Second Shipment of 920’s Hits China; Sells out in under 20 Minutes

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Last week we heard that the Lumia 920 sold out in record time after finally hitting Chinese stores, well apparently the second batch of phones has come in… and gone right out. Reports claim that the phone sold out in less than 20 minutes from the Nokia flagship store in Shanghai; with most demand being for the yellow variant.  According to the source the store didn’t allow any photography inside the actual store, but here are a couple pictures of the lines from the outside.







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  • Alvester

    In your face haters 😀

    • pathetic

      hahaha you make me laugh , this is just a city , how do you think they can sell ? 120 in a city ? nokia is doing very well hahaha


        the main point is that nokia can’t keep up with demand
        (and the demand is very strong and consistent)

        but only a hater would claim the sales are 120,

      • Mark

        Shanghai has a population of over 23 million. That’s bigger than a lot of countries.

        Sorry to rain on your hate parade again, champ! 🙂

        • qwerty

          Shanghai’s population alone is 23 million. My country only has 28 million in total. LOL!

          If 10% of the whole Shanghai switch to 920, that’s 2.3 million unit already. That’s quite some number.

          Given that Nokia is working with the largest carrier there, I’m hoping to see some big figures.

        • pathetic

          yeah , yeah , sure , there 2.5 million people in line, nokia sent 2.5 million in two shipments – . – and those 2.5 million were sold out in 20 minutes , what we’re seeing here ? a fantasy created by fans nokia . Now , in Shanghai , not sold any other brand ? no android or apple , now that large population are few babies , teens , old and those who are old enough to buy a smartphone , what ‘s the deal ? make a walt disney story or what?

          • viipottaja

            Heh, yeah he said 10% of shanghai would switch in 20 minutes! No, wait…

          • Mark

            Do you want to keep backpedaling or do you just want to admit you haven’t a clue what you’re on about? 🙂

            LOL haters! 🙂

  • adit38

    still no exact number, but this is good sign.

  • sf

    wow! That means we’ll finally get to see good sells figure on Nokia’s Q4 report. Curiously waiting for it.. 🙂

    • viipottaja

      I personally think the results are still held back by supply but that’s a luxury problem compared to the previous quarter. 🙂 The other thing may be possibly more lackluster 820 sales?

      • swain

        I still prefer to stand by my expected numbers(10 million). Good if it’s achieved.

        • stylinred

          lol come on now everything we know about the lumia line and wp would suggest nowhere near those numbers; it would be shocking enough if they did half that

          here’s hoping though

          • Bloob

            5 to 6 million does seem likely.

          • Sefriol

            If Nokia reaches anywhere near number of 10 million Lumia-units sold it would be a profit warning for sure. I doubt we see it happening.
            Positive profit warning would be nice though. A lot cash for me.

    • I think total number of Lumia sales for quarter 4 will be between 8 and 10 million.
      Which would be a good number.
      Would be interesting to see had they not had supply shortages.

      • Janne

        Really having a hard time seeing that. I don’t think how the old range (800, 710, 900, 610) could sell much more than Q3, it is just an old range now – so maybe 2-4 million from that. Somehow I don’t think Nokia has been able to get enough components to any more than another 1-4 million of WP8 models and the WP 7.8 cheapos have been delayed to way too late in the quarter. I think we’ll see something maybe in the 4-6 million range. Could be more, could be less.

        Whether or not it is a sufficient result, we’ll discuss then when we know their whole results and guidance etc. But clearly the lack of availability for the new range of Lumias is a real bummer…

        • Yes you could be correct.
          However, personally I have been seeing a lot more 7.5 Lumia devices in peoples hands lately. Though I don’t think the quarterly figures include units sold directly to customers, more what has been shipped to carriers. For that reason, yes, the number of 7.5 devices sold maybe quite low.
          Still, good to have Nokia selling 920’s faster than they can make them.

          • jiipee

            The first wave of Lumia devices may have sold better than previous quarter. The ASP will be for sure a lot lower though.

            The shipped volumes for WP8 seem to pretty low. Q1 will show how Nokia will fare – if they get components.

