HTC Uses the JBL PowerUp Speakers To Promote Wireless Charging on Droid DNA; Nokia Logo Missing

| December 31, 2012 | 41 Replies

Screenshot (48)Nokia obviously didn’t invent Wireless charging, but in a sense they re-invented it by re-introoducing it to the masses and going all in with it, bring out multiple accessories, docks, plates and even having wireless charging spots installed in coffee shops and lobbies across the globe. And it would seem this time they figured out exactly what the next trend was (plus NFC) seeing how after the launch of the 920 multiple phones have come with wireless charging (Nexus 4, HTC 8X, HTC Droid DNA..).

The even bigger story here seems to be the charging accessories (which include the Fatboy pillow, the charging plate, the charging dock and the JBL POwerUp seen above). Yesterday I spotted the advertisement for the Droid DNA from Verizon/HTC (1080p screen, 5″, Android….)which seems to feature wireless charging; I noted that their accessory to show it off was the JBL PowerUp.

Around the 0:22 Mark:

Now I’m not exactly sure if the PowerUp is a Nokia accessory (in the terms that Nokia help make it/design it) and get a cut out of its sales; or if it’s just a “recommended” accessory for your Nokia phone (I’m pretty sure it’s an official item). Regardless in the press shots at the JBL powerUp has a Nokia logo in the middle of the charging area (can anyone with the device confirm if it’s on the speakers in real life as well?). But in the advert yesterday it seems the Nokia logo was missing (I had to play with the brightness a bit to get a clearer picture, but it doesn’t seem to be there).


Regardless of whether or not the JBL PowerUp is an official product from Nokia (the color selection helps make me think it is) it’s interesting to see that Nokia have been ahead of the pack in adopting wireless charging, and providing accessories for it; great job guys!

Edit: We reached out to Nokia to clarify whether they own the rights for the JBL Accessories etc. they replied that the PowerUps Much like the Monster headsetes are “Co branded between nokia and JBL/Monster:

Co-branding is an essential part of the Nokia Gear, seen with JBL speakers and also Monster headsets.

The colors are Nokia Exclusive, as are the Designs of the JBL accessories

So there you have it guys, HTC are using Nokia accessories to sell their products… pretty “interesting”


Screenshot (50)


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  • erzhik

    I think this is actually a good thing because when customers go to store and ask about wireless charging for their HTC, the only available wireless charging accessories are by Nokia with their logo on top. So this way, Nokia/JBL actually get free advertising. And when a person sees a Nokia logo, chances are they would ask about Nokia devices.

  • Anders81

    Yes it does have the Nokia logo.
    I was lucky to get the white one and it is an absolute must accessory for the L920.


    “Acoustic craftsmanship from JBL. Funky, minimalist looks from Nokia.”

    if it was apple, they would probably sue.

  • nokia will sue/report. like the kei$ha music video where 920 is used

  • Why don’t HTC just go ahead and sell Nokia phones themselves. It’ll save them the hassle of having to create KIRF lumias and use Nokia accessories in promos. 🙂

    • yep… xD

      btw, cool promo though…. Nokia should learn from this no?

    • Arbiter

      @jay : HTCrap wannabelumia 8x 😉 😀

  • Janne

    The product does have the same Nokia logo on top of it in real life, as does the rest of the Nokia wireless chargers. Clearly HTC/Verizon have removed it, unless JBL makes a version without.

    The JBL speakers, just like Monster headphones, do come in JBL packaging but with Nokia logos too. It is much like the Monster partnership that features both logos.

    So, it is a genuinely partnership product, not just something recommended…

  • keithlum

    No hope for HTCrap,copy and copy…Taiwanese company had learnt from China clone style…

  • M

    Was it me or did part of the commercial sound like the Nokia tune dubstep version? Maybe to make the ripoff complete they added it.

  • Samar

    Ali – i have been following your articles for a long time… your blogs are a mixture of news and info… this one went too far away – like Nokia HTC is also trying to build a market against Samsung… we should responsibly welcome it, rather than be sarcastic about it

    • First off I’m not sure where you read Sarcasm in that post, I personally think I could’ve ranted about HTC mooching off Nokia alot more if I wanted to in this post, but decided to stick to the facts and simply point out that they’re using a Nokia branded accessory to promote their own phones (which have adopted wireless charging after Nokia brought it back big); which means either:
      1)- nokia are doing something right, and have become trend setters for the smartphone arena all over again (like the good old days)
      2)- HTC are using a Nokia product to promote their phones either because they don’t have any of their own accessory, or they’re admitting that Nokia products are actually ‘clever’.

      I also noted that the Nokia logo seems to have been removed from the device. (Another fact).

      Also regarding your comment I strongly believe that that is the WRONG approach to look at the smartphone wars and Nokia, as of now Nokia has NO allies (not even Microsoft); the only reason Nokia are still trying to climb out of this pit they’re in is because they let their guard down, they pretended some smartphones weren’t a threat to them and these “no threats” destroyed them.

