      The 920 is a bit slow at taking pictures, that part I slightly agree, but from my experiences with the demo unit, the pictures turn out great including those taken in complete darkness. In fact, they’re much better than the pictures from my friend’s iPhone 5. 😉

  • sdf

    they are my heros, go bankbrutp nokia

    • amrut mhatre

      thats why it is selling like hot cakes everywhere….
      in china the second batch got sold out in 20mins!

      if you think Nokia will go bankrupt,never gonna happen…

      Nokia is back big time in the game…

      Wud love to see more WP8 devices wit cool tech 😉

  • monix

    those were really bad accusations by Forbes. Weight is not a problem for nokia, that’s nothing compared to quality. The camera is really great and that’s a trademark compaired to the retina display by iphone 5. Maybe it’s a desperate attempt by Forbes to discridet the popularity of nokia lumia 920. nothing can stop nokia lumia 920 all contemporaries are pale in comparison.


    I think the writer has some psychological issues. or may be that he doesnt really know to review anything. I havent personally used the Lumia 920, but if so many websites are giving thumbs up to it then I am sure this person have VENDETTA against either NOKIA or FORBES itself where he wants to say that we cannot trust FORBES anymore.

  • Troy

    Who cares with the stupid website thats called F(uck)orbes and their super biased review :p

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  • He is very good script writer….send him to hollywood…wht a imagination power..

    • This guy has a bigger imagination and creativity than Apple’s navigation software.

  • Davide

    He wrote the review, took his Iphone and got lost in the desert using Apple Maps. U_U

  • tom

    What if this guy is right? Tests made by Steve Litchfield from AAS prove that 808 or N8 are still better that 920. I have a short experience with WP. This system is tailored only for iphone users in my opinion.

  • princely

    He is simply drunk and really hates Nokia Samsung S3 has a better camera which is a complete lie Forbes is just like huffinton post tech all they know is all about iPhones

  • calintz

    Noticed something about those who bashed Nokia in the comments, all(if not most) of their accounts were created in December and only took part in bashing Nokia. Coincidence eh?

  • Skorpion

    They don`t hate Lumia 920 or Nokia, they are afraid of Nokias innovations and Lumia 920. Lumia is an excample of what is coming.

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  • Doug

    $20 says that the reviewer has no idea how to use a physical camera button because they’re an idiot and so used to touching an onscreen button that they can’t fathom the idea of doing something different.





  • rustyknight17

    Wow ! This may very well be the worst review I`ve ever read , and that includes Rita El Khoury`s notorious N9 review ! Someone suggested in the comments to that article that Forbes and other financial papers/financial consulting firms do these articles on purpose to influence stocks in their favour ; I wouldn`t be surprised , but this hamstrings their credibility .
    There r 2 things that lend credence to this . One is that the only other negative 920 review AFAIK was done by the Wall Street Journal , another financial paer . Coincidence ? Second , a very similar article on Nokia not looking back as it pursued WP was done by Ewan Spence ( of AAWP and AAS fame ) , if u can believe it , where he bashed both Symbian and Meego as unusable , despite several other articles where he expresses admiration for Symbian and S3 phones . And as a Symbian expert , he most definitely knew better than to make several comments he made in the article . E.g. , he knew those remarks weren`t true …

  • @leossoliveira

    That people are simply IDIOT!

    Do critics OK, 920 and Windows Phone may not be perfect yet, but low level tell lies? So it is.

  • Bob Hyde

    Right or wrong Nokia can’t afford such headlines.

    The Lumia 920 maybe Nokia’s last chance to get people to switch to its Smartphone range.

    Consumers are not going to touch a phone that reportedly has such issues (not just by Forbes).

    It is very difficult to get such a complex product right (especially with major OS changes) but this has become an unforgiving market.

    This could be Nokia’s last big push back into the smartphone market.

    Let’s hope the Lumia sales figures are good enough to keep them in this area.

  • Urban_Phantom

    The article was crap, and was designed to give a false and misleading preconception as to what the Lumia 920 offers as a product. It wasn’t a review, it was simply an attack ad, full of lies and deception. I think it is highly likely the author was paid by Apple or another competitor to write negative BS about Nokia’s products. Forbes is pathetic…

  • Debashish

    I think the review is right. I have been using this phone for a couple of months and certainly it has a short battery life. Sometimes, the phone goes so hot that you won’t be able to keep it in your pocket unless it is covered by a some kind of jacket! Also went dead for a number of times and I had to get it fixed. However, it stands out only on its look compared to other phones in its category. I won’t recommend anyone to go for it.

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  • jenny

    I hate Nokia 920 simply for the no swype. Screw this phone. It is like a man made it for men. Fuck the dumb apps, too. S3 way better