            Has there been any hints, if WP will finally support wider array of components? Nokia needs to secure components and it wouldnt be bad to be able to have some competition among suppliers also.

            • Janne

              I agree that the old range is now wider available and at cheaper prices than ever, I just don’t believe it can now reach any bigger heights than it historically has. It is and old range now and new models are coming… At best I can see lower prices maintaining old range sales, but significantly growing them globally? I have a hard time seeing that.

              As for other chipsets, I guess all we have is the old Nokia announcement that they’d do WP devices with ST-Ericsson, however it was so long ago with no news of that and then the recent negative news from that company – maybe it fell through.

  • ammad

    numbers..y u no give us numbers!

  • KT

    Sold out in 20 minutes means the original stock was very low. If 30 units sold per minute then it equals to merge 600 units.:-(

    • StefanP

      Sorry, one phone every two seconds?? It’s more likely they got just 100-150 phones in this batch.
      The messed up already the pre-Christmas sale in major markets and still are not able to produce reasonable amounts? Lousy logistics or they did not believe in their own product and planned very conservative.
      Is this component shortage story a rumour or confirmed somehow?

      • KeiZka

        Qualcomm is hard pressed to produce enough chipsets, seeing how LG, HTC and Nokia All are using S4 in their top end products.

      • jiipee

        Component shortage is not confirmed anywhere.

        • Sefriol

          I doubt it’s about a single chip. Screen, memory, camera unit etc. are all random factors.

        • Janne

          A Finnish journalist with seeming connections at Nokia said there was a shortage of two key components for the WP8 models. Of course he might have been talking out of his proverbial behind, but FWIW. Overall the chatter around Qualcomm on Internet seems to add beef to the component shortage thing though.

          And yes, WP’s limited chipset support clearly is a minus in this regard…

          • Bloob

            Qualcomm themselves confirmed trouble delivering components since June. In November ( in an interview with Endgadget, I think ) they said that they expect the shortage to end during December.

            Can’t be bothered to dig up sources, sorry.

  • arts

    i think its more important to have many shipments, and many sold outs. just these two wont show too much. Still need more data! go buy the lumia 920 china folks!

  • D Harries

    Nokia are in a phased process of ramping up production in a controlled way.

    Do people think this is a good way to run a business?

    • viipottaja

      We don’t have enough information to say. It could be, depending on supply chain & production capacity considerations, model, market & carrier roll out plans, balance sheet, demand projections etc. Or it could not.

  • viktor von d.

    i like the news, but why the hell are they always showing the nokia shanghai store? aren’t there any other outlets where this is selling?

    • DesR85

      I have no idea myself, but I think it depends on the respective Nokia branches worldwide on whether they want to publish news of its sales or not.

      If you want to know how the 920 is doing in Malaysia, when I was at Kuala Lumpur last week browsing around at one or two Nokia stores, the 920 does seem to be selling well as they mentioned that both the yellow and red are out of stock and only those available are black and white.

      • Sven

        Fun. I was just in Malaysia and its the same like in Thailand, etc: Not available in any shops. Same like with WinPhone7 Lumia they not make it into the shops. I never ever saw someone with a Lumia in all of Asia and I come around a lot living here since a decade.

  • Prasenjit Bist

    guys this is just one store and since it s a flagship store let’s assume 100-150 and sold in 20 minutes it very very encouraging. be practical u can not expect a single store to store 1000 pieces so 100-150 is practical ang gr8 for one store.

    and we can hope the same pattern in other stores and then be ready for another Christmas in 2013 jan 🙂

    • Sven

      Nokia has only 4 such shops in China and Lumia are not available in any other shops. So we are talking here about a few thausend sold units for all of China…

  • everlfr

    Aliqudsi.. please just stop.
    You are a fan of nokia .. not an employee of nokia PR dept. WTF all these PR bombardments which do not really mean anything clear?


      i’m a nokia fan and i want to know how well nokia products are selling,
      the more successful nokia is now, the more future products we get.