      “building a market around Samsung” is the wrong approach to any of this, they don’t want to build a market around one competitor, but rather one market that seduces all users (be they iOS, Android or WP) to leave their respective markets and join theirs; and giving away your hard worked products (such as the JBL PowerUp)to help boost the sales of a competitor is definitely not the right way.

      Nokia might have “welcomed” HTC and Samsung back to WP8 at the launch event, but trust me their not willing to give up an inch of their WP marketshare, no matter how many OEMs decide to join WP.

      • Samar

        thanks for the reply… sorts out my perspective about this article…

        long live Nokia and let someone or something force Nokia to launch N9 in India 😉

  • Sonny

    Sue the shit out of htc! I think nokia should start being like apple and not be so soft! Also start advertising new features! If this was apple they would have called wireless charging their revolutionary invention

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  • Ahmed92

    It looks that HTC start following with Apple line.
    I hope it will end peacefully.Great article and happy new year;-)

    • Ahmed92

      Sorry,,,I mean following Samsung with Apple line.***

  • nokiaman

    Why do Nokia let the competition do this ? Here in Australia Nokia still has a strong following because of their reputation for reliability and durability yet I see no marketing for any Nokia products in any tech stores where I am at. Xmas day my 808 pureview which no-one else in my vicinity had never heard of went for a swim in the pool so I put in rice for a few days to dry out in meantime went to Harvey Norman to look for a new phone and on phone display there were no Lumia 920 now this is one of the biggest tech stores in Australia, so I asked sales assistant about it he lloked on system and said oh we have one in stock I bought it outright ($800.00) unlocked then I asked about accessories and he looked at me as if I was from another planet. So then I the consumer spent the next half hour explaining features of Lumia 920 to salesman. I then went to every other tech store and no-one had heard of the tech Nokia has to offer. BTW my 808 pureview came back to life and working fine again, I love pulling that thing out of my pocketr around friends and take awesome photos they are amazed but no-one else has heard of it. Please Nokia do something about your marketing because I love promoting your product to friends and family (actually anyone I meet) they really are great products (except N97 grrrr) anyhow this is nokiaman signing off and saying Happy New Year guys and girls. ( BTW I use the play via radio funtion alot at work to listen to either my collection or internet radio over workshop radio and workmates love it) Also take 808 pureview in tech stores to listen to quality of audio systems and when they see that I am connected by play via radio they are amazed.

    • Sam

      i work for a major telecom provider in Australia and trust me – NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THE SIMPLICITY OF N9 before it was discontinued with us… no one asks for beauty of 820 (we don’t have 920 yet) or any other Nokia we had… it is about advertizing – Nokia does not know it… mobile service providers ignore it… i leave no stone unturned to pitch for Nokia whenever i get an opportunity… look at 808 – no advertizement even in my country where Nokia still holds its fort against the likes of Samsung and many second tier manufacturers… whenever i ask for 808 at any major mobile store, i m literally killed by the amazement of store people! BTW 808 is available for 414.06 AUD here…

      • nokiaman

        Yeah I have N9 too love the swipe features……… anyhow I went back into Telstra today for accessories whilst standing inline people who were looking at Lumia 920 were interested but not sure so I pull out my Lumia 920 and start showing them all it has to offer they were amazed by quality of it but knew nothing about it. The friggin shop assistants know nothing about what they are selling makes me think all they are selling is plans, anyhow I think I convertes a few then went down to Optus shop for a look all they had on display was Lumia 820 then a friend of mine walked in looking to buy a replacement phone for his Iphone I asked sales assistant if I could show him my 920 instore she said yes because she was genuinly intersted in product as well I think maybe a few more converts NOKIA LUMIA FTW

        • sam

          we Nokia fans will never die… you may continue propagation of Nokia… Android fans here in my country simply do not want to listen to the benefits Nokia offers over any Android device… they just talk about aps (hardly 10 of them on an average)… unfortunately Nokia chose not to release N9 in my country and assumed that 808 does not need an advertizement as it was more interested in Lumias… how i wish someone gets me N9 here!

          • nokiaman

            Sam you can still get N9 from Telstra online I think here in OZ I live out in Mount Isa QLD and I am only person who has N8, N9, 808 pureview and Lumia 920 because of poor advertising. I have HTC ONE X, SGSIII, IPHONE 4S and the only thing that intersts me about them are the apps, but for everyday usage I go with any afformentioned Nokia product

            • sam

              unfortunately i do not stay in Australia to get into an expensive contract with Telstra

              • nokiaman

                Who said anything about a CONTRACT WITH TELSTRA ? Just buy the damn thing ……..

                • sam

                  yeah i found good deals on EBay Australia… but importing it to my country is risky…

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu

            Benefits Nokia offers? What benefits?

            I’ve been told that Nokia offers multitasking. Yes, Android has multitasking and so does iOS.

            Nokia is offering a bit different type of multitasking, but why would the masses want to choose that over huge selection applications when you still need applications to use that multitasking?

            I use few apps now and then, on background, with my iPhone 4S. I have recently found only one app I was not able to run on background while it would have been nice. That’s not a real problem.

