Videos: Lumia 920 Vs. HTC 8X- Boot Time, Apps, Screen & Design

| December 30, 2012 | 31 Replies

Our buddy SamJPullen is doing a series of comparisons between the beloved 920 and the HTC 8X. So here’re a couple awesome videos showing off the boot speeds, app launching; then a second video comparing design and screens.


I was honestly surprised how long it took the 8X to boot, is it because of the O2 branding?

Of course it’s always nice to see a screen sensitivity comparison against another device; just to keep things in prescriptive.

*Also as noted in the video it seems as if the 920 has some sort of coating on the screen, possibly an oleophobic coating? There’s an obvious difference between the screen texture of the 920 and the 900; but I’m not sure what the reason behind it is? (is it just the curved glass?)


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  • Aminul Ahsan

    Yes, it has oleophobic coating, confirmed by Lichfield on his aawp review 🙂

  • kunwar

    it has an oleophobic coating check AAWP hardware review and AAWP di a special post about the screens in which they compared the sunlight readability and fingerprint resistance on the screens of NL920,820,800 and HTC 8X

  • Sal

    I wish it didn’t have the oleophobic coating. Makes the screen more scratch prone. A mechanical pencil did wonders to it in my pocket.

    • Peter L

      That had absolutely nothing to do with the oleophobic coating.

      • Tetlee

        I think it does actually, I can relate to what Sal is talking about as I’ve encountered this very problem myself. Alot of people assume Gorilla glass isn’t as scratch proof as expected, but it’s actually this coating that gives way to very fine scratches from the slightest of rubs.

        • JGrove303

          I will confirm, I too have very fine scratches on my display from who knows what. However, you’ve got to look for them and they don’t spoil the feel function, so I really couldn’t be bothered. It does its job, I’m happy.

        • Sal

          I had an E7 for well over a one and a half year, didn’t manage a single scratch with extremely rough usage. God knows how many times that phone was dropped.

          Treated my 920 like an angel and it ended up returning a scratch…oh well, still a beast phone 🙂

  • stylinred

    I think its because the 8X didn’t have a SIM in it so it took longer to load

    I remember when setting up my dads 920 that when there was no sim in the phone it took a great deal longer to boot the phone up

    • After doing it off camera a few times with a sim card in the 8X, I can confirm it still loses to the 920 🙂

  • Frankie

    that Leeds accent 😛

    • virobloc

      Yes!! He speaks just like my former English teacher! 🙂

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  • everlfr

    Your tone reminds me of the Forbes article about Lumia 920.. Utter bias driven by an agenda. You accused the Forbes author of not having realy used the device, but have you used 8x before calling names like HTCrap or HTCopy cat etc? (Or was it Jay who called it so) For your ino, Rafe of AAWP says 8X is significantly different in design if you hold it yourself and look at it.

    • What tone! I hardly wrote anything in the article, besides the difference between me and Forbes is that this is a FAN site, we’re obviously bias to. Nokia, and anyone reading this site knows that. Nor do we ever claim to be a professional site or the likewise just a fan run blog were e base our opinions, so it’s natural for us to be bias.

    • KeiZka

      Soo… You are implying Forbes is iFan blog then?

  • joza2006

    why do you even react ? Screw him. All htc phones are copied and changed slightly. Just like samsung, and if htc sold more phones they would defend it in the court. I guess touch diamond was their last original design.

  • lordstar

    I’ll probably get a lot of flame for this but I’m getting the 8x over the 920. I’m a big fan of Nokia but the phone for me is just too uncomfortable to carry around in my pocket. The 8x on the other hand just feels so thin and the screen size is just right, audio quality output is really good too. I’m going to miss the added value of exclusive nokia apps and that’ll suck.

    If only Nokia made a lumia 920 mini, then that would be perfect. I’m still a big fan of that cyan shade of Nokia.

    • KeiZka

      Uhm. How can you be certain it’s uncomfortable to carry around without carrying it around?

    • JGrove303

      Dude, how small and tight are your pockets? Are wearing those jeggings or womens jeans?? I wear Levis, Dickies and Hollister jeans, 920 fits fine in the front pockets. Hell, fits securely in my scrub pockets too.

      I’m not gonna flame you. You’ll flame yourself after that rubberized coat disintegrates from your oils and sweat going in and out of those things. You’ve flame yourself when you low low pictures bring on only darkness. Or when you don’t get Drive, a graphic equalizer, Dolby Headphones and wonder why you can’t see jack in direct sunlight and while inside you can see the light leakage around your bezel.

      The best WP experience, nye, smartphone experience, and you are going to post on here about how you don’t care about any of it and are going with a device that fits in your pants best….

      Enjoy. May you come to your senses before you can’t trade it in.

    • StefanP

      Congratulations, your phone is 0.6 mm thinner than the 920! If this what you are after, you made the right decision. Really no reason to flame, you punished yourself already. 🙂

      • lordstar

        Haha I knew I would get this. It’s alright though, i totally know what i’ll be getting when i own the 8x soon. I’m not much of a camera guy and i don’t use drive much so yeah. What i know i’ll regret is missing out on Nokia music, but the extra amplifier on the 8x gets me (i listen to music more than anything else and play songs through the loudspeaker) as well as how thin it feels. I’ve held both in my hands and tried it out so yeah i had the 920 in my pocket already.

        To each his own, i’m still a big fan of the 920 don’t get me wrong. Influenced my friend to get one so i’ll be having much time with it as well. Haha!

        Happy New Year guys!

        • Sal

          I’ve tried the Beats. Overpowered bass…920 comes with various equalizers and Dolby Surround (which I can’t live without).

          I’d take Dolby over Beats any day. And you’ve gotta be kidding be about the loudspeakers. The 920 kicks ass in that department. Loud and clear.

          The whole weight/bulkiness issue is so overblown. Reading all the reviews and holding the phone the first time seemed so contradictory.

          • lordstar

            I’ve had my hands-on time with both. The other one just feels better. I’m sure 920 owners are very happy with the device.

            mini version please, n97 mini, remember? Haha!


    … well it is the “silly season” right



      • lordstar

        Silly me then, love both phones though.

  • oswald

    Hey, do you have problems with the 920 screen?
    mine its not responding and freezes all the time, its frustrating.
    all the phycical buttons work but the screen..
    any solution for this??
    i have unistalled skype and some apps but nothing, screen do not work! =[