      • YourWorstNightmare

        For that matter, why don’t you go to ?

        Here perhaps we want to know what Ali thinks about Nokia products, the goods and bads, the feature tweaks etc (editorial stuff) rather than what Ali is so dilligently copy pasting from Nokia related news from elsewhere?

        • YourWorstNightmare

          In any case, what Ali is doing is to preach to the converted. Or are you saying that you might buy another of those Lumias because some shop in Shanghai managed to empty its stock?

          • I don’t know how the conversation turned about me, but why would I NOT post this? (Or any of the other writers here for that fact)?

            This is a Nokia related blog, which means we post everything slightly related to Nokia (which is why we occasionally cover Jolla even)- so why would I not post about the phone selling out in less than 20 minutes? when this is the only sign from which we can infer how well the 920 sales are doing?

            If I were to head over to like you said I wouldn’t find any reports of the 920 selling out in Shanghai or Amazon or in Germany. Simply because Nokia never releases any numbers until the quarterly report, meaning it’s up to news sites and blogs (like us!) to try and give readers a grasp of how well the phone might be doing for any of the following reasons:
            1)- the readers love Nokia and really just want to know how their favorite brand is doing
            2)- Some might even be stock owners or potential stock owners interested in following the success (or doom) of a company/product
            3)- For the hell of it.

            As you said I am preaching to the converted, simply because it’s not my job to convert people, my goal here is to inform (and possibly entertain) Nokia fans, who might be interested in anything Nokia related (such as a kickass phone selling out in less than 20 minutes in the largest city in the world). It’s Nokias job to get to those Apple fans and Android heads since they obviously aren’t frequenting this site 🙂

            -For the sake of argument let’s assume that an apple user somehow ended up on myNOKIAblog, what’s the harm in seeing that there is definite interest in a competitor (from his aspects) product?

            Hope I got my point across 🙂

            • YourWorstNightmare

              Eloquently too I might add!

  • JGrove303

    Writing for a Nokia specific blog, Ali, Jay, Michael and others are ambassadors to Nokia. Not paid, but sharing in all Nokia News and happenings.

    This instance, as small as it may seem, is actually big news.

    at one store, of many, people are piling up to buy a device that had already sold out shortly before. And It sold out here In 20 minutes. I would have to shake God’s hand and Sucker-punch Satan in the dick before I could possibly believe this to be a completely localized solitary occurrence. Does anyone actually believe that the same thing isn’t happening all over China for this carrier? And If you do, do you also believe the world is flat, only 3,000 years old and that Dinosaurs were a trick that didn’t exist?

    • Dr.Smart

      Are you saying that Ali and co. are therefore not pure fans but are an organ of Nokia (or Ambassadors as you call them, lol)?

      No I believe a genuine fan can say what they like and what they don’t and how the company would wish to go etc. Blind cheer-leading is not something a fan would do.

      Spamming with morsels of whatever PR news of dubious significance is just degrading this fan site.

      • anon2

        and samsung/google PR staff spamming this site with the same old drivel is even more pathetic.

      • OF course we rant about Nokia and what it’s done/doing wrong all the time (just look at any post that includes a new advertisement from Nokia).

        Out of curiosity what kind of “Pure fan” wouldn’t want his favorite company to succeed?

        *Also once again read my reply to the comment above, this isn’t PR news if it isn’t actually admitted by Nokia-*

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  • Jobzky

    So funny. No estimated number of units sold? Who know’s it was only 500 pieces. Statcounter global stats did not report any rise on Windows Phone OS since the launch of Lumia 920.

    • StefanP

      UK for example, last 6 month:
      Changes November->December:
      iOS: -0.49%
      Android: +0.53%
      Blackberry: -0.37%
      WP: +0.34%
      I think its no so bad, given the availability and existing user base.
      Of we should look only at countries were a reasonable amount of devices was available.

      • Keith too

        Actually it is much better than that even. 6 months includes about 4 months of data where WP sales were deflated from WP7 phones not being upgradable. But if you switch to weekly view, WP stats are up 25% in the UK during the last 4 weeks.

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