            I completely understand why people like applications over some special feature like desktop multitasking.

            • nokiaman

              Benefits of Symbian say over ios, android or wp ? ok then will list features of my N8.
              Proper multi-tasking ( you obviously DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS IS )
              HDMI out
              GREAT BATTERY LIFE
              USB OTG
              CAMERA ahead of its competition even to this day except for 808 PUREVIEW
              SIMPLE CONNECTIVITY TO YOUR OWN HOME COMPUTER without any need for iTunes or zune
              STILL BETTER VIDEO AND AUDIO CAPABILTIES than competition except 808 pureview
              NOKIA MAPS
              MASS STORAGE MODE
              You can go on about apps all you like fact is I choose this phone and 808 over the competition is that I am an adult and don’t let my phone dictate my life all its features are better than anything than anyone else has to offer . It is down to personal opinion but fact is NOKIA MARKETING SUCKS, I am a mechanic in the outback and take this thing to work and play with me cause I know it will survive, and so do a lot of people my age (Im 35 ) of course it does not match browsing and apps of current generation smart phones but tell me which one can match N8 and 808 PUREVIEW if you take into account all you get out of box ?

              • nokiaman

                The reason I have a HTC ONE X, I PHONE4S, SGSIII, and LUMIA 920 is because I can. I am a fan of technology but to come onto MY NOKIA BLOG and try to diss Symbian come on bro we are all here for same reason, you still secretly have a soft spot for NOKIA and you are desperately waiting for NOKIA to go DROID because you know NOKIA is quality and by quality I mean it is built to last and not break screen or things like that

                • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                  Yes, I can too.

                  However I don’t bother to get phones I don’t really need.

                  Nokia makes quality hardware. However they were making poor software. No need to deny that.

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                Proper multitasking? Really? This is an old story and so sad because only so few people seem to need ‘proper’ multitasking. I was just using Skype on an iPhone and started to use several different applications while I continued to talk with it. Multitasking worked just fine.

                I have also an 808. It has a nice camera but it’s just too unreliable to be used as a smartphone. Too much freezing and lags. Not nice and this is not happening because of the hardware. I’ve heard the fairytale that Symbian is just great and it have to be a hardware defect. Nice fairytale.

                HDMI out is a joke. Really. I have been trying to use that few times. Every time I failed because there were no commector (whatever) HDMI cables available. So, no real HDMI. Just some other smaller HDMI standard that’s not The HDMI commonly used with televisions. That’s actually crap. Nokia has failed on this one.

                USB OTG? Seriously? What am I supposed to do with that one? To be able to use that I should carry some connector so I could connect the phone to the USB device. Not going to happen. This is a major failure. Connecting it while I’m home? I can connect any phone to the computer when I’m home.

                Camera is nice. It’s not extremely good because it’s not possible to really alter the exposure time, but it’s nice. Sound recording is nice. Video is mostly nice but it’s not as good as with real video cameras. However, I like it. Nice.

                If I take into account all I get out of the box? That’s without downloading applications or anything else I suppose. Yes, HDMI is out, USB OTG is out. Nokia didn’t deliver connectors for those. Maps are out because they should be downloaded just like applications. I suppose you came make calls and take pictures with it. The default browser is not that good so no Opera out of the box.

                It’s great if you like it and nice if it serves you. I wouldn’t use something like that because I like to use my phone just as I like to.

            • sam

              you say that apps are needed for multitasking and still use few apps now and then… let’s re look into the below mentioned FACTS and benefits Nokia offers over your expensive (but good technology) iPhone or any other Android device… while Apple preys and threatens others with ‘patents’, Nokia innovates, but fails badly in advertizing skills… so…

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                It’s easy to say that Apple is innovating or Nokia is the one making the innovations.

                However it’s equally easy to say that neither Nokia or Apple is innovating. In reality everything they have been releasing was done before in some form.

                All that matters is what you can do with the product.

              • nokiaman

                bud I did not say you need apps for multi-tasking, my point is for MY personal preference my NOKIA’S do the job and reliably something I need out here, play with the other stuff when I get back to town, BUT WHEN I REALLY NEED SOMETHING SOLID TO HELP ME COMMUNICATE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD OUT HERE I SAY NOKIA. Another thing ELOP is not the blame for NOKIA’S CURRENT POSITION THAT WAS N97 fire the marketing idiots who can’t match other manufacturers….

                • Ere oli aliarvostettu


                  Asha is reliable and does the job. It probably has even more battery life compared to Symbian.

                  If I needed truly reliable phone with a web browser and very long battery life, I would get Asha.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Are these ads designed to be Girl Repellent for android?

    They really need to lose the “d” and just call it Roid. I can already smell the Roid rage.

  • grant

    That’s not the only thing that advert stole. THe music is out of the MS surface advert.

  • Janne

    Once a KIRF, always a KIRF.

    • JGrove303


  • nokiaman

    I cant believe the trolls on here ? IF you don’t like NOKIA why are you in MY NOKIA BLOG ?

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