My Dream Nokia #77: Nokia Lumia Play, Xbox Phone WP8 Concept

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Possibly one of the final My Dream Nokia’s for 2012, this is a much anticipated phone concept by many. A Nokia Xbox phone for MDN #77, the Nokia Lumia Play (could have been Play 360 but Nokia already has that product :p).

The first picture above shows the two modes. It’s not dual screen, but it does have dual sliders popping out either side (perhaps a little like the N95 in some sense) where gaming buttons appear, D-pad on the left, XYAB buttons on the right.

It’s quite a striking design when you look through all the images. The angular nature looks very sci-fi futuristic, quite ‘Xbox-esque’ (at least the old one, hence old logo) whilst the bright colours sing out loud that this is Nokia Lumia.

I do also really love the glowing XBox Logo.

Despite such a form factor possibly being thick, it seems impossibly thin at 7.6mm.

  • – The Lumia PLAY is powered by Microsoft´s XBOX ®, and it is possible to use your phone as a gamepad when playing in a XBOX 360;
  • – It features a high definition, 1136×640 resolution, touchscreen with Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass;
  • – It also has a front 5MP camera capable of recording 720p videos and on the back it has a 10MP, Full-HD camera;
  • – The Nokia Lumia PLAY runs Windows Phone 8;
  • – Dimensions: 124 x 59x 7.6 mm

Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_2 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_3 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_4 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_5


Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_6 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_7 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_8 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_9 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_10 Nokia_Lumia_Play_concept_11


I’d love for Nokia to produce THE Nokia Lumia Xbox phone. That would catapult it to an enormous amount of recognition. Although it would mean that we’d be expecting some very decent Xbox titles (not just phone versions though some look awesome). Imagine Halo for Nokia? :p Though I’d suspect the other partners might not like this. Perhaps it’s something MS themselves would try :/.

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  • nice design, but it could be better if gaming button were located like xperia play

    • crazyboy1

      Love it!
      Reminds me of the N95/N96 also had the gaming keys that would slide out from the sides!

  • massy

    very good

  • Bloob

    It looks very good, but these gaming smartphones are not a very good idea.

    The smartphone market is still changing very rapidly, and the idea of a specific gaming phone ( which would require specific APIs to get access to those buttons ) with specific software ( otherwise pretty much pointless ) just isn’t viable; there isn’t enough time to get the same benefits as a dedicated gaming console would.

  • stylinred

    pretty impressive but i dont think anyones going to be going with hardware buttons like that in the future unless it’s for nostalgia’s sake (not even sony)


    very smart design and great styling,
    there must be a market for handheld gaming devices that are also smart phones.

  • Keith too

    Very intriguing. I doubt it is meant to replace the full Xbox controller and it probably more about Smart Glass and it’s a great idea and concept. It could handle most of Xbox’s non-gaming functionality now and that is a nice start.

    For gaming, secondary controller functionality is just beginning to trickle out and we don’t know what it is going to evolve into yet. We are starting to see some WII-U titles make use of the WII-U’s secondary wireless controller–some for the better and some now but it is evolving.

  • swain

    Absolutely stunning design…hope nokia can convert some of the MDN designs into real world phones. They really need some fresh design though the N9 design is still doing good.

  • lmiked

    Yeah nice!!! But…. Where would the battery fit in this thingy!!????


  • Allawi

    Very ice design. Nokia should get these wonderful designs. Thank you

  • JGrove303

    I like this a hell of a lot! The iPhone5 resolution can go away, please. Very happy with my 1280×768. However, touch sensitive buttons are not preferable for gaming. As a big game, I have issue, and solution.

    Analog sticks are a must today, as are d-pads with proper movement. Analog triggers also become very important. This form factor negates all of that.

    The solution is a Microsoft approved XBox Bluetooth accessory gamepad that will hold all of the WP8 devices, or has a stand to hold them landscape (include tablets then, too). Then that includes all devices and the application to utilize the controller may be written for all devices.

  • Elemental Code

    Am i the only one who realizes it has a F**king “W” button????

    Xbox uses


  • srk

    is it available in india?

  • treeysniper


  • vardhaman

    Waste project….

  • This is a good mobile for me.
    So give me one sample.