HTC Uses the JBL PowerUp Speakers To Promote Wireless Charging on Droid DNA; Nokia Logo Missing

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Screenshot (48)Nokia obviously didn’t invent Wireless charging, but in a sense they re-invented it by re-introoducing it to the masses and going all in with it, bring out multiple accessories, docks, plates and even having wireless charging spots installed in coffee shops and lobbies across the globe. And it would seem this time they figured out exactly what the next trend was (plus NFC) seeing how after the launch of the 920 multiple phones have come with wireless charging (Nexus 4, HTC 8X, HTC Droid DNA..).

The even bigger story here seems to be the charging accessories (which include the Fatboy pillow, the charging plate, the charging dock and the JBL POwerUp seen above). Yesterday I spotted the advertisement for the Droid DNA from Verizon/HTC (1080p screen, 5″, Android….)which seems to feature wireless charging; I noted that their accessory to show it off was the JBL PowerUp.

Around the 0:22 Mark:

Now I’m not exactly sure if the PowerUp is a Nokia accessory (in the terms that Nokia help make it/design it) and get a cut out of its sales; or if it’s just a “recommended” accessory for your Nokia phone (I’m pretty sure it’s an official item). Regardless in the press shots at the JBL powerUp has a Nokia logo in the middle of the charging area (can anyone with the device confirm if it’s on the speakers in real life as well?). But in the advert yesterday it seems the Nokia logo was missing (I had to play with the brightness a bit to get a clearer picture, but it doesn’t seem to be there).

Regardless of whether or not the JBL PowerUp is an official product from Nokia (the color selection helps make me think it is) it’s interesting to see that Nokia have been ahead of the pack in adopting wireless charging, and providing accessories for it; great job guys!

Edit: We reached out to Nokia to clarify whether they own the rights for the JBL Accessories etc. they replied that the PowerUps Much like the Monster headsetes are “Co branded between nokia and JBL/Monster:

Co-branding is an essential part of the Nokia Gear, seen with JBL speakers and also Monster headsets.

The colors are Nokia Exclusive, as are the Designs of the JBL accessories

So there you have it guys, HTC are using Nokia accessories to sell their products… pretty “interesting”


Screenshot (50)


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